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I have heard quite a lot of criticism aimed towards bleach over the years, most of which has been launched by me. Criticisms vary and range from significant plot holes, to pacing and a complete lack of story. Most people will assert their reasons for hating bleach with detailed and convincing explanations. And i suppose they think they are right. I of course think they are wrong to an extent, in that i don't think they really know why they hate bleach.

Chances are there are subtle but imposing elements of bleach that degrade it's quality, but only slightly that it's hard to notice how overtime they affect the whole picture.

Firstly bleach suffers from the same issue that most long running manga suffer from, it is dragged out to a fault. The difference with Naruto and One piece is they are only dragged out in the anime, to pass the time while even in the manga, bleach takes forever to get a point across.

I understand that there is only so much that can be done in a few pages, but really, 22 pages out of which only 15 have actual material. Most pages waste time displaying logos of bleach and other non relevant crap. Then there is the unnecessary comedy. I understand that there are some serious scenes that need to be lightened up, but why the comedy has to be so cartoonish and why it has to take up entire pages doesn't make sense to me. And of course you have fights were the combatants keep doing the same thing over and over again.

How battles have i read where Ichigo spends 22 pages firing big red lasers at his opponents, even when the enemy keeps swiping them aside with bare hands. I get the idea that he has to seem desperate, but why show us those boring bits; clearly he isn't getting anywhere, why does he have to seem so dumb, as if he believes that even if the first getsuga tenshou didn't work against Aizen, the hundredth will..

Bleach's second and probably worst failure is in the fights. I know bleach is basically a manga about a brooding boring teenager (so they say, Ichigo looks way too old) that fights, but let's just revisit the arrancar arc. This arc is the very definition of dragged out; that they would have Ichigo and his cohorts fight what seemed like each and every arrancar and espada out their; WHY?

We saw just about every arrancar power, resurrection and back story just before they all died. And most of them were fought by Ichigo. What was every one else doing?

Seriously, other than showing us every single useless battle, how about sticking to the ones that actually have something new to show, like the battle with Uluqiora, grimmjow, maybe even that guy with the scythe.

Yet they felt the need to show us Chad's battles; that guy has no business fighting arrancar. The way i see it, no matter compelling the story gets, if you spend endless chapters watching battles that do not move the story forward, eventually you will forget why you were even excited, and bleach will get boring.

They basically need to cut down the fighting to the very essentials, kind of like they are doing with the thousand year blood war arc.

Worst on this is, for me, at least, is the inclusion of Ichigo's group of high school friends in the main story. If anyone remembers Ganju and his sister, you will remember that once they became unnecessary to the main plot, in other words nothing in their skill set would have been of any use against Aizen and his crew, Kubo dropped them. Yet he chose to only keep these human characters around for so long, but he determined to involve them in every single arc where they had no business being.

Personally i don't like these guys. One might complain that they add a little something to Ichigo, that they give him a reason to fight. And i would accept that reasoning, if this was the soul society arc. If in 500 chapters ichigo hasn't matured past this stage, then he is no hero (another major complaint about this guy).

personally while i hate them, i do accept the filler material based in Karakura town, because it shows Chad and the rest in their element, because this is basically there level, fighting week hollows by the side of that weak afro shiningami.

Then of course you have all those illogical occurrences, like the stupid reasons they give for why yamamoto never fights except in when Aizen in concerned and only at the very end when he has massed an army. Seriously, even if the captains eventually triumph in each battle, that doesn't change the fact that so much damage wouldn't occur if he waltzed in at the start and stopped the bad guy. You also have to remember that even when they were getting there assess kicked, Shunsui and Ukitake never even considered going bankai, yet that is all Ichigo could use to stay in the fight. Of course there is Ikkaku who has a bankai, but always gets his ass kicked, like his pride is more important than protecting innocent lives.

And there is also the fact that Ichigo has to be the one to defeat the main enemy. Now that we know how bad ass Unohana is, i can't help but wonder what she could have done if she had joined the fight against Aizen, or even the fight against the invading forces of soul society.

My final reason explaining what might make bleach suck is even more objective as it has to do with Ichigo. When there are cooler characters like Byakuya, Kenpachi (basically every captain except for the wolf guy and renji), Ichigo has no business getting so much face time (i am aware the show is about him). If i had my way, i would have Rukia as the main character and Ichigo and Renji would fight for the position of who gets to be her faithful subordinate(seriously, Renji hasn't had an upgrade since soul society, and even when he gets one, it isn't worth anything).

Let me just say, i like bleach; i hated it for a time (half the arrancar arc), i even gave up on it at one point. But i am currently on the bleach train and i can acknowledge it's accomplishments; but that doesn't mean i can ignore its flaws.

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