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I finally got myself a base set Raichu for 3,-!!! and its in pretty good condition considering it was in the hands of a Moroccan guy who could not even keep his car unscratched :D
I also bought this Kyogre-EX also for 3,-
And a few misc for 0,50 all same price :3 
Yes this is a highlight in my day!! i mean 10+ years!!! i`ve been waiting soooooo freaking LOOOOOOOOOONG for the card!!! its blog worthy ^^
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As one of the few GARO fans of this site i decided to do this before the staff finally got to this lol
Garo was originally a 26 episode series that aired in 2005. Its about a age old knight guild-like society who use both magic and the might of steel to stop the Horrors (a type of demon) from making the earth in to hell. The story as a whole is centred on Kouga Saeijma (the real life Seto Kaiba) who is a Makai Knight working for this society. In the beginning he meets a girl named Kaoru while on the trail of a horror, Koaru is an artist and painter who has premonitions about Kouga as GARO and unknowingly has been making sketches about the Makai Knights for years now. At the end of the first episode Koaru gets tainted by the blood of a horror and Kouga needed to kill her in order to save her from an even more horrible death. But he spared her much to the dislike of the council. This is how the series started the rest of the series show how Kouga protects Koaru and hunts down several Horrors, Later ZERO the silver Fanged Knight comes into play, he was under the impression that GARO killed his adoptive father the original ZERO. Makai Knights only have 99.9 seconds to have a in suit battle and most battles are there for fought in bullet time. GARO came out the same year Karas also aired and due to this and other certain things they have in common the often get mistaken for each other by noobs from both sides. So if you liked Karas you`ll like GARO as well.
I heard the movie was going to be a total retelling of the original series with a few changes much like the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movies. But the teaser seems to tell a dffient story. Personally I`m hoping they kept their promise with the better CGI in this movie. And that Jam Project returns to make a new theme song
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  I tried this out just now just by little old me and it worked! so BLOG TIME!!
  • You see the offender the one that`s being a jerk in a thread but is being ignored by all users for some reason he/she isn`t being warned for this because its such a big site he/she isn`t even a spot on the radar. ignore him her for now but favourite his/her account or at least write his/her username up.
  • Having a eye on him/her is easy if its on a topic you enjoy like Transformers or Spiderman or the battle threads, visit the place where he/she likes to do the crime often and wait till he/she does this several times so you can see clear motivation (this is mainly being a troll for the sake of a flame war)
  • After you had enough discuss with quote him or her on the most recent matter. calmly discuss things over with him/her using logic to portray the truth about certain things he/she said in a way that`s directly the opposite of what he/she claimed, Thereby p!ssing him/her off to the point of flaming lies and sh!z (making a one-sided flame war).
  • Ignore the rude remarks and stay on course (flaming back won`t help you) keep him/her flaming with logic and a few lies (no harsh things just keep calm) till he/she finally gets noticed by a moderator who gives him/her a warning.
  • Stop taunting the jerk, one warning is enough he/she is now on the radar if he/she does this over and over a moderator will notice him/her and maybe even ban him/her now that you`ve put him/her in the open.
  • Apologize to the moderator even though you didn`t really do anything wrong and leave.
  • Tell it to your family so they can have a laugh too
  • OWNED!!! you succeed!! the jerk is now on the radar so you won!!
To tell you the truth i didn`t do step one i just remembered that person doing that in a previous thread and i manipulated him/her into flaming me ^^
I`d like to thank Final Arrow for noticing us as for the jerk... :P
And a little story:
There was once a flaming troll it was so small that Thor could not see it. So it went its way annoying the people of Midgard by killing babies and stealing from the poorest of the poor and taunting the eldest of the eldest. When the people went to Asgard for complaints about the troll Thor was either to busy or just could not see it. So the troll went on for centuries. Till one day a young Celt came to visit the village. Intrigued by the strange young lad while seeing him walking over his bridge, the troll kept annoying the Celtic boy for days. But the boy didn`t notice him at all, so the troll inhaled are to become the size of a mouse. And the boy didn`t care or notice. Even more angered the troll inhaled even more air to become the size of a house cat. Yet the boy still ignored him. So finally the troll inhaled that much air that he towered over all the homes of Midgard. Do you see me now human!?! said the troll with breath of flames. Yes said the young Celt in a bored matter of speaking as the sky became black and thunder struck the ground unbeknownst to the troll. Do you fear me!?! said the troll in a angry matter. No said the boy in a calm matter, Why not!?! growled the troll. Because of him!! said the Celt while pointing up towards the sky. There rode the red-headed Æsir called Thor on his carriage drawn by his goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr. He was angered by the fact that he missed this threat for all those centuries. With just one mighty swipe of Mjǫllnir  the troll was struck and released all the air before he flies off to his bridge where he dies a slow death by electrocution. And that day the boy was hailed to Asgard as the boy who outsmarted the pesky troll. 
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Since i`m so good a making photo`s Hitsu got kinda confused about the Megazord (or rather Daizyujin) to Dragon Zord scale ratio and thus i had to explain the difference in hight and mass between the two.. Sucking at that makes me want to make a part two, with miniatures i was actually saving for my Megazord blog.. but WTH i`ll just do it anyway.  O and BTW i don`t own the rest of the original Megazord i only own Triceratops and Petrasaur Zord that it!!
Three Triceratops Zords, These ones are the only ones i have complete in three sizes, The first one is the one you might have owned as part of the original Megazord toy, The other one is from the Daizyujin i posted in the previous blog, this is the only cool thing he does. It has hands that you can project like a Rocket Punch from its arms and its legs come lose making the Triceratops Zord and the Sabertooth Tiger Zord. The last and smallest one is a miniature and next to that is the Dragon Zord both are just hunks of rubber. not that compatible now is it?
This is also a nice excuse to post about my new non-transformable Green Ranger figure that i bought in 2009 for just 5,- cool huh?
Well to make the scale more easier to understand here`s the front view of the zords. getting this? okay!
  These are the last Miniature Zords i own the ones that i was to lazy to dig up for the first blog
And that`s it i`m not gonna hurry to post either the last Furby blog nor the Megazord blog sooooo i`m gonna lay back for awhile :)
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Part 4 is probably the most boring. Because as i already said in part 3 i already took him apart with out showing the pictures of how i took it apart.
I do however show you the pliers i used to take the wires and parts out.
This is the ''foot'' of the furby, It holds the battery`s and a few wires that connect to the Furby for energy, and it was also stuck by a metal pin that hold the Furby to the foot and makes it possible for it to move.
With the help of this spring which just dropped out of the Furby as soon as i removed a couple of screws.
These are the spikes that hold and move the ears again to pointy for the consumers that want these kinds of toys!!
This is the so call spine of the Furby its connected to one of the wheels i showed you guys in the previous blog and the spring a few pictures up.
This is the touch pad of the Furby it works just like a button nothing special about it really
And this is what kept the touch pad to the Furby it also worked as extension pad so that it becomes a round bulge that sticks out at the stomach so when a kid tickles it the touch button will be extra touch sensitive.
These are other misc stuff i forgot where the all belong but this is it all that the Furby gave up. And thus the blog ends here stay around for the final blog :)
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