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Why does it feel like an age since i last laid eyes on Koinzel. The problem now is that the series is taking a break; which really doesn’t help monthly issues, having to wait that much longer for the story to progress in this new generation of Glenn’s reign.

THE CHAPTER: War is coming to the kingdom. As Rosen and group attempt to execute their duties in light of the recent changes with regards to their revived lord, the Order of the Seven Lances seems set on a path of collision with the Order of Gungnir.


I will admit it, i always liked Glenn; sure it’s easy to look at him as the most despicable of all the heroes, being the very individual that first raised the issue of betrayal against Ascheritt and group.

Yet no one can deny the efforts he has injected into using his present power to atone for his past sins, if only for the benefit of a few within his territory of the Kingdom.

So would it really be that much of a stretch to assume that this new Glenn bears more than evil within his heart? Who knows , that all he executes lies along a path designed to bring about a brighter future.

I know, it is sort of a stretch, when you consider the fact that he actually came back to life, which places him squarely in the corner of Wistchtech. Best case scenario Glenn is nothing more than a puppet, a physical body under the control of his new masters.

Worse case scenario, this isn’t even Glenn but a facsimile; one thing’s for sure, Wischtech has its name written intimately within Glenn’s works and i can’t even begin to anticipate war over the issue.

Koinzel, ever since his resurrection, has proven himself too effective a tool of dissention and destruction, personally responsible for sparking off the war of heroes, and with it the Kingdom is now a shadow of its former self, its military capabilities fractured, its warlords vying for greater power against one another, and its emperor only further broken by his son’s death.

It’s difficult to deny the simple facts; Glenn has this battle in the bag; and with all those heroes that oppose him now dead, the rest riding under his flag, we really should expect King Glenn to rise to his new position soon enough.

I can’t say it saddens me; we have spent much too long speaking of this mysterious enemy in possession of dark magic; if Glenn really is in Wischtech’s pocket, we should then be heading into a full on collision with these dark masters, and i for one cannot wait to place a face upon the reputation.

-Ubel Blatt only disappoints in the prospect that i have to wait for what seems like an eon to finally launch this story headlong into its chaotic future; poor Rosen, having spent so long trying to deny the dark past of his masters; no, choosing to turn a blind eye in his determination to ensure false peace, he can only watch as the empire he strove to bind together begins to crumble.

-And with the rise of the Order of Gungnir there goes any possibilities of a revolt, a revolution; really if Ubel Blatt has executed one mission perfectly within the past several chapters, it’s been to shatter all hope for the world as we know it.

With the annihilation of most of the heroes, i guess all that’s left to bring this story either to a climax or a new stage is the clash between Koinzel and Glenn.

RATING: 5/5, as always Ubel Blatt is beautifully drawn.

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