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It is surprising just how much I was looking forward to this particular chapter of The seven deadly sins; what is more surprising is that my excitement had nothing to do with Meliodas, who we finally got to see at the end.

Admittedly I was a little disappointed, probably because of how engrossing the king story had become. It wouldn’t have been that terrible of a decision to devote some more time to exploring the events that brought him into the deadly sins, following his arrest centuries ago.

But I guess we had to move on from that particular scene, after quite a number of weeks. And hey, Diana is alive, which was quite the surprise when you consider the level of punishment she suffered over the past few chapters.

AND IT’S FINALLY HERE. Meliodas and Arthur; it is ridiculous how excited I am for the latter portion of this arc, all because of those words spoken sometime back, about the event that would rock the kingdom once Arthur and Meliodas met.

One has to wonder what the young king has to do with the entire Deadly sins story, If he really is Merlin in disguise. But then again why wouldn’t Hendricksen recognize him or his accomplice after just seven years.

Right now, I cannot even take a guess as to what Meliodas’ arrival is going to mean for the story. I could say something about not getting my hopes up; that this could be a considerably blander meeting than I am anticipating.

But this is Nanatsu No Taizai. It has yet to disappoint me.

RATING: 10/10, King was pretty bad ass in this chapter, pretty much wiping the floor with Dreyfus. Which makes you wonder what chance Hendricksen stands against someone like Meliodas.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that these chapters could be a little longer.

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