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After posting in the Real Live Pic thread i saw that i still had a lot of photo`s and i guess i just want to do something with them XD
My cats Mitzy, Izzie and Dylan all are idiots XD

Trying to make photo`s of the moon

Nature pictures (Ok to lazy to remove that pic of Dordrecht and the Jellyfish is from Blijdorp)

Past few weeks (At Scheveningen and in the Biesbosch with my dad and two dogs lol)

Misc. The Mentos where treats i gave to the company i was dumped at and they where imported from Japan so they shouldn`t complain IMO

That`s not all i have more but  these pics take so damn long to upload and i don't want to wait that long. so expect more later lol ^^ 
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Yep this guy i don`t even have a rpg profile up for him at all and i`m not planning to except for this though lol.

Kelleth is a young kid (14/16) of great wealth who grew up in a big city located in the Sech empire of the Rune Factory franchise. All was well with his live and he was honoured on getting trained to join the Sech Empire`s new experimental legion powered by both the skills of battle and the power of their technology, the Rune magic, and the power of a fraction of the Grimoire`s essence for super human power. But after the battle with Raguna and the rest of Norad it all went array. The new emperor who inherited Ethelberd`s throne held a grudge against Kelleth`s father for a long time and he decides that this is his chance to cut those lose ends. He lets his troops attack Kelleth`s home and raid the whole mansion clean. But Kelleth`s family where long gone by the time the order was sent. And as they proceed to escape to the Norad country in a aircraft Kelleth suddenly falls ill and the tattoo giving to him that holds the essence of the Grimoire starts to leak and cover his body, until he suddenly disappears leaving only a few shreds of black light flying away in the wind. His parents believing that the essence killed Kelleth still flew on to safety crying about they`re lost child.

But a few months later in the North east of the Norad country Kelleth appears to walk out of a dimensional portal apparently unscathed and he seems to remember everything that has happened but he still doesn't know how the hell he got there and where his parents are. So as he walks around in search of food he comes by an old torn down farm which he checks for food. Only to find a couple of old tools, a few seeds and a beat up old bed in a musty atmosphere. He lets himself fall down on the bed and falls fast asleep sad about the fact that he still can`t find anything to eat. A few hours later Kelleth is woken up by a loud crash and a quick slap to the face by an angry girl who kicks him out saying that she doesn't want any hobo`s on her Great Uncle`s land. And as he tries to run he quickly realises that the farm is surrounded by ogre`s so he rushes back to the shed grabbing the girl by the arm and throwing her inside the shed to protect her. He tries to fend them of with a fire spell but it didn't work his powers seem to have been lowered significantly for some reason. The girl screams: what the hell are you trying to do? as she throws an old hoe to him which he uses to fend of the beasts. After finally winning the harsh first battle the girl comes forth from the shed saying that her name is Deselliah and since Kelleth saved her he can stay on her Great Uncle`s land at least for awhile. And so enters the usual Rune Factory: A Harvest moon Fantasy story line of farming, mining, fishing, killing and breeding monsters and all of that, while still trying to get that one girl lol

1 All the characters and places are owned by Natsume (except kelleth and Deselliah of course)
2 Raguna is the hero of the first game
3 The Grimoire is a dragon and the most powerful monster of that world its pretty much godlike.
4 The north east region that i described ain`t official it doesnt exist in any of the games owned by Natsume.
5 Monsters don`t get killed they get send back to the First Forest a magical place that is considered to be the origin of all life.
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My birthday wasbusy and fun, (almost) everyone was there except my aunt whose is still busy running a marathon i think lol. I had many gift but most of them aren`t Anime related (the Marvels Paperback, socks, belts, some money and a €40,- gift certificate from ACME! just what i wanted woot!) so i didn't really went my way to make pics of them XD Any ways i`m really happy with two great figures i received from my Father and two Sisters that of MazinKaiser and Shin Getter Robo both are high grade and simple awesome so here are some pics for you guys to drool over :)

PS: This was taken from the to of my stairs so i didn't make that many and none with shots of the feet there is no need to see our laundry lol
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