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This makes me sooooo happy the only thing that the only thing that totally can own this is that i probably get to watch the 2nd TTGL movie before these specials come out subbed XD
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1937 is the year it all started, a certain type demon was about its appearance certainly left its mark on London and the world especially the world of fiction. His name was Spring Heeled Jack and with his fiery red eyes, his ability to breath fire and most famously his jumping power which gave him his name still makes him one of the great masks in history, Yes masks since i consider him to be the true origin of the superhero and even Dracula who`s book was written more then 60 years later by Bram Stoker  who may have been inspired by Spring Heeled Jack`s one Penny Dreadful story`s where he was portrayed to be bat-like in style. If by now your wondering why i am praising the character so much and yet tell you so little about his story its because i found a cool little comic and a film to do that. ^^   
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  @TV Nihon
  • Dekaranger - A Police team a series with many likeable characters but it has no real villains just one mob boss at the end and the storyline are that good that i still hear people complain about how series the series takes itself.
  • Magiranger - Its all about its all about magic and family it sound kiddy but it had its serious moments
  • Boukenger - Slow storyline if any at all and to many villains also people don`t like the designs but i think they`re okay
  • Gekiranger - Is my fav  good fight scenes and great story line but i think at times it will be to kiddie for you
  • Go-onger - Nice comedy but nothing you should start with its more of an parody then the Japanese version of pr Turbo, Carranger
  • Shinkenger - One of the best i`ve seen so far but you shouldn't watch this one just yet the broadcast hasn't even stopped yet
@Henshin Justice as portal 
MP4 format
Old School = For harcore friends with patience
  • JAKQ - The second ever Sentai series this is when Ishinomori was still allowed at the storyboard but unlike most series this doesn't really show his best writing skills. Grown ups In Spandex promised to sub this one but its a slow process and they only released one episode so far
  • Battle Fever J - Grown ups In Spandex, the first sentai to have an Mecha co-produced by Marvel its still in the works just like JAKQ
  • Flashman - cs centrl subs or supernova subs, yet to finish
  • Bioman - cs centrl subs, i have yet to finish this one
  • Liveman - Subbed by Grown ups in Spandex this is a great series to start with, IMO you`ll have to see it yourself.
  • Turboranger - cs centrl subs, i have yet to finish this one 
  • Maskman  - cs centrl subs, i have yet to finish this one  
  • Fiveman - cs centrl subs, i have yet to finish this one 
  • Jetman - cs centrl subs, i have yet to finish this one   
  • Zyuranger - Forever cursed to be unsubbed everyone who wants to sub it let the project go it thus remains unfinished
  • Dairanger - is considered one of the greatest sentai series out there but its has no problem milking the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker relationship idea! subbed by Honranger
  • Gaoranger - Gao Soul Forever - Currently watching these it starts out very much like Wild Force IMO until ep 3 where Kakeru (Gaored) shows more leadership in one episode then Cole does in the whole %@#%^& SERIES!!!

Non of these groups owns any of these any of these series!! All of the rights to these series belong to Toei LTD!!! I do not protect fansubbing nor do i support it in any other way!!.

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Especially Yuri ff i also try to write Fan-Fics but not that well i can take forever typing just one paragraph.
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A 20 minute movie which gives us an idea how Street Fight might look like in the near future (source: Henshin Justice)  
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