Japanese Super Hero List
First of all i`d like to add that i haven`t planned on doing a second Super Hero list on this site, but this is different from my other account`s since this one is going to have a semi historical order so i`m going try to add them by d├ębut year rather then favourites!! (even though this is also partial to the list)
If there`s a whole team or franchise i like i`ll just highlight the most important character to me and later add the franchise to symbolize the rest of the featured characters. And no Super Robot pilots i`m gonna make another list for that one maybe.
1. Golden Bat

Japan`s first Super Hero!! Even though he`s not very well know he is the first Super Hero to have all of Superman`s powers of wingless flight, super strength super speed, ect. After a 1966 live-action revival movie a anime quickly followed the next year this became very popular in Latin country`s and also Brazil and Italy. Every time i bring this up other people just ignore me.. is it because they have an hard time of believing that the golden age Kal-L wasn`t that original? guess i`ll never really know - 1930

2. Astro Boy

Where can you go wrong with the boy with an atomic heart? well you practically can`t (if you don`t combine him with a blue robot so that he looks like a Rockman rip-off)He`s just two awesome. I,ve only seen a couple of episodes of the old anime and the whole new series. But i`m pretty much a fan. i wish i could watch some more though :) -1952(manga) - 1963(anime)

3. Moonlight Mask

Japan`s first televised superhero!! Nobody to this day knows who actually played him in the original live-action nor did the secret identity of the actual roll of this actor was ever revealed total mystery and that makes it double more AWESOME!! The only reason this show was cancelled was because even though there where warnings not to recreate the stunts for obvious reasons, the kids still tried shocker... but after that it got two anime series for a come back this time it also became popular with many Latin country`s as mostly under the name Captain Centella. - 1958

4. 8-Man

Japan`s first Cyborg Super Hero owning Ishinomori-sama`s Cyborg 009 by almost a year and that`s manga-wise!! This hero was supposable the inspiration for Robocop, yes Robocop! look it up if you don`t believe me!! this series was dubbed and broadcast as Tobor the 8th man which is kinda a lame pun IMO!! also the opening is weird 8-man was supposed to be a speedster like Flash and 009 but in the Tobor version he has all the powers of Superman!! WTF? America WTF? - 1963

5. Joe Shimamura

Joe got owned in this list he got pre-dated by 8-man in both the first Speedster title and by number lol, but that doesn`t change the fact that i loved this character in both the 1979 anime clips i saw and the 2000 series :3 - 1964

6. Cyborg 009

The rest of the team is just as awesome and likeable non of these character didn`t get character development. even Ivan got some attention and that`s just awesome!! Lets see something you didn`t know about this series is that in the first two Sentai series Himitsu Sentai Goranger and .J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai Ishinomori used the code names of the Cyborgs for several secret agents in both series, this was just for pure fanwank i guess lol - 1964

7. Ambassador Magma

It beat Ultraman by 6 days!! this is not only Japan`s first Giant Hero but also Japan`s first Transformer! yes he can transform in to a giant rocket!! eat that transformers!! -1966

8. Ultraman

Ultraman might not be Japan`s first Giant hero but he is however Japan`s first transforming (henshin) hero, And has been popular all over the world because of that! i almost compare the franchise with Doctor Who in sense of being on television almost non-stop and its popularity overall! One thing that seriously bothers me though is that his brother has taking most of his spotlight away from him. this becomes very advent when you watch the Mebius and the 8 Ultra Brothers movie when they show the history of the individual Ultra brothers, you`d expect them to start with Ultraman because he started the franchise! but did they? nope! Ultraseven got dibs and Ultraman isn't that important any more!! And as far as i could look up he didn`t get a live seminar whilst Ultraseven did get one!! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Pk1KQXS_Ks) seriously i looked all over Youtube and there is not even a hint of that ever existing!! damn you Ultraseven!! -1966

9. SkullMan

The first Anti-Hero of Japan, The Skull Man although mostly a vengeful and evil character in the original one-shot is still considered to be THE prototype for all Kamen Riders and maybe even the Ghost Rider!! In both the one-shot and new series he was the father of Joe Shimamura and he also ended up brainwashed and remodelled to be the evil arch villain of the Cyborgs named Skull! -1970

10. Barom One

A 2 for one hero, Two kids are transformed in to one awesome hero by a dying wizard together they need to stop an ancient alien evil from taking over the world. This is a really unique hero based upon Ultraman Ace who in the beginning of the series needed a woman and a man to transform back to his real self. Barom one is one of the few Henshin Heroes to start off before Kamen Rider aired (1970) but the actual series itself was aired in 1972 1 year after Kamen Rider first aired. This Hero along with Kikaider was the direct inspiration for Kamen Rider Double. -1970 (1972)

11. Kamen Rider Ichigo

The character that introduced and popularized the Henshin phrase and helped start the whole henshin hero genre!! well actually he just gave it a extra boost of popularity the starting the whole franchise thing still goes to Ultraman lol. What`s not to like about the character i mean he`s GAR, his fighting style is GAR, his actor is to GAR to handle!! and he fights awesome scary Kaijin created by the Shocker Organization. And unlike Ultraman this hero isn`t upstaged by his successors at least not in the long run because even though there have been times that later Kamen Riders took the stage like V3, X, Black, and Kabuto, real fans of this series still believe that Ichigo is still the best of them all - 1971

12. Kamen Rider

Since this isn`t a favourite blog i`m not gonna do all heroes from one franchise one by one that`s pretty lame and a hard job to do. So this counts for all Kamen Riders from Ichigo & Nigo to present and the others heroes like Gaia, Skull Rider and Tackle. This franchise is legendary so good that people even forgot about Saban`s Masked Rider.... DEATH TO FERBUS!! -1971

13. Kikaider

Another awesome Super Hero made by the late Ishinomori. The original Manga and toku was dark and intriguing, hell the character overall was just awesome!! Jiro was the first Ishinomori character to introduce the guitar theme this was later repeated with two other characters Ao Blue and Kaiketsu Zubat and ironically played by the same actor, If you want this series a company licensed it and released it on dvd for a lot of money, The original was later turned into a revival project that featured both a manga and a anime - 1972

14. Kikaider

This whole series overall was awesome to begin with and then came Kikaider 01 featuring an even stronger Kikaider who fought even more powerful enemies. Fans of the original series are still to this day hardcore Hakkaider fans but that didn`t help the American made movie that much, the newest manga also featured the third brother Kikaider 00 - 1972

15. Inazuman

One of Ishinomori`s first mutants, At first he starts out as the cocoon like Sanagiman who eventually moulds his protective armour to become the powerful moth-like hero Inazuman!! (a theme Toei later used for the new Kaijin race by the name Worm for Kamen Rider kabuto) He had this awesome car that could literally bite you if you didn`t pay attention. He later got a sequel series in the form of Inazuman Flash. His latest appearance is in a special OVA of the Kikaider 01 series where Jiro goes out of control because he was possessed by a mutant, luckily Inazuman got to his true form in time to stop the possessed Kikaider and convinced him to transform which released the demon. He still needs a modern day reboot in to a new series! here to dreaming XD - 1972

16. Lion-Maru

The first in a long line of anthropomorphic animal heroes that swept trough the 70`s of Japan. both of the series wasn`t really aired all over the world it only reached Brazil and it became an instant hit over there. But i did see fansubs from all three the series and i enjoyed it. This is one of those series that people liked to laugh at since according to them the suits looked stupid well that`s their loss it just means they aren`t real toku fans. I think this would also have worked as an anime :3 - 1972

17. Henshin Ninja Arashi

Another Master piece by Ishinomori. This much like Lion Maru featured a ninja or Samurai who travels feudal Japan with 2 companions taking down evil where ever the come by, This is one those series that i just wished i could watch i`m hoping for subs later :). Henshin Ninja Arashi made a cameo in Kamen Rider Hibiki as an Oni Armour which gets stolen by a vengeful rogue who is unable to transform back to her oni form - 1972

18. Devilman

Another awesome Go Nagai character. He`s GAR He`s a perv, and he`s Japan`s freaking Ghost Rider!! Because due to being merged with the powerful war demon Amon he`s able to change in to Devilman (like Johnny Blaze merged with Zarathos by contract) And weirdly enough they debuted in the same year XD - 1972

19. Honey Kisaragi

Who doesn`t love Honey? She`s the warrior of love and the prime target for fan service. Due to the Love System she`s the first transforming Magical Girl because she uses several separate identities to combat Black Panther. She went through several incarnations throughout her broadcast history, most of which i liked though the booby one from New Cutie Honey seemed to be my least favourite of the franchise. Other then that my favourites where: 1,The original Cutie Honey 2,Cutie Honey from the live-action series (because its Mikie Hara who is cute and booby!! :D) 3, Re: Cutie Honey 4,Cutie Honey Flash. I as well as other fans of Go Nagai`s work hope that he`ll continue making more incarnations of Cutie honey :)-1973

20. Cutie Honey

This is for the secondary characters i like. I like all 4 of Honey`s sisters. Who are 1, Sister Jill 2, Misty Honey 3, Sister Miki 4, Sister Yuki. But the secondary character i like the most is still Hayami! i liked him through all of his incarnations even though some where totally different from each other he was always there for Honey and that makes him awesome. :3 -1973 (1997)-(2007)

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