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Wow, as skeptical as I was about this particular flashback, King’s story turned out to be quite impressive, not only in the manner in which it was told but its implications and how it all finally came to an end.

Nanatsu No Taizai is fast becoming one of my favorite weekly manga series.

THE CHAPTERS: Harlequin and Helbrum come face to face with human nature and are forever changed.


That one line more or less describes what Deadly sins tried to accomplish in these two chapters, bringing forth the negative and positive sides of humanity, each of which goes on to shape the lives of these two ancient characters.

Admittedly it took me a while to wrap my head around chapter 73, mostly because the representation of time didn’t make sense to me. Only after some thought did the pieces finally fall into place, regarding what happened when.

What allowed both chapters to stand out so was how they both finally came to a close, or rather the decisions King made at the end of each chapter, both ending with a confrontation between two good friends, in which King took a most difficult decision.

One might say that the chapters allowed King to finally blossom, at least in the eyes of the readers, finally revealing the royalty within him, not only through the sacrifice he finally had to make but the difficult decisions he swallowed for the sake of the his friends and subjects.

I will say this, that King hasn’t looked more regal than he did in these chapters, finally delivering royal punishment; and even with this battlefield finally wrapped up, it doesn’t seem like we will be retreating back to Meliodas’ side anytime soon.

But I can’t say that I mind; I for one still hold some curiosity over King and the events that brought him, Diana and the rest of the deadly sins together. Clearly he didn’t actually serve out his 1000 year sentence.

It is disturbing how little interest I hold in Elizabeth and her fate; truth be told she has never been the most interesting character.

RATING: 5/5, The Seven Deadly Sins seems to have found that perfect balance of insane action and depth of story, sort of like Magi, now that I think about it.

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