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I wanted to repost this for a while now, But most of the times I was either to lazy or just wanted to blog about something else. It was part of the original ''Question of the day'' feature which is now long gone. And due to bugs I am unable to edit the original. I'm still happy with the story overall which is basically the same as the beginnings of the 3 official handheld and 2 PS2/PS3 Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon games. For all your questions and info hunger go to this site: Ushi No Tane  But either way I tried to make it a story within its own right whilst still tying it in with the original game. Which IMHO still has the best storyline of the trilogy. The grammar needed some desperate attention and I thought I'd add a little bit more padding :P 

Any Way Here's The Edited Repost

Yep this guy I don`t even have a rpg profile up for him at all and I'm not planning to make one at all, Well... except for this though lol.
Kelleth is a young man (16 to be exact) of great wealth who grew up in a big city located in the Sechs country of the Rune Factory franchise. All was well with his live and he was honoured on getting trained by the greatest master in order to join the Sechs Country's new experimental legion powered by both the skills of battle and the power of their technology, the Rune magic, and the power of a fraction of the Grimoire's essence for super human power. But after the battle with Raguna and the rest of Norad it all went array. The new emperor who inherited Ethelberd's throne held a grudge against Kelleth's father for a long time and he decides that this is his chance to cut those lose ends. He lets his troops attack Kelleth's home and raid the whole mansion clean. But Kelleth's family where long gone by the time the order was sent. And as they proceed to escape to the Norad country in a aircraft Kelleth suddenly falls ill and the tattoo giving to him that holds the essence of the Grimoire starts to leak and cover his body. That is until he suddenly disappears leaving only a few shreds of black light flying away in the wind. His parents believing that the essence killed Kelleth flew on to safety still crying about their lost child.

A few months later in the North east of the Norad country Kelleth appears to walk out of a dimensional portal apparently unscathed and he seems to remember everything that has happened. But he still doesn't know how the hell he got there and where his parents are. So as he walks around in search of food he comes by an old torn down farm.. He checks out the shed only to find a couple of old worn out tools and a few seeds. He then tries to enter the farm house to get help, but all he finds is a beat up old bed in a musty atmosphere. Sad about the fact that he still can't find anything to eat, he lets himself fall down on the bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and Kelleth is woken up by a loud crash and a quick slap to the face by an angry girl who proceeds to kick him out of the house. she says that she doesn't want any hobo's on her Great Uncle's land. And as he tries to run away he quickly realises that the farm is surrounded by several berserker orcs, who instantly begin their attack. Alerted by this he rushes back to the shed grabbing the girl by the arm and throwing her inside the shed to protect her. He tries to fend them of with a fire spell but it didn't work as his powers seem to have been lowered significantly for some reason. He looks at his tattoos which now seem to have a scar tissue colour to them instead of the jet black he used to have. The girl screams: what the hell are you trying to do? as she throws an old hoe to him which hits him in the head. After a few rubbing on his head he uses it to fend of the monsters. 
After finally winning the harsh first battle the girl comes forth from the farm house. She say that she is an half-elf named Deselliah and since Kelleth saved her he can now stay on her Great Uncle's land for at least awhile. She proceeds to say that he can also use the seeds and farm tools to make a living for himself so he has something eat. She gives it an hour to explain how the dungeons work and to instruct him how to farm. She finally leaves after saying how much she hopes he will meet the people in the town. Deciding that he could not do much to find his parents in the middle of nowhere and on an empty stomach. He decides it be best to give it a chance for now. And the first thing he does is to catch up her to the town hoping to meet the town folk and have a bite to eat. And so enters the usual Rune Factory: A Harvest moon Fantasy story line of farming, mining, fishing, killing and breeding monsters and all of that, whilst still trying to get that one girl.

  • Raguna is the hero of the first game
  • All the characters and places besides of Kelleth and Desseliah are owned by Natsume
  • The Grimoire is a dragon and the most powerful monster of that world its pretty much godlike.
  • The north east region that I described ain't official it doesn't exist in any of the games owned by Natsume.
  • Monsters don't get killed they just get send back to the First Forest a magical place that is considered to be the origin of all life.
I'm happy with the changes and the grammar is a bit better now. :)  - Kelleth
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I really, really, really went lazy with this one. As I don't have a schedule or something that forces me to blog on time. I tend led a few slide.
So yeah these are a few things I got but did not blog about or have and just forgotten that I did lol.
First of the Red Thunderzord, I went to a 2nd hand shop in The Hague and the guy running the place had two of these headless zords for €3.00 each. But seeing how I only got 1 extra head I only bough one of them which was the one the looked the best. And now I got two Red Thunderzord's one is used for my ThunderMegazord combo and the others is on display with my smaller merchandise and collecting dust lol
The second is this cool cheap thing, I got this the along with the cheap motorcycle Transformers and I only costed me €1. Its a really cute eyeless knock-off of the Red Comet's Zaku custom! I keep it in the box because it somehow looks cooler. Also the only thing this does is make a crap ton of noise and spinning around. Its fun for a child or dog but for me its better this way ^^


Yeah I should have made a blog but chose the lazy way instead. Besides I didn't get the majority of my gifts back then so I would not blog about those anyway :P
My sister and her boyfriend went to London a few day before Christmas and tried to get fun gifts for us all. I asked her if she could find a Sonic screwdriver for me, and she could not find one. She then asked for what's left trying to get a Dalek for me but all she could find was a Prisoner Zero figure and a Weeping Angel. She went with this one and I'm glad because those things creep me out big time! lol Its a fun figure but I'm a bit sad that they did not add a suction cap of sorts to this figure. It would have been cool to hang this up some where :) This is actually considered a gift from both of them and I also got candy and Chocolate in a cute sock. This included Jelly Beans which went bad on the trip over xD And also €10 ^^ 
From my other sister got me a PS2 Dragonball game. I only played it once since I don't really have a tv for gaming so I need to unplug everything once I'm done.
Its better then Bodakai 1 that's for sure :)
My aunt and grandparents got me money too some of which I used to buy this tin and a pack. More of that later lol.
Her boyfriend Silvian got me the Legendary collection even though I wanted to buy it from the money my aunt gave and grandparents gave me.
My dad gave me the first two of these tins which I use for the non- Pokémon / Yu-Gi-Oh cards I still got left in my room. The last one is from my mom who also gave me the current Rosario + Vampire 2 volume and Shonen Jump. :) 
Aside from all these gifts I consider the fansubs releases a presents too. I already thanked those people xD


I had the god cards before but those where on loan and I had to arguably return them to their original owner. Those where the way more expensive Gameboy promo's. I still wanted to get a set for myself and suddenly I saw the Legendary collection which had its own versions. So I ordered it and suddenly my Aunt's boyfriend pays it for me in advance. I got the maps some 3 weeks later during which I got the current Shonen Jump. Which if you haven't guessed yet has another version of the Winged Dragon Of Ra. So now I got 4 GOD CARDS!! x3
I promised myself that I would not open the packs in the Legendary collection but I did any way and it had some awesome cards hidden lol. Anyway I'll only show the rarer cards. First of is the big three aside from the god cards the Blue eyes, The Red Eyes and the Dark Magician! Nothing really special about those IMO The only one I don't have six cards of is the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Next up is a bunch of rare cards from the tin including Majestic Star Dragon. Next up is the a bunch of foil cards I took a photo of without good reason. And there you can see my biggest catch of the Legendary Collection MOTHAFR#GGING JINZO!! HELL YES!!! I'm pretty lucky considering its the secret rare of that particular booster set!! x3. Next are the God Cards again and a close up of my Jinzo :D. After that is the rare collection I got from the Legendary collection. Also I should note that the boosters had two cards I frequently use in decks of the video game versions of Yu-Gi-Oh which instantly became my favourite after opening the boosters! Which are the Dark Elf and one that I did not took a photo of Jirai Gumo which I know are actually bad for my deck but had real good benefits for me in those games lol Anyway instead of throwing away the booster Is carefully opened the boosters and filled them up again with the same cards and a few extra. They look like they've never been opened. :)
Pokémon Cards
These are the special cards of the tins 3 shiny dogs and 3 non shiny promo dogs. All three are cool to look at, and I'm probably going to frame them ^_^
I could not have a better set of foils this time.... SHINY GYARADOS!!! :D and also a cool Leafeon ^^. Bellossom is still one of my favourite grass types :3
Lots of reverse foils indeed :) I think my favourite one in this one is Eevee. But that doesn't change the fact that I got ANOTHER SHINY :D And even a regular version xD Moomoo milk is cool too ^^ Really though Its like I'm just as lucky with shiny Pokémon as I did in the original games xD. Speaking of which.

Game Update

And Yeah I forgot to update..... sorry :P
I could use a K.O Pokémon Green but its hard to find :-\. I've also set my eyes on the macabre Pokémon Ghost Black. If I see the card I will instantly buy it! Otherwise its pretty complete. To bad Red died on me... RIP Mew T_T

Also complete even though Silver is dead too.... I refuse to switch those battery's! Dead is dead no zombie games for me thank you >_>
Lucky me that I saved most of Gold's screen photo's on a blog :) Any way yes its complete!! :D

Other titles
Well I still haven't found my damn card game and I'm considering buying a new one!! Anyway two new games here. Pokémon Jade and Pokémon Puzzle.
I guess I would still want to search for the other version ( Pokémon Diamond) or wait a few months and ask a certain friend If I could buy it from him.
Any way I'm enjoying these games. But I have yet to figure out how to save the damn Jade lol
 Getting there...
 Getting there...


And lastly something I dreamed yesterday....

A Horrible Dream About The Future

So I went to sleep and I had this weird dream. I was in my Grandparents backyard playing a Pokémon game on a console of sorts. But it was not on the 3DS. No this was on a rounded type of DS. It looked like the blue love child of the PSP and the DSi. Still It was kinda cool. Anyway back to the game, I felt like I had it for a few months and that Black & White was waaaaaaay in the past. Like I'm playing a 7nth generation game..... Let that sink in to you for a moment..... This new generation sucks and 2 generations later..... Yes now you know how I felt when I woke up! Anyway all I remember of the game itself was that I was in Kanto near the Power Plant catching a Pokémon and the Pokémon in question was according to memories of what I got in the dream the evolution of Lickilicky.... I'm also letting that sink in to you for a moment... Piece of unnecessary crap gets another evolution on top of it.... Feels horrible don't it? Well to my memory it looked even worse lol. It had this egg-like form and its whole lower body looked like it was its tongue. So in fact its was a mouth on legs lol. Damn that's horrible!!! Any way I do remember that it felt like I was hunting for Shiny's or something like that :)
 Lets just be happy that they hate each other lol
 Lets just be happy that they hate each other lol
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Screw the dream thread! no one's going to post in there so I might as well make a blog out of this :P  I have had numerous dreams about having houses that I could never own in any life time whatsoever and I can't seem to shut up about those so my Mom suggested blogging about it. And since my old blog account is deleted by yours truly I'm going to blog here instead. Deal with my nutty rambling about dreams long past! :P
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed

The Mill
When I was young I used to dream about living in a beautiful converted and modernized mill. I remember having an old English/Dutch style kitchen on the first floor. My bed was on the second floor and the top floor was haunted so I felt that I should never go there. This is not such a weird dream because I can remember visiting my dad's old home in Dordrecht which was next to THE mill and was haunted for sure. And having a noisy bar just a floor below us did not help much either. So one would expect to dream about sleeping just next door even if its a dust old mill
The Water/Tower
This seems to be a constant thing in my early days, dreaming about towers and English style kitchens. The only thing that differs this dream from the Mill one in my memory was that it was located at the sea in a tiny fishing village. Which now reminds me a bit of the 
panorama mesdag painting of oud-Scheveningen. Also I remember that this time the kitchen was strictly high-tea English instead of old fashioned.
Warhol House
This was..... weird and unpleasant. The first thing I remember was that it was messy and not messy like it is now. The ''messy'' I now have is organized mess something which is easily cleaned but doesn't have to be done right away. No this was pure unadulterated trash. Tables filled with scraps of food I don't even like eating. Cardboards of milk on the couch and on the floor, clothes every where.. Basically college crap! Other then that I did not like what I saw, It was a stupid looking stand alone house built like a 1960's mountain penthouse with a Mondrian colour scheme. It looked ugly and boring, and that basically how I felt about it in that dream.
 Like this
 Like this
This is kinda cheating since its in the same dream as the one above, basically after I left that pile of crap I went to my Mom's place to get some left over stuff. But instead of her living here, she lived in a BIG Herenhuis which was mostly empty from what I remember. But it basically had huge Georgian style rooms backed up with a loooooong Victorian hall (I find using British eras easier then Dutch). My old (not real) room on the second floor was filled with old stuff and my mom only lived downstairs. What was weird was that I seemed to walk around a few times past one room which was closed and quiet towards a room which I identified as my mother's old room. It was empty except for one tv which is weirdly enough real and upstairs lol. Any way finding nothing there I walked back to my old room only to hear the unplugged tv go on in the empty room. So I walk back and suddenly see that the door which was once closed is now open. A happy woman in a 1920's white birdy dress with Martini glasses walk out of the room which has a load  of old fashioned music and various voices belching from it. She looked and smiled at me while walking pass me and I thought nothing further of it even though I knew we lived alone. So I continued to the room to check up on what happened and saw that the tv had moved and was now next to the door out side of the room. I opened the door and saw an grey entity writing on the walls with chalk singing something. Then I woke up. This happened pretty recently like a year or so which is why  I remember it so clearly.   
Georgian Home
This one I only dreamed once, I was a boy and it was not that late by modern standards. I shared my room with 2 other children and we where preparing to go to bed. I had to use the pot but suddenly an elder lady came in with keys in her hand and a candle in her other. She urged us to sleep. I said nothing about needing to go No #1 and she locked the door behind her. I then woke up. My Mom told me its a past live dream but I still have trouble believing that.
The Undersea School and the Skyscraper Penthouse

Once I dreamt that I was in a school underwater. The classes where done and we where supposed to take an elevator up to get home. To get to my home I had to insert a key and a combination. Suddenly I was shot up to skyscraper levels and I was home. It was like a huge rounded penthouse with ocean view. I had a small but cool tv set with digital transmission. It clearly felt like a pier and I did not feel like I had a room mate and felt lucky that I did not have one. Suddenly the elevator opened and a group of classmates visit and have a drink with me at my mini bar of sorts. Weird to have a bar at a learning institution but it was there. Aaaaand all I remember after that is waking up.
Busy Sky Boat
 Yes I dreamt about a city in the sky built like a boat. My bunk was small but stylish and at least I have my own bathroom. But I can't really remember much else about it because I had to work in a factory of sorts and I was done working but my food was depleted so I needed to get food somewhere. So I ran around the whole stupid structure to get to a 24 hour store. I passed numerous shops with people who know me and all let me pass even though they where all planning to close.
So after passing a really creepy open spot where you can clearly see the ocean just below I finally reached the shop! And then I woke up!! -_-  
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
Well this is certainly a really weird dream that kept coming back to me like 3 times in the past. I'm basically lying on a red bed with red sheaths and a red pillow. The home was basically an egg-like pod with a huge window and what I described above. I could not help but feel helpless in the pod as it was making turns around the fast emptiness. No way to steer or protect myself something like that.  

Boat House
I have had some dreams about living in a boat house on a Dutch canal always with two floors and to little space to walk outside but with loads of space inside to sleep in and to live in. a boat house always stays stationary its never used for actual travel but it can be capsized by dumb supporters which is basically why I never really dream about it any more.
Moon House
Yes its pretty typical but not for me, I only dreamed about it once! And it was pretty detailed which is the weird thing. I was all alone, I remember walking around and it was pretty much Otaku heaven for me. I had a large bed with green sheaths and cushions in a big room with wooden walls and a cool carpet on the floor. In the next room had a library for my Manga, Pulp and Comics with loads of free space for more. on the other side I had tons of Super Robot figures, Megazords and manga figures in a closed off closet made from either plastic or glass. In the middle I had a staircase of the same material which housed not only my most prize possessions but also led to an observatory with a telescope and a design table. On the first floor I had a gym and with a glass extension also a garden with various plants which was link to the main water supply. Between those two rooms is the big kitchen which is looked like those used in Master chef. In front it has my living room and on the side of that living room there where some sort of teleporting room which was filled with nerd memorabilia like a Green Lantern's Ring and a Jaffa staff and was linked to the earth, so my only way out. Now in way in front I had the main deal of the whole building a restaurant much like Booster Gold had in Kingdom Come BUT BETTER!! It was a 1950's style restaurant had 2 floors for costumers both in the front with large open space between my home and what can only be described as a huge glass dome for an optimal viewing experience of Earth and its satellites. In the back of the restaurant I had a separate space for families and noisy children. The restaurant could also be used as a cinema which I know because I was actually testing that option. The house was protected by a shield of sorts and the teleportation room could link to everywhere on Earth but mainly to the room I am using now which was empty in my dream. 
So I mainly found out of this because It seemed I was doing one last check up on everything in that place like I was opening the restaurant to a huge audience. And I'm happy I now typed it down so I won't ever forget it again lol
And that's about every dream house I remember and I'm glad I'm done ^^
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Note: full title should have been: One Piece Rangers: Dice-O And Promo Commercials Kick My Patience In The Nuts!
The time to wave Goseiger is so close for us Sentai fans and as hard as it is to see the previous team go most of us can't wait till the next one shows up.
Especially when its the anniversary year for all three main Tokusatsu franchises fans are watching at the moment ( Ultra Series, Kamen Rider, & Super Sentai
This year Kamen Rider is being trolled by Den-O again (ONORE DEN-O!!!) The Ultra series is celebrating the whole of franchise but just not Ultraman and Ultra Q, no Ultraseven and his son most likely have the spotlight for the next two years (sad but true no one really cares about the original its all about Ultraseven with his live choir). 
So with those two sucking all that's left is Super Sentai who are pulling a Decade on us. BUT with a twist! This years theme is Pirates! Something which immediately gives off One Piece vibes. Which is to be expected since that's what its supposedly going to be based on. And not only that but like I said with the Decade'ing of Sentai, they can also transform in to the previous 34 Sentai teams!
    With keys!! 
 With keys!! 
Now I have been patient and impartial since I can't bear to handle another disappointment like with Decade but the newest short promo and Dice-O commercials really, really aroused my attention for this series! :D   
I'm liking wanted posters much like in One Piece and GokaiRed's Galleon which form the main part for Gokaioh. What I don't like are the other mecha parts which seem pretty bland and have the same basic theme as Boukenger. And I still have no Idea of the personality's of the Gokaigers but most people would agree that they are based on the personality's of the Straw hats. ^^
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After hearing another song some time later wonder where you heard it before?
Well this is like the 2nd time this week for me and one of them is Amv/anime related lol
I was listening to the new release from one of my favourite AMV editors Nostromo who used footage from Genius Party Beyond and a Utada Hikaru pv to make an official AMV/PV for this British dance flick called Sugar Jesus, Who made a surprisingly cool track despite giving me my horrible '' The Riddle'' flashbacks back (and as Arie once said, Ja lul! Daar gaan we je begraven!!)  Pardon my Dutch lol
As cool as this was it did not win Nostromo his Akross prize which is sad because he showed that he had perfected his skills even more after a 2 year absence.
Where was I again? O yes, @2:37 to 2:57 there is this calm scene and the part of the track reminded me of something. But I could not remember where at first I thought ''O THAT MOVIE'' but I was to lazy to actually really listen to the full OST and realize which track it originally was from lol

So did you ever had this? lol
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