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I got bored so i'm made an extra summary through videos for this thread so the choices might be a bit easier and its good for my list too XD 

For Starters: Ogon Bat

Okay not really a toku but its nice to see clear pictures of a Kamishibai for once :P
  This however does count :P

Super Giant

  Just Don't tell Ken Usui about this being on the blog or that people still know this exists lol

Gekko Kamen and other Kōhan Kawauchi Heroes

First Japanese television hero ever!!

Ultra Q and Ultra Series

  When talking Ultraman many people forget Ultra Q, but Ultraman too! because Ultraseven is apparently more important :-\

Kamen Rider


Giant Heroes

    Ambassador Magma is the first Transformer!!! 

Ishinomori Heroes

A mix of Ishinomori's heroes and several popular Toku heroes

Tokusatsu Hero

  Watch this Spidey on Marvel.com!! complete with ugly urine yellow subs!!

Furry heroes

  Yes Japan had furry heroes and they where awesome especially Lion-Maru!!

Super Sentai


Metal Heroes


And then THEY came >.>

  And now we have NO METAL HEROES!!! >_<

Not part of the franchise any one who is considering this a part of this great franchise should stab him/herself with something rusty :P


Other non-Japanese Toku:

  The fact that Carbon is a blatant Skull Man rip-off and that they use a Kamen Rider as villain gives me the feeling that this series will never be made. Or am i wrong Australians?



Chou Sei Shin Series


Takara Tomy Tomica Series

Phew this could have been a 2 parter!! lol my pc went real slow around the Super Sentai Videos XD these are pretty much to me the biggest series in  Toku and a few that needed the attention :) and further more if some videos have been removed due to copyright f#ck it, its normal for youtube lol

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