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After hearing another song some time later wonder where you heard it before?
Well this is like the 2nd time this week for me and one of them is Amv/anime related lol
I was listening to the new release from one of my favourite AMV editors Nostromo who used footage from Genius Party Beyond and a Utada Hikaru pv to make an official AMV/PV for this British dance flick called Sugar Jesus, Who made a surprisingly cool track despite giving me my horrible '' The Riddle'' flashbacks back (and as Arie once said, Ja lul! Daar gaan we je begraven!!)  Pardon my Dutch lol
As cool as this was it did not win Nostromo his Akross prize which is sad because he showed that he had perfected his skills even more after a 2 year absence.
Where was I again? O yes, @2:37 to 2:57 there is this calm scene and the part of the track reminded me of something. But I could not remember where at first I thought ''O THAT MOVIE'' but I was to lazy to actually really listen to the full OST and realize which track it originally was from lol

So did you ever had this? lol
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