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Note: full title should have been: One Piece Rangers: Dice-O And Promo Commercials Kick My Patience In The Nuts!
The time to wave Goseiger is so close for us Sentai fans and as hard as it is to see the previous team go most of us can't wait till the next one shows up.
Especially when its the anniversary year for all three main Tokusatsu franchises fans are watching at the moment ( Ultra Series, Kamen Rider, & Super Sentai
This year Kamen Rider is being trolled by Den-O again (ONORE DEN-O!!!) The Ultra series is celebrating the whole of franchise but just not Ultraman and Ultra Q, no Ultraseven and his son most likely have the spotlight for the next two years (sad but true no one really cares about the original its all about Ultraseven with his live choir). 
So with those two sucking all that's left is Super Sentai who are pulling a Decade on us. BUT with a twist! This years theme is Pirates! Something which immediately gives off One Piece vibes. Which is to be expected since that's what its supposedly going to be based on. And not only that but like I said with the Decade'ing of Sentai, they can also transform in to the previous 34 Sentai teams!
    With keys!! 
 With keys!! 
Now I have been patient and impartial since I can't bear to handle another disappointment like with Decade but the newest short promo and Dice-O commercials really, really aroused my attention for this series! :D   
I'm liking wanted posters much like in One Piece and GokaiRed's Galleon which form the main part for Gokaioh. What I don't like are the other mecha parts which seem pretty bland and have the same basic theme as Boukenger. And I still have no Idea of the personality's of the Gokaigers but most people would agree that they are based on the personality's of the Straw hats. ^^
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