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Guess who's back... Back again... Katsumi's back.... Don't tell her man... xD Im tired sue me >.>
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I'm hoping to drag my non anime loving friend and my Anime Loving Guy friend to Dragon Con. IT would be very close to heaven for my ALGF and me  (heaven being a true Anime Convention). And my NALF will just have to endure it (although she watched Blood + with me once and liked it. But considering Dragon Con isn't strictly an Anime Convention and is a mixture of stuff it wont be so bad for her.). IT would be my first Convention. And I'm thoroughly excited. We live about two hours away from Atlanta in the heart of Georgia, but I'm betting it would be a road trip woth being on. Especially since my friends and I are nutters. :D

On the flipside of this whole trip my NALF and my ALGF will have to endure my Paranormal Fangirl moments when I go to Meet Michelle Belanger. She's a leading expert on Vampires and happens to be a guest on one of my Favorite Paranormal shows at the Moment. Plus my NALF will probably fangirl over the whole Vampire thing since she wishes she could be one.

Overall if we do go, I am assuming my friends and I will be just dragged along, mostly drowning in everything thats going on or being killed by the people who have attended this convention before. So if you never hear from me again after Spetember, it's because I was killed at Dragon Con.
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Hmm my first weekend of 2009...

Starting Friday I spent most of the day riding around walmart in one of those scooter things the old people use... and then I slept because the vicodin made me sleepy.

And today I slept more. I'm resisting it now, I just dont want to sleep anymore.

Tomorrow I'll sleep and then I'll be at my friends house, sleeping more and teaching her how to cut up a deer. And then I'll play some guitar hero while being doped up.

A sprained right ankle and a broken left foot are just not fun -__-
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I'd marry several if I could. My first choice being..

Sesshomaru... Then
VASH the Stampede.
Kiba from Wolf's Rain
Abel Nightrode

And the list goes on an on and on xP
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My favorite of all time, hands down is inuyasha. I just absoulutely love the show and the story line. I havent caught up in the mangas so I'm kinda behind but I have to say its my favorite.
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