My Favourite Pokemon
My favourite Pokemon. The ones that helped me through all the games and the ones i just find cute :3
1. Mareep

Its soft and fluffy from day 1 I loved its design even though i still don`t know if those are ears or horns lol, I also like its Shiny form its pink with the same ears and tail this makes it even more cute. and to this day i still refuse to evolve my Mareeps i mean Flaafy and Ampharos don`t look nearly as cute as Mareep! i <3 them so x3

2. Dugtrio

This Pokemon has helped me through most Pokemon games its very strong attack set and well balanced stats made this one of my favourite pokemon of all time. And not even Nerx` dirty Dugtrio picture can change that!

3. Blastoise

My other favourite pokemon in red. I called it Turtoise!! it helped me through and trough and after that it helped me through Gold after that. hell if there was a chance to solve the Gold/Sapphire generation problem. I would trade Turtoise!! right away :3

4. Dragonair

My favourite Dragon Pokemon its sleek design and colour scheme is what made me like this pokemon, And sure its attacks and stats weren't that good in the games and it would be wiser to evolve it in to a DragonNight but i`ll rather lose if i get to keep my Dragonair. aside from that i love the cards and i love the fact that the Shiny version is Purple with gold. :)

5. Bellossom

The cutest side-evolution ever its way better then a Vileploom though its weaker then Vileploom

6. Tropius

An awesome flying pokemon i love that`s its a dinosaur and i love its build and attacks.

7. Venusaur

one of my favourite grass pokemon its dependable and strong. i love that flower on its back.

8. Wailord

The biggest and most massive pokemon on earth its one of the few that can beat Snorlax` record of heaviest pokemon.

9. Sunkern

awwwww... This cute title seed is all i need screw Sunflora with its more powerful attacks and its superior stats i`m sticking with Sunkern x3

10. Bulbasaur

My favourite Grass Pokemon, its handy in the first few gyms and its overall design is just AWESOME and well thought out :)

11. Weepinbell

This is one of the many grass pokemon i have grown to love. At first i didnt want to evolve my Weepinbell but over time i have grown to accept Victreebell too :3

12. Torterra

I <3 this Venusaur rip-off with its bonsai and 3 fen shui incorrect spikes.

13. Kyogre

The reason i bought sapphire damn i love the design of this pokemon with its awesome nazca-line pattern and it whale like appearance. :)

14. Relicanth

This is an awesome pokemon, I love the real-life Coelacanth`s and i love this one as well :)

15. Solrock

One of the most awesome looking Pokemon of the 3rd generation this Pokemon had good attack set and good attack stats. but like most of the rock/earth Pokemon its slow.


I`m Ditto`s pimp he/she is always waiting for me in the Daycare centre, always ready to hump something or be humped. This Pokemon has given me so much eggs that it just deserves to be on the the list. That`s right it humped itself up here.

17. Deerling

Hell yeah i'm adding some 5th generation ones!!. Especially this cute little one. I'm already liking the fact that it changes its appearance depending on the seasons and that its a grass type. <3 the design ^^

18. Sawsbuck

Hell yeah i'm adding this guy too!! The first time i saw this one it immediately trumped Stantler of it place. Sure this picture makes it look to much like a real deer but it also changes its appearance depending on the seasons which makes it AWESOME!!

19. Meloetta

This moe Pokémon is just to cute not to add to the list XD

AgentJon May 9, 2010 at 4:02 p.m.
You've got great taste, though it needs a little more Cyndaquil, Cubone, Gardevoir, and Mawile from where I'm looking. My favorites (not in order)
Kelleth moderator on May 9, 2010 at 4:13 p.m.
@AgentJ:  And i commented on it ^^
I do it slow because i always wan`t to add some text to my entries :3
Destinyheroknighton Sept. 19, 2010 at 8:31 p.m.

Awesome list. I think I'll make one to
Kelleth moderator on Sept. 20, 2010 at 7 a.m.
@Destinyheroknight:  Thank you, and if you do i'll surely take a look :)
DBZ_universeon May 15, 2012 at 12:04 a.m.

Mareep is awesome!! she help me out in alot... now shes a ampharos though..

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