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I finally got to see the final monster of the newest Ultraman movie. this is the first time i see it because i was actually avoiding the spoiler threads for some time. and now that i finally got to see it be accident i can only say.... HOLY FREAKING FANW@NK
Just look at it and be amazed since this Kaiju clusterf^ck is made up out of most of the Kaiju`s form the whole Ultra franchise. not only its the figure huge but every single one of those Kaiju is extremely well detailed. I can not begin to imagine what a Japanese hardcore Ultraman Otaku would think if he/she saw this in the store, It would also probably burn one big hole in the wallet XD. anyway this figure is awesome and i can`t wait to see it on DVD. That`s it for today goodnight :)
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 On my eternal search for my TGC badges i found this

An Rideron/Combat Chopper in a box its still mint condition it has only three faults:
1 its not the Japanese version its the American version which was less then perfect
2 one of those antenna`s broken off partially
3 The voice still freaking works after 15 years!! and that`s a bad thing because it has saban cheese all over it!! it says something like ''all right ride on'' yeah pretty lame i`m not touching that button for another 10 years or so xP.
O well on with the search for my freaking badges wish me luck....
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Just as the title says meet the Japanese Chuck Norris

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An Ravage USB Stick which still isnt in stock for some d@mn reason xP
a 100 DVD+R pack for the Kamen Rider collection
And just enough money for the Christmas fair in Dordrecht :)
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