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Internet related maintenance is making inserting these images the normal way too slow and difficult, so i have gone with copying and pasting, so it might seem a bit disorganized.

Now just to be clear these are the top five anime and manga that I have happened to come across since the year began. This isn’t taking into consideration every anime and manga released since the year began.

More importantly, while the title is best anime and manga of 2013, this isn’t actually limited to anime and manga released in 2013, merely anime and manga that I happened to have only watched since January 2013, whether it was released this year or a decade ago.

Now that that is done, First, the anime:

1. Project K- Six men have acquired the power of the swords of Damocles, becoming kings, individuals with great power, which they can share with their clansmen, members of their clan that have chosen to serve them. While a tense truce has held peace between these six parties for a great period of time, the emergence of the last, the colorless king, leads to chaos and conflict brought about by nothing more than misunderstanding.

By no means is project K the most intriguing anime out there. The story is neither the most sophisticated or the most complex; but what it brings to the table is thrill. It took me one single Sunday to start and finish all 12 episodes of Project K that I had. That is how eager I was to devour each and every episode that came, and that is far from normal. I like to stretch my anime out over several days, especially if it is good. The one thing I will give Project K, better than anything I have seen so far, is the animation, especially in the beginning; the strangely dream like yet crisp look of the show was impressive.

I am sure that when I give it proper thought I will be able to determine all the shortcomings and weaknesses of this show, but as of right now, when all I want is more, I would rate this show with a 5/5

2. Magi of the Labyrinth- Aladdin is a magi who teams up with a former prince and dungeon capturerer Alibaba, and the powerful slave Morgiana as they go on adventures to conquer dungeons, free more genies and seek out answers to the true nature of Aladdin past.

Magi is one great adventure, or at least it looks like it could be. With Magi, I envision another one piece of sorts, a story that will last for years to come, with impressive twists, reveals and breath taking yet surprisingly dark stories. The character are not only fun but refreshing, though I don’t know how long Magi will last, with the unfortunately rapid pacing with which it is shown.

I would rate Magi with a 4/5. It has definitely captured my attention for this year, and I can only expect it to get better. though the animation can detoriates greatly in some episodes; but the fact that it doesn’t debase the quality of viewing is a testament to how good this show is.

3. Psycho pass- Anyone that has watched this show knows how good it is. I was afraid when I first read the synopsis, because it seemed basically like CSI but in the future; which is what Ghost in the shell seemed to me, and I hated that show.

Psycho pass proved to be something better. Basically in the future, a computer system can use measurements to determine the state of mind of human beings. Potential criminals are locked away to prevent them to committing crimes in the future, while some of them will become enforcers, working along side the police to catch criminals, since they are deemed to possess the minds of criminals. It all comes down to ones psycho pass and the color of there hue.

I wasn’t that impressed in the beginning, with the slow pacing, but the story picked up quite quickly. I understand that it is important to set up the characters and the context of the story so I can’t expect great twists and rapidly evolving stories so early in the show; I can only expect psycho pass to come into its own in the future.

At 12 episodes I would rate this show with a 4/5

4. BTOOOM!-I loved this show when I first watched it. Most shows, even the best of them, will take some time to capture my attention. Btooom intrigued me instantly and I wanted more. With this series, a bunch of strangers are thrown on an island and are forced to take part in a game of survival, where players that will manage to kill eight other competitors using a variety of explosive deices and an inbuilt radar system will be saved from the island.

There is a lot of action, drama and intrigue, with many of the characters finding themselves in situations where they have to be tested to determine which they prize more, their morals or their survival.

I can find no fault with this show; though it wasn’t perfect I can’t really see what they could have improved.

I rate it with a 4/5

5. Robotic Notes- some high school kids in the future are trying to build a giant robot for their robotics club. On the way we learn a little more about there pasts and the mysteries surrounding the Gunvarell anime series’ final never aired episode.

I am just embarking on the second part of this series, but I loved the first part, mostly because of the characters. The story itself is quite unique, though I am yet to explore the mysteries and histories of the characters. Like psycho pass, this show is still unfolding in my eyes and it has the possibility of getting much worse, but for now it is worth the watch.

I would rate it with a 3.5/5

That’s it for anime. While I love Naruto and once piece, I haven’t watched either of them this year so I can’t include them. I hope to have at least 15 episodes of each before bothering to watch them.

Manga; this year has been better manga wise than last year, mainly because it took me so much effort to find good manga last year. This year I am somehow managing to find really good manga really easily. No more forcefully reading 30 chapters of a manga just because a forum recommended it, before realizing how crappy it is. Anyway:

1. Claymore- I won’t read claymore until somewhere near August, not unless they make it weekly. But the 12 chapters I read last month were simply breath taking. I had to forego supper to get through all 12 chapters in one sitting, because I simply couldn’t get myself out of bed. I just had to know what happened next. After that, I am more than content to wait a couple of more months for the chapters to pile up. But if you are not reading this manga, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? IT IS AWESOME, REALLY AWESOME, BEYOND AWESOME…

Rating: Like a 10/5 for me, beyond my expectations really.

2. The breaker: New waves- I had dropped this manga, until I realized that it was now weekly; beyond that the story had bored me one or two years ago, around chapter 20. I began it immediately after reading the breaker, and my expectations were high.

I began it two weeks ago, and I could have kicked myself. What was I thinking? This manga is miles better than the first breaker. It took me up to last Friday to read all 109 chapters. The story isn’t just awesome, but even with weekly serialization, the quality of art hasn’t dropped one bit. The action scenes are explosive and the story is really something to read.

Rating: 5/5

3. Hungry Joker- this manga doesn’t get enough love, and I don’t think it will last much longer. But after catching whispers of it a while back, I finally got down to reading it; and it has done more in 17 chapters than most manga do in a hundred. The story is as intriguing as the characters are interesting and complex.

This manga could have a future if shonen jump just gave it a fair chance.


4. Break blade- I just began reading this, and 25 chapters in, I am blown away. It takes a little getting used to. Break blade is mecha, and I haven’t read mecha in manga before; so sometimes I get confused about what is happening. But the art is top notch, and the mech battles are something to behold. The story is of a political nature, with kingdoms and conquest and mineral wealth at the center. At the core is Lygatto, a young man who is an un sorcerer, the only person on the planet that can’t use magic, which is necessary to pilot a mech. But he will fight to protect his best friend, the king.


Okay this is a top 4 rather than top 5; while other manga have impressed me, none of them have been on the level of these.

Notable mentions:

1. Bleach-The thousand year blood war arc isn’t merely gearing up to be the best arc in bleach so far, it is already the best arc in bleach, and It can only get better. it simply has yet it the notes it reached last year, but that is understandable.

2. Assassination class- I have just began reading this. It caught my attention because someone was complaining about how a manga like hungry joker was doing so badly yet assassination class was doing so well. So I began reading it last Friday. it is definitely worth the read, and i will keep on reading it.

Again I don’t read Naruto or one piece; I prefer the anime, so I can’t say much about them, though from what I have heard and read from fans regarding Naruto, it is on a whole new burning level at the moment.

If this is a good year, I expect this ranking to change in at least a month, the anime anyway. What are your favorite of the year so far.

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