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I got bored so i'm made an extra summary through videos for this thread so the choices might be a bit easier and its good for my list too XD 

For Starters: Ogon Bat

Okay not really a toku but its nice to see clear pictures of a Kamishibai for once :P
  This however does count :P

Super Giant

  Just Don't tell Ken Usui about this being on the blog or that people still know this exists lol

Gekko Kamen and other Kōhan Kawauchi Heroes

First Japanese television hero ever!!

Ultra Q and Ultra Series

  When talking Ultraman many people forget Ultra Q, but Ultraman too! because Ultraseven is apparently more important :-\

Kamen Rider


Giant Heroes

    Ambassador Magma is the first Transformer!!! 

Ishinomori Heroes

A mix of Ishinomori's heroes and several popular Toku heroes

Tokusatsu Hero

  Watch this Spidey on Marvel.com!! complete with ugly urine yellow subs!!

Furry heroes

  Yes Japan had furry heroes and they where awesome especially Lion-Maru!!

Super Sentai


Metal Heroes


And then THEY came >.>

  And now we have NO METAL HEROES!!! >_<

Not part of the franchise any one who is considering this a part of this great franchise should stab him/herself with something rusty :P


Other non-Japanese Toku:

  The fact that Carbon is a blatant Skull Man rip-off and that they use a Kamen Rider as villain gives me the feeling that this series will never be made. Or am i wrong Australians?



Chou Sei Shin Series


Takara Tomy Tomica Series

Phew this could have been a 2 parter!! lol my pc went real slow around the Super Sentai Videos XD these are pretty much to me the biggest series in  Toku and a few that needed the attention :) and further more if some videos have been removed due to copyright f#ck it, its normal for youtube lol

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 A few weeks back my Aunt called me if i wanted to go the Efteling an very famous amusement park based on fairy tales, where i went like 7 times in my whole life. I agreed not thinking of any other option that would have pleased me more like the Archeon or Naturalis. We even had a few fights over this in a stupid Italian way. But after all the complaining we went any way.
So i woke up early on that Sunday and we where pretty much gone after 09:00 just on time to catch the train to Dordrecht where my sisters are waiting for me.
We had like half an hour of drinking coffee and tea before leaving towards the Efteling which was surprisingly just an hour away (i always took the train which took a looooooooooooooooooong back tour before arriving at the destination) in my Sister's Kiwi coloured car. And when we arrived at about 12:00 we still had very little time to check everything out since the summer schedule wasn't up yet so the amusement park closes at 18:00. First we basically looked around some time in the fairy tail forest and took some photo's but i was dumb enough to forget the batteries for my camera so i did not get that many pictures from it. I also got a plastic coin from Ezeltje Strekje (dunno what its called in English don't care either) and finally found another souvenir store where we could buy batteries and apparently bubble guns lol. After that we went to the Piraña which to this day is my favourite wild water ride. And the funny thing is that they amped it up a bit, last time i only got like a few wet spots but this time i was like exactly half wet XD. After that wanted to go to the Pagode, Which is basically a Thai or Indo type of palace which gets suspended in the air and is perfect for taking pictures of the park. But since it was down for that day due to testing we did not get that chance to get on that ride :(. we then ate some horrible egg rolls (tasted like paper with sambal!!) and sit down for a while before going on a boat trip ride where i got most pictures of the water birds bugs and fish XD. We then decided to got to the Rock which is one of the many roller-coasters in the park, this one is under ground. But since last time last time i went on a roller-coaster in the Efteling, i vomited up my lunch so i took a step back on that one. lol So me and my mom went to the Carnival Festival ride, Which you guys might know better as ''its a small world ride'', Its the most annoying most blatantly racist ride in the whole of the amusement park lol. After that we played some carnival games and kept losing. One of my sisters tried out the new pirate themed roller-coaster with her fiancée and my other went with her boyfriend and my aunt and her boyfriend to the Python which is the one of the more extreme roller-coasters. While they are doing that we went on a small train to take better pictures of the park ( SinterKlaas!! lol) it was fun and its hard to not mention the hot German/Chinese MILF sitting two seats behind me!! (best birthday present EVER!! :P) lol. When we all did that it was already like 17:46 so we went to the exit and back to Dordrecht where we ate and rested at a McDonald's.The food was good even though i boycott that place as much as possible. Two dumb things though: 1 Two very annoying a-holes who didn't even had food to eat sat on the place we wanted to sit at, it was the only large table around and they could have sat anywhere but the chose that one for some reason, 2 some one spilled a whole f^cking milkshake at the entrance and no one cleans it up luckily i saw it right away cuz that was gross!!. And last but not least we went to my grandparents for some more coffee and talk. I really missed my grand parents so i was happy to be there even if it was just for a few hours. I also got my region free DVD player back and and my N64 too!! :D. My sisters and their boyfriends left and my aunt went upstairs to watch a movie with her boyfriend. We left for home around 22:45 and as it turns out the trains between the stations of Geldermalsen and Dordrecht Stadspolders weren't riding for some reason so we had to take the bus which was free for that day (i love how they make the buses free when the trains don't work, they would never do that in Delft) and when we finally arrived it was about 00:10 so even the late night stores where closed. We arrived at home ate exactly 00:29 (i remembered the specific time because that's when i turned of my mp4) and we went to bed around 3:00. LoL all and all its been a looooong fun day and i still got the chance to take lots of pictures :)
  • Going to the Efteling and most of the food was a present from my Aunt and her boyfriend and it was fun!!
  • From my Sisters, their boyfriends, and my Grandparents i got a total of €55,- which i am going to use for a new Phillips Portable DVD Player, which i'm going to get Tomorrow.
  • Some new shirts and lots of dvd's, also Pokémon Heart Gold from my mom, she's also paying for part of my new dvd player.
  • From my oldest sister and my dad i got new mobile a Vodafone 360, which is kinda like a Ipod but a bit harder to work with. (i'm not used to it yet)
  • A rare double ammonites from a friend on the market in Delft :D
  • Getting my younger sister's old PS2 with all its games, but i'll have to pick it up sooner or later.

 Its was a good birthday for such a gloomy year :)
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 Has any one been to a Kamishibai before? its basically a show and tell play, The story teller uses stills and script to tell the story.   This is pretty much how Anime in general started out.

Has anyone been to one of these before? seems there are a few occasions where there where actual Kamishibai plays in America with Power Point subtitles shown on a white screen above or on the side of the storyteller. I would love to go to one of these, but i doubt i will ever see one here in Europe.
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Yeah that's pretty much what i got at the moment, i'll definitely be getting this dvd if its out with subs. But seeing how the original is still 40,- i'll wait for awhile longer lol Now all the sudden i'm want the manga but i guess it to much to ask for an American licence so i could import the volumes. :)
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Well I waited a bit to long with this and that's because i was busy and lazy :P. Any way it was exactly how i described it before i left, it was busy, smelly and hot!!. But said to say the music SUCKED!! I mean for my mum it was kinda sad that Snoop Dog could not attend because of world wide gang issues. But aside from that you would expect at least some good artist to show up right? NOPE!!! the music was so crappy and boring that i could hear my own voice!! and that's the first time in 15 years!!! And we also didn't get the chance to meet up with my sisters which was kinda sad. O well at least we got some pictures out of it:
 I was even so bored that i took some random pictures lol :P. The saddest thing about that day was that my aunt decided it was a good moment to pop-up and show us her new house. Because of this we didn't go to the snackbar in the neighbourhood spend my youth on. This was a real missed opportunity :-| And ironically enough my Aunt also choose the location of my birthday party... which is an amusement park called the Efetling, Not that i'm totally displeased with going there. It just feels that its more a present for her rather then for me. (never ever did i say it was my favourite place to go to) I'm getting a feeling that she will dump me and my mother and is going to wonder the park with her boyfriend... o joy... I actually wanted to go to Naturalis or Archeon two great Museums that i wanted to (re)visit for years now!! Hell the Efteling is even more expensive then the two to combined!! €29,-!!! But i regress my aunt is a just a massive b!tch and i need to get over that someday. :P

DVD's, Shirts, And Other Stuff...

Well i told you guys I'd keep my eye out for DVD's, and i did a pretty good job if i say so myself. My biggest catch was obviously the first remake of the Mark of Zorro (1940) I totally enjoyed this movie!! i liked how much it was still Zorro even before Disney bought it. Yep it actually brings me some relieve that Disney didn't totally invent Zorro :). As you can see by chance i also got the 1989 Batman movie and its another good score IMO, and a little bit ironic because Bruce Wayne went to the Original Mark Of Zorro on the day his parents where murdered by Joe Fixit. lol I'm also happy i got Appleseed from Park Pop rather then Cash4Value i could not be more lucky XD. Rammen!! is a DVD release of the great Dutch Stand-up duo Arie & Silvester and suprisingly it also happened to be my favourite act they made!!. I enjoyed Dinotopia on RTL 4 even though the acting sucks so much that i'm sure the Critic would not even want to review it even if he's held at gunpoint lol. Spawn is just Spawn that's all i have to say lol. Last but not least the Pokemon movie collection sure it was as cheap as the others but i still wish it also held the first three movies! nothing beats those!!. O i also forgot to add that i got Dragon Ball Budokai too!! Any way all the DVD's where €2,- pp and 6,- for €10
The small stuff if found at the market, I'm sure ALLOT of Power Ranger Fanboys will be p!ssed at not having this lol Because I actually found a cool silver necklace of Byakko Shinken/Saba which just perfect for me!! and it was just €8,-!!! lol I also got an army tag that i wanted to get last year but i didn't get the chance to get back then. It say my real name, my user name, this site and my birth date. and funny enough i took just the right picture, you can't see my real name or birthday but you can see my user name. XD Lets see that leaves this cute Bulbasaur teddy from the 1st generation 12+ years and looking good :). And the last thing i got was a small fish preserved in alcohol,(40 years old at least) its sad yet cool, poor little fish...

Okay this is definitely the last i have to show you guys.(excuse the cat hairs it just happens okay :P) This is about all of the awesome t-shirts i could find. Which is kinda sad because its kinda a main export for Park Pop. I'm the most happy with the Monty Python because its my favourite sketch in the Flying Circus and i kinda walk weird myself lol. And the Sea Shepherd T-shirt.... Okay Japanese i love your country and all but i'm against two things you do 1 Killing Whales!! i <3 whales, dolphins and every other sea mammals!! 2 Lolicons, by all means for all i care you may continue. But i won't protect you on that!! lol 
And that was Park Pop it was fun, the shopping really saved it. Hope you guys didn't went nuts because of my useless rambling lol.
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