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Part two will consist of what is left of my actual Transformer collection and my totally awesome new additions. Same thing as before I did not take the trouble to dust these of nor did I care if they stand upright or not. (But I did eventually came back for a spell check)
These where mostly bought from the flea market at the Kreade. They are in pretty good condition as most damage they received where done to them before I bought them. These are the modes i like to keep them in, so they don't fall over all the time.
My G1 Bumblebee is what he is today because I originally had two, one had perfectly preserved wheels and the other still had its sticker. So I took the sticker of my current Bumblebee making the other one look near mind condition (without packaging) and then I sold it for a good €20,-. And what's left I'm keeping since its pretty much useless from a collector's view. Mantaray is probably my favorite of the bunch its easy to transform and it also look really great in boat mode. Its also the only one I bought totally new but being a retarded little kid I took it out of its package as soon as I got my hand on it and thus quickly lost its gun/propeller. I have little to say about the two Decepticons on the right, I bought Seawing because I thought I could buy the rest of the Seacons sooner or later but nothing came of of it. The crow whose name I forgot used to spit sparks with the help of a wheel, however the mechanism does not seem to work any more. Which ain't that bad since it still seems to me that it looks like a child hazard. I know nothing about the minicon, I don't even remember how I got it so its better just to ignore it. I knew the blue truck's name but I forgot as soon as i tried to write it down lol all I remember about it is that its pretty much complete ^^
These are all newly bought (2nd hand) and all of them are cheap as hell, non of these cost me more then € 2,- . Like the previous picture I keep most of them in vehicle mode instead of robot mode and i like the alt modes. 
The other though is another story all together, especially the lesser Hound which I initially found cool because it seemed quite posable but that seemed false as it could not stand without putting its two legs together which makes it blocky and annoying. I bought the new Mc Donald's Bumblebee with Hound its probably going to be my only Animated transformer figure since I just hate the new designs for it. THE CHINS SUCK!!. G1 Hasbro Rodimus Prime is still up for sale though when I'm at the place I'm trying to sell it, the guy who buys it isn't around. So sometime in the future I need to go to The Hague when its not a Thursday. I previously had the same Rodimus, but to me it sucked so much that I threw it away some time ago. The blue jeep is unremarkable I seriously wonder why I originally bought it. It can't even stand straight! :P  The only one I keep in Robot mode is that Optimus Prime which is super posable in that form and is just awesome with every pose I can put it. :)
Speaking of Optimus i still have a G1 version i got for free from some old lady at the Koninginnen markt of 2002.
Its pretty beating up and misses all its accessories. By all means it should have been grey by now. But I just love that he is missing the exact same arm he was missing that one time the Decepticons took his arm and placed it on their base as an automatic cannon and just to spite the injured Prime. Its an old figure and even though its diecast it has seen better days so I put I back in the box as soon as I was done with it ^^
I bough some revenge of the Fallen figures too! There's Scout class Hubcup who is just all round awesome. Its super posable and just small enough to fit on my main cabinet. Next is Ravage who I just bough because it was cheap (€ 2,99-) but I don't transform it that much because the feline mode is just more awesome ^^ And lastly is Backfire who just to be fair has a stupid robot mode IMO!
I love Hubcup's vehicle mode of a 1940's power car  which is small and pretty detailed. I wonder how good it would have looked if it wasn't scout class but a little bit higher could they have made it more complex and awesome looking?
This is the real reason why bought Backfire its almost a match for my Chibi Kamen Rider figures and even though the new paint job (how many versions are there again?) isn't a 100% match to the Cyclone its pretty close. I'm now thinking of buying a second for Nigo so that they both have a Cyclone to ride on XD
Lastly ROTF: Leader Class Optimus Prime!! talk about a tower of awesome! I love the details on this thing. (even as Vangelus pointed out in his review having small Autobot symbol right under its breast (giggle) plates.) First thing I did was removing its battery's since I knew from both Vangelus' and CollectionDX' reviews how annoying the voice can be while trying to transform it. Second thing is that since this is the first Optimus Prime I bought that was still in its original packaging, I decided that I should keep the box and the straps that kept this hunk of plastic in place. The transformation took me about 12 minutes the first time. The second time I noticed some wear at the panel of its left arm so I decided to not transform this figure ever again fearing I would break it sooner or later. I've also been trying to find a ROTF: Leader Class Jetfire to give Prime its super mode but I have had little to no luck of finding it here in Holland.   
And I guess that's all the transformers I still own. Its a humble collection but its mine lol 
Part 1: Gobots and Misc
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I'm finally starting this blog. :P I initially wanted to make this blog as a response to another user who asked if anyone else collected Transformers on this site. I dunno who it initially was nor can I find the thread/blog any more but I'm still doing it for the hell of it :P First of I did not dust any of these toys of in fact I haven't touched most of these since we last moved. I basically just grabbed them out of the box and took photo's. I didn't even bother to place them upright. I also took a little bit longer with this even though i already had the photo's for quite some time. This is due to the fact that I kept seeing some cool Transformers I wanted to buy and maybe blog about ^^
I only got 4 official Gobots only one of which I actually know the name of and that would be Leader 2 the red sports car. And surprisingly  I got 3 diecast ones which I learned where a bit expensive. To bad one of them (the space shuttle) is broken. It lost its arm and is unable to transform because he keep falling over. ^^
Now I kept them pretty much on category the misc on the right and the Gobots on the left. Now I can easily guess what you guys and girls are thinking *that big foot ain't a gobot* well your right and wrong. See when i bought that Gobot I didn't even knew it was one, I thought it was a 2nd rate Transformer rip-off. But about a year ago i found a website that claimed that somehow this one counts as a Gobot. Even though the disclaimer is Chinese :)
On the other side there's the misc rip-off's and Mc Donald's Transformers. I <3's those McD's they are simple and still cool looking. I bought them at the Kreade which was my local Community Centre where a flea market was held every last Saturday of the month. This was where I got most of my Transforms Gobots and even Ninja Turtle figures ^^. Next is the Cheetor rip-off failure which I found pretty cool back when I bought it at a tourist store at Scheveningen when I was young. But as you can see its made from pretty cheap plastic and its robot mode sucks bricks XD. And finally there's my most nostalgic one the blue train which was part of a trio of robots best described as a Combiner group which where sold at a popular store back in the 90's the Konmar (RIP). To this day I still feel bad at not buying the rest and I searched the whole frigging net, but I could not find any thing about which brand its from> Its neither a Transformer nor a Gobot. And the Japanese brands also came out at a 0% match. Sooooo I guess its unique to Holland. =3
Next is this old Chinese transformer which seems an obvious rip-off to Japan's pre-Transformers series. A rip-off which i don't mind since the heavy diecast makes it pure awesome :D The guy who sold it to me didn't know which brand it was since it was retailed to him without the packaging. Luckily through the power of Google I was able to find the home page and even the guide which was found at the back of the cardboard which I didn't get. It turns out it had 4 forms two of which really needs pushing children pushing their imagination lol
And now something I bought recently, as in like last week. See we where hopping along cheap stores last week and I found these cheap bike transformers. (just €1.49 pp!!) I was put of at first due to the cover of the packaging where it shows that the Transformers have really kiddie faces around the torso made by the combination of the lights and spoiler shape. But this turned out to be false, The faces actually look cool, cooler then Gobots in fact ^^. I <3 the bike modes they just look awesome in the last picture and this is which i placed them on my cabinet. I did make a picture of the alt modes (It was hard to make them stand on their own btw) But i accidentally deleted the picture whilst trying to upload these and I can't get it back lol
These have been my favorites for some time. These are blank Powermaster Seekers rip-off's. First I had the Starscream clone which I found totally awesome and cheap as hell. Sadly I'm missing both the Powermaster and its guns. This is sad because it also works well as a Macross mecha XD. Later I found another robot which turned out to combine in to an cooler bigger jet. But personally I kinda dislike that one since its robot mode is made of a really cheap light plastic and it can not stand normally. Regardless I still put up to it ^^. And last week as with the bikes I found a cheaper newer and smaller version of my previous Starscream rip-off. But it seems to be made from even cheaper and lighter plastic then the second one. They didn't even bother to make the seat window see-trough. This one too has guns and a Powermaster. But unlike my old one the Power Master is useless and the guns can't combine. Which is kind of sad but I can live with it for now ^^
Hmmmm That's all the fake Transformers and Gobots I still got. I'm really feeling sad that I threw away and sold my other robots when I needed too. There where some real awesome ones in there. Next time I'll blog about what ACTUAL Transformers I still have and recently bought. Keep in mind that I'm going to be über lazy like last XD
Part 2 Autobots and Decepticons and Whatever
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For the last few days i've been trying to buy a Pokémon Silver but i had no luck since non of the ones i could find could save. So i bought one for the hell of it and was happy that at least my other games worked fine. So instead of playing Silver i decided to check on my Pokémon Red for the heck of it and then i saw this.
 Yes indeed it just lost its memory battery deleting all my data and is now unable to save any new data like my Silver does. And thus my old pal died along with my first official Mew. .R.I.P. Luckily my main team and strongest Pokémon where all moved to Pokémon Gold some 5 years ago. But i fear those Pokémon will be gone too when the battery fails within 5 years or so. So i decided to upload photo's of my strongest Pokémon including my shiny Ursaring and Raticate. Please keep in mind that i just went the lazy way and decided not to do all the stats of every Pokemon i own.
That's pretty much it, many Pokémon you see here are from the previous game, Red. Celebi was from a cheat and so are the Mews on this game (the Pokémon red glitch). All these Pokémon where trained and it took about 700+ hours to do so, I had so much fun on this game. Not only was it fun as hell it was also a freak of technology since i've been able to find about 16 shiny Pokémon on this game. I hope its never going to deletes its data and die on me too :(
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Considering i don't know anything about kanji lol
My Save data (for people who do know kanji)

My now unbalanced team (i'll work on it, but right now Paddi needs to evolve. And then Babu gets the lead)
I got 4 badges 5 to 6 months before you ever get to play the game dudes XD (and i defeated the electric gym with only a water type!! go Paddi!!)
This is only a try-out so i guess i'll play till the elite 4 and then delete it. I'm going to buy White for sure, Black seems a bit boring to me.
Also i'm trying to figure out where to get my favourite pokémon with out the help of Serebii ^_^
My next goal: FINDING THESE!!

Wish me luck XD (boredom blog over)
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Well i'm finally blogging again after saaaaaaaay 2/3 months or so? (laziness rules!!) A  few weeks ago i went to a second hand shop to get some new figures (also new pots and pans for mum) and digging around there i found LOTS of little bits and pieces i was missing from my 15 year old collection!
First of the Tiger Zord!!

Hell yeah this tiger is almost completed!! (still missing those red orb things) first i found a bootleg tail/sword. But then when I came back a week later the original was lying ON TOP OF THE PILE!!! It can't get any more meant to be then that! XD Aside from that i also found a couple of Shogun Megazord swords so that both of them finally have a sword. (and hey one extra is always better) I also found a bootleg ThunderMegaZord mask... dunno why i took it actually... 
Next My White Ranger Figure! Has Become a Pastiche Figure... lol
Okay first of i apologize for the state my figure is in. Yes it did change it colour over time and it does have purple pencil marks on its legs. This is what happens when you haven't touched the figure for 12 years lol Its nothing acetone can't fix but i didn't take the time to do so and frankly its probably going to get those marks again lol. Now about what i found, I finally found a tiger shield to go with my figure and a Saba too. But the problem is that they including the tiger power coins is from the movie figure and not the original i got. so it does not fit at all!. What also seems to be a problem is that i dropped the shield (which did not fit together any way.. thank you Bandai America) and it broke. My mom glued it together it finally fits together again. I also finally found that damn smaller Saba again so i put it together with my necklace just to show of what other fans will never own (ha ha! go to Park Pop Holland for the silver necklace guys!) I'm so happy with the coin!! i never got to own a morpher and the only one I did get was a metal mastodon coin which i lost when we moved here. So yeah very happy!! :D
The Thunder Saber!!
Hell yeah i found it again!!! and i had the empty sheath for like 10 years now!! I just knew i would one day find one and i did!! :D
I also got the other side of my Red Dragon Thunderzords bo which forms a polearm combined with the extra Poenix Thunderzord's tail i found as well :)
This was a good catch but i feel like its missing something, maybe i need to mutilate a Chinese fan to make the saber look better?
Mini DaiRenOh Bootleg Complete?  
Well this is weird i got this bootleg from Dordrecht and now i found a smaller Red Dragon Thunderzord's bo at the same store as all the other stuff! and it honestly looks better ^^
Some Bootleg And Other Small Stuff
I found this at the store too but not the vinyl figure that one i found waaaaay earlier lol. So i got an extra (got 3 now) head for the Red Thunderzord. 3 Power Blasters and a mini Power Sword and a mini Power Axe. This is a good thing for me because i recently got a new Black Power Ranger figure (Zack) to match it. also there's that tail again ^^
The Bootlegs. Yes i do collect those too!!!
Meet Zack's EVIL robotic twin brother!! (who is ironically enough probably a better driver and drunk then him) I dunno what the f^ck!ng hell these people where thinking but this does not shout POWER RANGERS!! It has red eyes and a metallic face. Not only that but its design overall DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!! it has a Spades of Ace design and some sort of Power Coin motive that does not show clearly what it represents. My first thought was that it looked like a Jambiya dagger of sorts but that doesn't explain the two other lines that seemed to have faded away. Also it has two pouches instead of one like the Power Ranger figures that seemed to only have one for the Power Blaster and that's it. Kinda makes me wonder what would have come with this figure lol Aside from that it has decent articulation and i got it for free.
Another weird bootleg. I got this vinyl figure for 25 cents at another store. Its a damn weird one i tell you! It has a helmet with a frog motive which suggests that it was made during season 3 (Though they never changed the outfits for that season or movie and Kakuranger don't have helmets like these) and its the only cool thing about it!. It also has a fake pouch which shows that it has Power Blaster exactly like the Power Rangers do. But the weird thing is that i don't think the legs and torso belong together. And that's because they don't exactly fit together even though that's how i found it. The only other thing that stands out is the Hawk pattern on its chest which seems to be referencing the Falcon Zord but i doubt it ^^
Where I Keep All This Loose Stuff
At least i found a use for my bootleg Tor, Since it didn't fit the Tigerzord or red Dragon Zord it was pretty much worthless up till now :)
So this is how it goes in the 2nd hand shopping world! a child sees a big robot or Power Ranger figure and leaves all the small stuff people have been missing for at least a decade. Real handy for me but i do wish i would one day find a good original morpher or Megazord at a 2nd hand store. I guess i just need the right timing :s
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