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As one of the few GARO fans of this site i decided to do this before the staff finally got to this lol
Garo was originally a 26 episode series that aired in 2005. Its about a age old knight guild-like society who use both magic and the might of steel to stop the Horrors (a type of demon) from making the earth in to hell. The story as a whole is centred on Kouga Saeijma (the real life Seto Kaiba) who is a Makai Knight working for this society. In the beginning he meets a girl named Kaoru while on the trail of a horror, Koaru is an artist and painter who has premonitions about Kouga as GARO and unknowingly has been making sketches about the Makai Knights for years now. At the end of the first episode Koaru gets tainted by the blood of a horror and Kouga needed to kill her in order to save her from an even more horrible death. But he spared her much to the dislike of the council. This is how the series started the rest of the series show how Kouga protects Koaru and hunts down several Horrors, Later ZERO the silver Fanged Knight comes into play, he was under the impression that GARO killed his adoptive father the original ZERO. Makai Knights only have 99.9 seconds to have a in suit battle and most battles are there for fought in bullet time. GARO came out the same year Karas also aired and due to this and other certain things they have in common the often get mistaken for each other by noobs from both sides. So if you liked Karas you`ll like GARO as well.
I heard the movie was going to be a total retelling of the original series with a few changes much like the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movies. But the teaser seems to tell a dffient story. Personally I`m hoping they kept their promise with the better CGI in this movie. And that Jam Project returns to make a new theme song
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