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I know i'm breaking my own rules by adding a series before i know the title of the first episode but i'm looking forward to this series so much that i went ''screw it! i'm adding the the title later!!'' lol. Kamen Rider OOO is going to replace Kamen Rider W on September the 5th and is going to be even more commercial then the previous series!!       
The funny thing is that the coins that will be used throughout this show reminds me of Flippo's( Plog's) something that was very popular here in Holland back in the good old 90's. But i do like the simple design of OOO, even though most fans now complain that its half-assed and the lazy way of making multiple forms.

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Yesterday i got my Heart Gold & Soul Silver tin and since now have 1 tin for every generation i can show them off :)
So quite literally a tin for every generation of cards i own and i made sure of that because the first tin is really full these are represented by the first Pokémon of each individual generation. I think i won't be getting any more tins simply because of the fact that i have enough of each generations to hold the cards i might but in the future (having a 5th tin totally empty) and i don't need any more tins even if i ran out of space because i'm pretty sure i don't actually want to buy 5th gen cards! unless there are some cool 1st gen Pokémon cards in those sets that is lol ^^


My album update, i'm think that i'm doing this to soon i haven't really bought any new cards (except for the tin) so i haven't really got anything new to show (again except those from the new tin but i only got reverse foils and rares from that) but i'm going to give it a go any ways ^^
I ordered them by element and i left spots open to add more cards of those elements to the album. and i must say i'm really happy with my new Meganium LV X card the most its just awesome!! :3

The Weekend

This is going to be a long, long weekend!! 
We are going to the market again and the lady who promised me a whole batch of old cards for cheap is going to be there, I'll be bringing my empty album for that. Also i'm happy to report that we now FINALLY have a Cash 4 Value shop!! (that's a shop that buys old stuff in and then sells it again) i bought a RGB GameCube Cable RVB from that store for just €4.99,- and it works great. The reason i'm saying this is that they are also selling 3 movies for €10,- one of those movies included in their collection is Apple Seed and i just must have it!! lol they also have a nice red pc i want to check out. :) and aside from that we'll still be walking on the market in the heat so its going to be EXHAUSTING!!.
Sunday is going to be a drag!! and a fun one at that!!. We'll be going to Park Pop which is the biggest free open concert in Europe. And its very close to where i grew up, in fact we'll be walking to the snack bar where i grew fat!! lol :P My mom is dissapointed that Snoop Dog isn't allowed to show up, but i'm not going to fuss about it and i don't really care who's going to be there. There's an open market there too. And yet again i'll be searching for movies :P. Its going to be a long dragging day, it will be hot busy, we won't be having that much money on us because we might get pick-pocked (happened before) so we don't have that much for food and drinks, and last but not least there will be a shortage of toilets and the ones being there aren't really clean lol. Overall its going to be a concert and i don't have anything else to day about it lol.
This is about it for today, i'll be posting my new blog when i get those new cards. I'm kinds curious what she will offer :)
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Yesterday it was really busy, My mom wanted to go around in The Hague and take pictures of the city we lived in for 16 years, This was for Facebook lol.
Back on topic i did buy allot but there was one main reason to go to the Hague aside from having fun, and that's the Ultraman: Complete Collection i ordered a month ago.
I did own it already but a friend of mine also wanted it, whilst i wanted a new set. So we made a deal that i'd give him my old set for cheap and i get an excuse to buy a new one. This is something i did before and i'm aware that this is a good way to lose money lol. But how I see it is that we both have what we want and that's all that matters :). I also got Austin Powers 2 as a gift from him and i dunno why, lets move on XD
I finally got to buy my new albums for my Pokémon cards they where €7,95 pp its not cheap but with those i'm already set for the next 10 years lol. Though now i feel a bit sorry for not buying the neutral blue or black versions of the same brand. I will be updating in a few weeks but i'll take my time with that ^^
Moving on, the local game shop had a sale this is where i saw some Pokémon collectibles like this Charmander that i did not choose to buy lol. My mom choose it she said that i wanted it back in the day and now its just €1,95. Its pretty awesome but i will NEVER put batteries in this thing i know how annoying the sound are lol. What they also got where some kind of educational cd-roms for €0,50 pp, i just took one for the hell of it after all it is some 10+ years old and it still looks like its brand new. :)

Now something that just made my day, In the second hand shop call the Kringloop, i found this a Power Axe! Its in perfect condition considering its a 90's toy! i'm still happy with this i always wanted the power weapons but i never was allowed to buy them!! :D This is also my favourite of the Power Weapons since it has two modes and lets face it axes that turn into guns are MORE awesome then guns turning in to swords. After i found it i knew the rest of the power weapons might be around and i went searching for them immediately!! lol
And then i found the Power Sword also in good condition! man this is lucky after 15+ damn years i finally got two of the power weapons i was whining about back then! lol
Though its kind of a shame that i didn't found the rest the where sold off i guess, nothing to be done about that :)
I now keep them like this in semi-Power Blaster mode lol. Last thing i got was a cool Red Ranger figure that also was in good condition. This made me think that some other Toku fan gave up and sold all his stuff to the store and i was just to late to pick all that stuff up. O well i'm still happy i got these three anyway ^^

Aside from all the shopping

I also made allot of nice photo's that day and i want to show a few them off :)
Most of these are taken in the city, the Museon a museum where i went ALLOT when i was you and in Scheveningen the beach of The Hague. :)
I really wanted a good sunset so i took allot of pictures of the sun :P now i know nothing else to talk about lol till the next blog ^^
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This series is still epic!! sure it looks weird and cheesy to non-Latin western eyes but this awesome franchises has become of of my favourites it there!  But i did not really want to make a blog about the opening's instead. because they are simply AWESOME!!! :)
  The last one is a mix of the two, though i dunno why this was deleted from youtube.

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 I bought a 3 special pack this weeks, which where on sale for just €5,- pp 2 holding 4 booster and 1 holding 6 and 3 promo's, Very handy for people sick of buying separate boosters over and over. :P
Starting with the foils, I've could have been more lucky, (Wanted a €75,- Charizard :P) but this seems fine. I'm very happy with the Sableye and Hunchcrow cards and i'm looking forward to more Dark Type cards very soon!! Also the two starter cards are promo's which came standard with the special packs (to bad i did not get a Turtwig card). I don't really know what to say about the others except that i don't know what the hell is up with the Dugtrio card lol.
Special Reverse Foils:
Okay now i FINALLY know what i'm dealing with here, Seems that in the years that i did not collect the cards there have been several variations of reverse foils, some of which are just like normal foil cards but with gold text! This was something a simple Google search could of fixed but now that i finally got that out of the way i can ignore that XD. I got pretty cool cards here in one pack i got both Duskull and Dusclops and with that i almost got an evolution complete :), Lugia is probable a pretty rare card since the seal is small and it got glitter unlike the normal reverse foils, I now got 2 Medicham so now i can trade that one for another cool card :P, and for some reason the Nidran Female card has a weird line in the foil itself so i'm pretty sure i got a printing mistake ^^
Normal Reverse Foils:
I don't remember which specific new cards i got, (well it was a few days ago) so i decided to add an update on my reverse foil album :)
Aside from that: 
The 2nd hand seller i contacted with finally got a Dutch Venusaur in near mint condition for me, it costed just €3,- and i'm happy with it!! So i dumped my American Venusaur back in the album it belongs to and i put my new Dutch one where it belongs :) 
And it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!! :D Now all i need is a Dutch Raichu!! XD
Aside from that i also found this awesome safe for just €5,- which i was planning to hang up and put some figures in it, but now i'm not that sure any more XD
Its a big safe but it does not seem to fit much, Maybe the candy toys can fit in there but i'm not that sure at the moment.
I also got a Agumon teddy bear and a Gabumon vinyl figure, both costed just €1,- which is awesome because the tag for Agumon is still on it after 10+ years!! :D
Also another person on the antique market wants to sell me a whole bunch of cards for really cheap, it seems her nephew wants to get rid of some of his cards and even though i said i only wanted rare cards she insisted on keeping the total price under €20,- so that's also a good score for me! i'm looking forward to buying it in 2 weeks :)
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