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I already posted in several  threads that i`m lucky at free markets... Well now i`m sure that i`m REALLY lucky at free Markets ^^
I bought this cool Grendizer figure for just €15 its in good shape. Non of the stickers are missing and it barely lost its colour. What i love the most about this is that its die-cast so its mostly metal and its heavy in a good quality way lol. The fact that i`m calling it Goldrak instead of Grendizer is justified because even though its covered in Kanji it was made in Italy (viva Italia!!). Any way its very cheap IMO.
But it does have its faults though this Grendizer is missing its Double Harken, It also misses a projectile disk which has been replaced by the pointy thing projectile (see box) which doesn`t fit the side where the disk should be located. Also on the Grendizer itself the bolt that`s suppossed to hold the leg together is kinda lose. This is kinda sad now that i think of it but for just €15 its good and i think i`ll be able to fix it sooner or later :)
So this was my catch for today now if you`ll excuse me i`m got to find  place for this super Robot XD
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 I`ve been procrastinating about this allot and its been dragging on for to long now so i`m finally posting my Zord collection. My old dusty Megazord collection that i didn`t even bother cleaning before taking photo`s lol
First of my good old Tigerzord and my good old Red Dragonzord. These two are still very intact though they are missing weapons (the tail of Tigerzord was missing when i first bought it) Sure Tigerzord has turned a bit yellow but there was nothing i could do about that lol.
Here`s them in Warrior Mode you can actually see the decay on some of the stickers, don`t ask me how that came to be i still find it weird.
A yes the ThunderZord Assault Team still looks awesome! even though i switched Pegasus Zord with the Griffin Zord because i was in a hurry (dinner time)
I have this set complete i`m not even missing the tail of the Phoenix Zord yes its in a box in my closet right now but at least i know where it is :)
A yes the awesome Thunder Megazord its HUGE!!~ the only problem is that the Red Dragon Zord`s legs keep getting stuck in the other two. It took me about two try`s before getting it right
The Mega TigerZord its even bigger then the original combination and its also lest stable its standing all crochet and parts keep falling off. this is my least favourite combination.

This is Tor but not the official toy!! no according to some its a bootleg because its far smaller then the real toy and thus not compatible with the rest of the zords mentioned above its also missing its horn for some reason.
The Ninja Megazords maybe my most favourite Zords of them all!! I played so much with these zords that it still surprises me that i have the almost complete collection!!
The Ninja Megazord and the Falcon Zord man they are awesome!! To this day it still p!sses me off that i lost the glove thingie that should have covered the Wolf Zord`s head i took a guess where i last had them but my dad doesn`t live there any more. :( The Falcon Zord scarred me for live! no seriously those clips of that makes it attach to the various Megazords left a permanent mark on my arms. XD
The Ninja Mega Falconzord my most favourite combo EVER!! its a Megazord that can FLY how awesome is that!!!
Think its time to talk about the background lol that Kakuranger cover is from i bootleg Starscream toy i bought ages ago, i don`t know why the hell the used that picture but it seems to be directly stolen from the candy toy version of Kagukare DaiShogun which makes it that more awesome for a photo :D
The Shogun Megazord and the Shogun Zords, yes i bought two because a castle Megazord is just AWESOME!! with its defining shapes and forms that was obviously based on a Japanese fort :)
Reason why i bought a second one the Shogun Mega FalconZord! I was actually hoping to get multiple Falcon Zords but i never got the chance to buy more lol
Ninjor and GunMajin no not Auric the Conqueror! this is the Japanese version i bought it when i was 10. I lost the key though and that still pains me to this day its still a cool figure though. As for Ninjor he`s complete i still own the sword but its in the same box as the tail of Phoenix Zord XD

Battle mode on!! lol this is still cool every time i change these two XD
 And that`s it aside from my Petra Zord and Tricera Zord this is all i got from my early Power Ranger Days lol
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So i finally come to the last part of my blog series A Furby Murder Story. I took him apart like weeks ago but  saved the pictures so i could finish this once and for all :) 
This is what is left of HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM after out last blog the foot is gone and so are most parts is showed you in my last blog.
If we turn it over we see its brain a small motherboard that regulates the movements and acts of the furby. One this that became apparent to me but might not be that visible to you is that there is a piece of tape holding down a wire for some reason. I don`t know why they didn`t do something like putting on a shorter wire or think of some other way to hold it down but this is still cheap as hell. removing the motherboard is most definitely fatal if you remove this from the Furby.
And thus i did HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM has passed away it is dead the evil is gone.
Lets take a look at the brain

Again huge pieces of glue tumours and wires, it was really easy to remove it i just had to plug out a few wires and cut down some more of those.
What is weird is the presence of a small lcd light it doesn`t seem to have a purpose in the design my guess is that its used on the pre production line to check if the solar receptor is working al right
So on to our final step! the removal of its face! It actually took me quite a while to take it out even though i did it before, so i`m proud it finally got it loose in the end.
The face is hold down by several pins that allow movement this can be removed by sticking a pen trough the side of the place that hold the pin. then a piece will stick out and you can remove it. but not if your a nail biter like me so yeah it took me a while to finally get everything out. The face exists out of its eyelashes, its actual eyes, two yellow parts that form its beak, a pink part for it tongue, the solar receptor and its faceplate which kept everything together.
This is what is left nothing more then a shell, i can`t take it apart any more it doesn`t seem to be capable of being even more open. So this concludes my blog series its been fun taking apart this horrible monstrosity called Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it did deserve anything less.
For any one who is searching for the other part the can be found here:
Payback: A Furby Murder story PT1
Skinned Alive: A Furby Murder story PT2
Being Slit Open Whilst Still Alive: A Furby Murder story PT3
Insides On Display: A Furby Murder Story PT4
NOOOOOO I Still Need That To Funtio....: A Furby Murder Story PT5
Right after like the 4th blog i started to think this might be a nice blog series for our sister site Tested. But then again i`m not that technical as the people over there are used to. Hell i`m lucky i even made it this far without giving up because its a daunting task for a lazy guy like me. I hope you guys enjoyed this insight of the Furby and i also hope this helped you guys get rid of that little bit of fear that`s still comes up whenever you see them. Its been a pleasure Kelleth. :)
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Because our senile crazy old hag of a neighbour woke us up early to complain to us about stuff we don`t care about, we decided to go to Leiden right after going to the housing company of our city to report the hag :P. its was a beautiful day sun shining birds chirping and it was a quite day because there where little to no planes (thank you volcano!!). Leiden is a nice place it has beautiful streets, nice café`s and loads of old shopping streets :) So yeah we spend the day there it was fun the only things that really would run it was our neighbour and the tons of people taking the train to Schiphol. And this is what i bought :P
A Arceus poster pack with Jumbo card for 16.00,- which might sound like alot but it wasn`t compared to the prize it had at the local comic store 26,- (rip-off!!)
It has 5 boosters which didn`t hold anything all that special, a Arceus poster and last but not least an AWESOME jumbo card!! sooo big and shiny :D
An early Dutch Flash comic, the oldest Dutch comics can be recognized by the fact that its a total translation so the Flash becomes De Flits and Spider-man becomes Spinneman, ect. This is a Barry Allen comic where Barry travels with Iris West from 1971 to 2971 with the cosmic treadmill, and that`s it that`s all i know just from the cover. i haven`t read it because its in plastic and i`m afraid to damage the comic if i actually start reading it. Its 1.50,- btw really cheap :)
Bleach vol.1 i haven`t read any Bleach before because by the time i heard about i, there where already to many volumes out to consider actually starting to collecting them.
But this was on sale for just 4.00,- so i bought it anyway. And no i`m not planning on starting to follow the franchise because its just to much :P
The catch of the day!! i got a Pokemon Ruby for just 5.00,-!!!! really cheap, So i`m a step closer on owning every mainstream hand held Pokemon game ^^
And last but not least look how cute!! its the seasons first lam!! i took the photo from the train cute huh? :3
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I did a blog yesterday about cards that i finally bought and now having 4 very new promo cards i started thinking about what old promo cards i still got and decided to show them off :)
These i framed last week its all of the promotion cards of the first movie, i originally only got Pikachu but my sisters and aunt and her boyfriend who didn`t have the slightest interest in the cards gave the rest to me. Thank to that i got 2 Electabuzz promotion cards :)
These are all the cards i own, i have 1-10 complete most of these i got from my TGC times others are either the new ones i talked about or from events (Meowth is from the GB game and Jigglypuff from the cd) i got one ancient Mew  who i traded from some guy and the other one is from the 2000 movie, they look different. I don`t actually own the Pichu card i uploaded here i have the Japanese version but i could not find the Japanese version i do own on the net.

 The only boosters i plan to buy are those packs that hold 3 boosters a promo and a coin the are just 11.99 or 10.99 depending where i`m planning to get them.
Amongst these promo`s i plan to get the Darkrai promo and the Wobbuffet promo and since i already plan this i just put them on already :3
 So what Promo`s do you guys have? anything familiar amongst mine?
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