My Old-School All Time Favourite Anime and Cartoons
Just as the title says this list exits to show my favourite cartoon shows and anime. i added the cartoon thing since some items are still cartoons to me.
Since they weren`t made in Japan nor do they have the same style and yet they are still on the site! weird huh?
1. Alfred J. Kwak

This being one of the many Dutch animated cartoons i loved when i was young is definitely on top of the list, It has good character development and an awesome story line! and don`t even get me started on the OP and ED! i still have them in my mind!! its worse then Ducktales!! ha! if i`m to suffer i won`t suffer alone!!

2. Super Pig

Screw Sailor Moon!! this parody is all i need!!, Its funny and cute and its not even trying XD

3. Yatterman

Okay to be fair i`m cheating here, I never actually watched the original Yatterman and understood what was going on, i mean i watched it on Italian tapes and even now my Italian sucks!! But now having access to both the movie and Japanese subbed episodes i`ve learned to appreciate it even more!! :)

4. The Genie Family

I <3 this series to this day because of the humour and the characters. Akubi is still my favourite she was so naughty!! XD

5. Samurai Pizza Cats

Come on!! do i need to explain this? it ain`t that hard this series was just plain AWESOME!! i still want Disney to make a non French DVD set already so i can buy this right away!!! :D still.... DEATH TO THE MOUSE!!!

6. Ox Tales

Anther Dutch product that i loved to pieces it has such funny scenes and that with little to no dialogue :D

7. Vicky the Little Viking

O god i loved this show waaaaaaaay back. and now i have forgotten what its all about so that would make things easier for me when i`m gonna watch the movie. who no doubt is a horrible rape of the original XD What i also remember is the Dutch voice actors man where they horrible! no matter how low i set the volume my mom always woke up when Vicky`s father called out VICKY!! XD

8. Maya the Bee

One of the two ''bee'' series i still remember watching back in the day. and unlike Hutch the honeybee this series had a Dutch op that still rings in my ear i can even remix it with Aflred J Kwak XD

9. Hutch the Honeybee

The even less memorable of the two ''Bees'' series all I remember is that this series had a more interesting premise compared to Maya.

10. Calimero

Okay yes I loved this series back when it aired on RTL 4 but now I'm kinda sick of it because since then Rai has been throwing Calimero in several advertisements and my god that squicky Italian dub is horrible, I blame that for the reason why Dutch television won`t broadcast Rai Uno any more XD

11. Heidi, Girl of the Alps

Another series I did watch but don't remember much of. i do however remember the opening and that I loved it. still I'm gonna add it XD

12. Ulysses 31

A series that I watched and did not like all that much. Its basically Ulyssus but then IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

13. Tekkaman Blade

One of the first Super Hero series that I have watched. I loved the designs for the Tekka suits and <3'd the action :)

14. Little Ghosts, There, Here, and Where

A very fun series that most people forgot apparently. I had fun with this series that always came on the early hours of Fox Kids. But strangely enough I keep thinking it was on RTL 4 for some reason lol

15. Little Mrs. Pepperpot

A series I kinda like but never got the chance to watch more episodes of. I hope to find some dvd's of this series to watch. :) Also this series gave me Nami from Harvest Moon, Thank you for that xD

16. Pokémon

Does this need an explanation? No I guess not xD

17. Monster Rancher

Again everybody <3'd this show right? xD

18. Digimon

Digimon for all its faults is an franchise that I still enjoy and watch to this day ^^

19. Medabots

Medabots was just as awesome as the 3 above and it really needs some more attention! Please make a new series out of this!!!

20. Moncollé Knights

Again this series needs more attention. If not a new series then a good dvd release here in Holland. I want to rewatch it some day :)

21. Flint the Time Detective

This was a fun series and it introduced me to the fact that the Villains 3 are not rip-offs of Doronbo and Team Rocket but better yet a concept on its own :)

22. Mushrambo

I think this is a better Journey to the West adaptation then Dragon Ball ever hope to aspire! :D

23. Adventures of Tom Sawyer

God this series was boring! I still like the book more xD

24. Astro Boy

Lets get the clear, I don't remember which one I watched. All I know is that I did not watch the first or the newest anime ^^

25. Hamtaro Tales

This was so cute and I feel bad for watching it when I was to old for it xD

26. DinoZone

I watched this as DinoZaurs and I enjoyed it. Even though its a Transformers rip-off. Grimlock angry!!

27. Sailor Moon

Yes I liked this series very much. Mars is still my favourite Sailor Senshi >_>

28. Cardcaptor Sakura

Used to tune in to this series on Yorin when I was young. Never really got to finish it :)

29. Wowser

A decent comedy. I used to prefer this to Boe Boes. But my opinion has changed since then.

30. Gatchaman

I used to love this show even though its airing schedule was crappy at best. fox kids seemed to have trouble showing episodes in order.

31. GeGeGe no Kitaro

I watched the 80's version in italian. I liked it. but now that I watched some episodes of the original. I have to say that opening was way better.

32. Golden Bat

I watched this in Italian. But only like 6 years ago. I used to have it on VHS in Italian but I threw it away when we moved. Recently I ripped the whole series from a torrent to update the wiki pages. I still need to buy the dvd's though.

33. Montana Jones
34. Saber Marionette J
Nictelon Dec. 20, 2010 at 4:24 p.m.
Awesome list, also let me guess you watched most of these during your lunch break as a kid? ;-)
Kelleth moderator on Dec. 21, 2010 at 5:39 a.m.
@Nictel:  No I watched them every morning from 6 to 8 on Telekids (when it was still on RTL4) Kindernet (now Nick) and Fox Kids (RIP). Breaks where usually in the schoolyard getting beat up by moronic Ado'rs and Ajaxiten :)
Nictelon Dec. 22, 2010 at 3:58 p.m.
@Kelleth: Ah yeah Telekids. Sweet memories.. The current "Telekids" is a complete disgrace.   Alfred Jodokus Kwak has to be my all time favourite cartoon. Also loved Samurai Pizza Cats, which was the one I watched as a kid during my lunch break, would love to have that series on dvd/blu-ray. Also I really hope they bring out Alfred J. Kwak as a proper dvdbox. Not the dvds that are ordered by subject... As if kids don't want to see stuff in order. 
Man Tekkaman Blade, that was awesome and pretty brutal as well. I forgot what it was called and always thought it had to have been some sort of Gundam off spring. Seems I was wrong :-).  
Speaking of old cartoons, maybe you can help me. Looking at your cartoon collection I reckon your older than 20 so you might remember it. Ok long intro. Anyway. Way back there was the sci-fi channel, in the weekends it also had cartoons. I have been looking for this one which I can't remember the name of, all I remember is that there were these huge space battles involving blue space ships and I think they were battling kind of pink space ships (yeah I know) but I could be wrong on that, it was a long time ago. I also remember that the 'flagship' was of great importance. The thing I most remember is making drawings of it and making ships with lots and lots of cannons on it. 
 Ado'rs and Ajaxiten ? You don't happen to live near The Hague, do you? xD 
Kelleth moderator on Dec. 22, 2010 at 5:27 p.m.
@Nictel:  I miss telekids too but I have outgrown Carlo & Irene and that stupid bird lol.
Alas I never watched Sci Fi channel since it wasn't part of the standard Casema package. But that really sounds something like Battleship Yamato or Macross, to be honest its really a wide scenario to look up if you ask me. Also you should totally check out Ulysses 31. :)  
Yeah I was born in Dordrecht, grew up in The Hague and now live in Delft (hate it here, stupid Veolia busses) I'm not really in to voettbal to begin with so all the kids where pushing me in to the rose bushes xD 
Damn there are allot of series I would want to add but can't due to them not counting as anime like David de Boskabouter, Het beesten bos is boos, and de Smurfen xD
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