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After putting it off to long here's the blog for my B-day presents

Books And Manga

First of all are my Rosario + Vampire season II volumes 7 to 9 which I bought in one go. I've been loving this series since the start. I do hate the anime, But the manga is awesome. I hope to buy them all. And I am glad that I can pre-order without any trouble on ABC.nl. I can't wait till October for Volume 10!

I got this book from my aunt and her boyfriend. At €48 this AWESOME thing was so expensive!! And worse is I used this stain glass shell thingie to weigh it down in order to make photo's. But I FORGOT THE LEAD!!. So now we need to go to the art store and get a really really really really soft eraser to get the marks off without actually damaging the awesome nostalgic art! *face palm*

I got this along with the 3 Rosario+Vampire books. Its pretty cool to see Superman acting like a jack-ass. Its like the opposite of what people thought the original Superman was. One gripe though is that due to the publication error back in 37 the beginning of the first adventure is quite a few pages in the back. I knew this, but I forgot to start there any way lol

And lastly my sister Pauline got me a cook book. It will be fun to try stuff out but sadly the kitchen is a mess and I should first was some dishes.

Harvest Moon

From the money I got I got a bunch of games which are WAY to expensive here in Holland. Both of these where just about 21 shipped instead of 40... fuck you Dutch game stores! I have pirated the both of them and I enjoyed them. So I am glad that I am actually able to buy them now.

Another game that I have pirated was Frantic Farming. I love this game and I just checked I still haven't deleted it yet. So the fact that this thing is still in Britain till its paid off (paypal is trolling) But I still got the rom so doesn't bother me that much :)

I've been wanting to get this game for a while now. And I did play it through the PSP store. but I wanted the actual copy so here we are. Just 1 problem though. The ass-hat who sold me this put up the complete version the next day. And that one included the Jewel Case and instruction book. Now I don't need directions with this game. But I do prefer having a jewel case to put the damn thing in. Worst is the dude pm'd me a day later with an apology and if I wanted the box. I told him yes and asked him to send me the e-mail so I can pay the extra costs. The bastard never pm'd me back. WHY ASK IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FOLLOW UP ON IT!?! Don't buy anything from PowerUpVideoGames. A-holes

Other Games

I also bought a Japanese copy of Pokemon Green. But for some reason it hasn't arrived yet. Which is weird since its from France. It shouldn't take more then a week. I hope everything is all right. And If it does get here I'll own all of the 4 gen 1 games.

And the last game I got is Pokemon Platinum. Now I just need Pokemon Diamond to own all gen 4 games.

I haven't even started playing yet lol.


These aren't really presents in the normal sense. the shop owner kept Dragon Ball separate for my birthday and gave Ultramaniacs for half price. I still paid for them. He just ensured I got them.

This aperently supposed to be part 1 of the Chinese Dragon Ball Dragon Box. But strangely all the copyrights to Toei have been removed from the descriptions. Combined with the fact that the first dvd won't allow my to flash through the openings and endings without constantly going back to the first episode gives the idea that this is a bootleg. Even though its quality seems pretty great.

As for Ultramaniacs. Same quality. but for some reason everything is still in Kanji. Even though the descriptions clearly state that its an dvd set made for Hong Kong audiences and has English subs (not as bad as Toku HK subs). I really like that I found this because I used to watch this stuff subbed back in 2004. and I never really finished it. Maybe because it wasn't Shonen or Sailor Moon or whatever. Any way now I can finish this! I just hope its not that bad.... If it is I'll send it to Cinwicked xD

And Also...

For some reason this thing hasn't arrived yet either. I hope it does soon. Because I kinda regret getting it. Not because its not awesome, But because I did find it here eventually and it was just €10, €3.57 less then I paid.

Lastly I got a DX Shinken Red Key from Sayo in Japan. Way cheaper then I'd normally pay for it. And she also got me a Dragon Ranger Key too for the same price. Hopefully she shipped it yesterday. Be sure to visit her Ebay profile for toku stuff.

I got allot this year, And I don't need more lol. I just hope those last 3 things arrive soon :)

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So this is my first and last toy of the DX Gokai Machine line. The others are either to expensive to or not really worth the trouble.

Pat Striker

The reason why this is my first and last Gokai Machine is simple. I just <3 Dekaranger! Not only that but I always loved the Deka Machines especially Pat Striker with it streamlined form. The moment I saw the first pictures in the rumour thread of HJU I knew I wanted to buy it. It has that beautiful red in the front with the somewhat cheesy but still awesome rainbow patterned sticker on the front like Machine Doberman and Machine Bull from the original show. I also like how this thing fits together. Aside from a few white lines like on the logo's on back and front you can't really say its not a one piece car. I've decided not to take photo's of it (lazy) but the lights and sounds on this thing is epic! I like how much it looks like the lights on the actual Dekaranger mecha. And my only strife with it is that they didn't do much with the lights. They could have let the lights go on and off switching from left to right like on a actual siren does. It would look nicer then just the regular on and off.

Any way lets take this police car apart and move on! ^_^

Deka Gokaioh

I find the fact that you have to take it apart and open everything up a bit of a downer. If you put the middle piece in its button will be pressed down and it will make the sounds before you plan to lol. But when spinning that wheel on the back its worth it with the awesome gattai sound and the cool finishing sound which actually does sound like multiple bullets instead of just one sound that's really scrambled. I love it!

Deka Gokaioh (Gun Mode I guess?)

Well this mode.... I do compliment it for the fact that the guns actually do look like the D-magnum from the side. what I do dislike though is that the left arm has that stupid canon in the way again and the other arm isn't holding it that great either.... Still at least they tried! I hope the SRC version fixes this problem. :)

And that's my Pat Striker its something I loved buying and it did not involve my wallet being punched in the money bags till it bled out those precious dollars.... Unlike what I still have to pay the shipping costs for.... O well that's for another time. See you in the next blog xD

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I wish I could have done this on ''Talk Like A Pirate'' day, since it seemed appropriate... But a certain someone didn't want to pick it up :( So I finally got what I want... after 4 weeks of extra waiting... Any way here's my Gokaioh:

The box is pretty awesome and even though it keeps repeating the same patterns. I really hoped it be just as big as the Power Ranger Boxes I had back in the day but they are clearly dwarfed by this thing. I am honestly glad to have this because It will be about half the worth for this mecha lol

Gokai Galleon

 Okay lets start with the main machine of this show and the reason I bought this thing, The Gokai Galleon. Which is also the one Gokai Vehicle that makes sense for a pirate themed show. Its pretty cool. It is blocky but that's only really an eyesore if you look at it from above. Initially I was worried about the thrusters/legs in the back of the ship. From the wrong angle (again above...) they really stick out. Also a bit weird is the fact that the mouth of Gokaioh can be seen from above the Galleon. I can't help but think they at least could have hidden that. But to my surprise the sides of this galleon hide those two problem pretty neatly. I also like how the ship hides the arm connectors by making them look like cannons. Though the biggest feature I like about this ship are those bad-ass swords you can put on the front! When I first got them out of the box I thought they where diecast xD


Might I add how annoying it is coming across some of the newer Gokaioh reviews and seeing how they say the main quarters of the team is in that little space behind the little masts. Which of course was disproved in the Abaranger homage episode of Gokaiger. It clearly shows its some where around the biggest mast (which can be removed for some reason btw) when the kaijin escaped the crew. Focus people!

Gokai Jet

 I am really disappointed at this thing, its so blocky some reviewers didn't even know it was a plane on first sight. True it has some cool decals and logo's and it does provide a place to hide the hat for the later formation. But I hate that it fails to hide that damn hand. Something that also raises an eyebrow is a tiny bump on the back of this so called plane. WTF is it supposed to be? If its supposed to be a rocket booster it fails at that as well. Any way this is the least favourite of my vehicles.

Gokai Racer

Gokai Racer... Gee a race car... How space pirate like.... NOT! Sure it looks cool but I really hate the fact that they choose the vehicles to be ''A Pirate ship and vehicles that boys like'' It feels so half-assed!! Any way for what its supposed to represent it doesn't really look that bad. It has wheels and a cockpit. Big deal. I do like the brown/bronze plastic parts on it though. It makes it feel less like some block.

Gokai Marine

Yes It looks like a block and it does look like some sort of marine mammal. But this is still my favourite of the 5 since its simple yet has all those nice decals painted in, like on the sides. The pink of this thing looks looks especially good compared to the old Megazords I own. (Shogun megazord should not count IMO) I especially like the gold anchor on the front. It look so nice.

Gokai Trailer

My second least of the 5. And that's because its actually a 2 part vehicle and not just some block. Then again the two part thing is the reason this thing is my second least favourite. That's because every damn time I need to make it in to a leg I need to rip the car off and slap it on differently. This doesn't really make it fun to have.... I could have gotten a Dekaranger robo....


So here it is Gokaioh. I disliked the fact that its a block former from the start. On its own its not really worth that much to me. I like how the several colours of the mecha all get almost equally shown. The bronze/brown colours really looks good in this combined form. The only one that breaks this sadly is the Gokai Jet which has almost none of that colour. Speaking of Gokai Jet, For something the best swordsman of the crew pilots its can't really hold the damn sword all that well. The face of Gokaioh has to be one of the best I've seen in a while. Its so neatly detailed and it work so well with the hat it gets. A disappointment that I knew before I bought this toy is the canon. Which is tiny and just so stump-like that I can't really count it as a canon. The least they could have don is hollow it out a bit. but they didn't even bother with that. Still its a nice feature for any one who has plans on collecting the other Gokaiger mecha and I admit that it does kinda make me less pissed of about the blockiness of this entire line. The one this that annoys me the most about this formation is this *DYNAMIC POSE!!* man it takes up allot of space doing that. It looks like its shitting a brick next to all my other Sentai mecha / Megazords. And I'd rather have seen another Gaoranger type of mecha for this anniversary with it being all posable and streamlined and stuff. If this continues to next year I am quitting on buying a DX Super Sentai mecha! Only once any anniversary will I take the trouble of buying one. Instead I might focus on buying old Sentai mecha and the Super Robot Chogokin versions. 

Soon I'll buy some more stuff I want to blog about in the future. But as of now I am still waiting for the people who handle that site to call back on my to that so I can pay for everything. But that does not worry me. I still have some things to blog about first. But I'll be slow on that too. :)  

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And now we have reached the final blog. This time for the combinations of the two mecha.

Hyper Haken:

Hyper Haken is in one word HUMONGOUS!! The worst part is that this is the way it was packed. Clipped on a huge cardboard wrapped in foil paper. So this might be the big reason why some parts and stickers where scratched. I can't say its not awesome though. I do like it when you spread out Garuda's wings making it even bigger. The only real difference with this one and the official version is that this version has a huge piece of plastic that you can clip under the formation to keep everything together. The sad part is those damn rockets!! They are not supposed to be there. And it doesn't exactly look good. Which is why I plan remove them at a later date.


Fusion!! Great Scram!!
Fusion!! Great Scram!!
Just kidding!! XD
Just kidding!! XD

But in the light of the Abaranger Tribute of Gokaiger I just had to try an arm swap xD It does work though! And it does actually look pretty cool with them :)

GATTAI Great Icarus!!!

Fusion!! Great Scram!!
Fusion!! Great Scram!!
Great Icarus!!
Great Icarus!!

Man this thing is awesome. Sure there are stickers missing on the wing design that takes some of the awesome away. The arms are still switched around, and the blue on Jet Swallow is still to dark... The legs are not really clipped on that good... So bad in fact that picking it up lets them fall off... And lets not forget that the Garuda head hasn't exactly got a clip to begin with... And that the wings on the back are now unmovable because of the wheels on the back of Great Icarus.... But the size of this Sentai Mecha awesome thing make up for all that!! This thing towers above all the Megazords I have!! And due to the Owl and Swallow clips it does make it somewhat more posable almost like the arms on the Thunder Megazord :D

Size Comparison

So now it also owns my Tiger Megazord in size! Yeah It really dwarves everything I ever got (Should have bought that Fortress Maximus)

My collection (note that this is not really my full collection) is growing pretty fast. And I hope to be able to blog about Gokaioh on Talk Like A Pirate Day. But I think I am not going to make it... We'll see, Bye! :)

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The Jetman set isn't just Jet Icarus. Its also the second mecha of Jetman. The alien built Jet Garuda.

Bird Garuda:

Man this bird mode is EPIC!! It easily falls apart because of the weight and the weak tabs but other then that its size makes it pure awesome!! The pictures could have been better. But I sadly don't own the many Tamashii stages that could have hold it up xD

Jet Garuda:

So yeah.... When I actually changed this thing for the first time I didn't really noticed HOW F#ING HUGE IT REALLY IS! My god this is where the €30 went!! In the shipping cost for this damn thing!! Aside from that remark I really like this thing. Its mostly the same size and quality as the original Garuda. The only real difference are the chest piece stickers which where diecast on the original if I recall. All this thing needed to have are new sticker with silver lining all around them. Also about those weak clips, When clipping on the left the panels that keep the chest together aren't that tight. So when I try to clip on those legs the 2 parts keep bending in really scary ways. I <3 the wingspan btw

Size Comparisons:

Damn this thing is fun to put next to another bug mecha and comparing the sizes lol So yeah here's some pictures to compare it with:

First the most logical choice, comparing it with Jet Icarus.... You can see why I think I bought Garuda instead of Icarus xD

With its wingspan it trumps the Super Kakure Daishogun's / Falcon Ninja Megazord's wing span by just a bit.

And now with the two biggest bots I got. Big Albert and the Thunder Megazord! Man these get owned easily xD

The only thing that I got that seems to go bigger then those is my Mega Tigerzord and that's only because of those dumb shoulder pats xD

Not much more to say about Jet Garuda.... But I will post the next and final blog as soon I can. laterz :)

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