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AAAAAAH, it’s finally here,the Nanatsu no Taizai anime, coming to a website near you soon; anyone that has made it a point to ignore the fame of this rising star is going to be sorely disappointed to see its final advent into the world of anime.

Should we be worried though, getting an anime adaptation so soon in the manga’s run? IN the face of past experiences with the Big 3 and filler, maybe; unless the powers that be are smart enough to keep the series in an annual run, churning out at least 25 episodes per season per year, allowing the manga to gain ground.

That way we avoid filler while enjoying great production values.

THE CHAPTERS: King confronts Hellbram, who reveals himself to be more than the average holy knight. There clash stirs dark memories from a distant past.


I wanted to review the last three Deadly sins chapter in one go, but the next 51 page chapter wasn’t released as normally scheduled on Sunday, so, I will just have to wait for what I hope is a better exploration of King’s sin than what we saw with Ban who was far from impressive.

It is an interesting notion, the idea that The Seven Deadly sins are called so because they each committed a great sin that somehow granted them their power; we know Ban’s greed had something to do with his immortality, the fountain of youth and King’s sister (though that was more misunderstanding than anything).

I am curious to see how sloth fits into King’s past and position as fairy king. Two more weeks have passed of me wanting to see someone put the hurt on Hellbram and Deyfus for what they have done to Diana, and in fact continue to do.

Dreyfus somewhat got his comeuppance, but Hellbram is proving to be a whole other matter; I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that the great knight is a fairy, considering the sorts of very convenient magical arts Hellbrum has displayed ever since his first appearance in the manga, always slipping out of one impossible jam or another with the perfect anti flame spell or wind countering curse.

Truth be told I am not nearly as intrigued with this particular mystery as I was with Ban; actually it is mostly because of Ban that I cannot help but expect another fairly uneventful flashback to a sin’s past.

But then again, this is a fairy king we are talking about; so we could be in for 51 pages of awesomeness. Speaking of which, considering the durations these two fairies keep speaking about-hundreds and hundreds of years in the past- just how old in King.

RATING: 6/10; here is what I love about The Seven Deadly Sins; even after so many chapters, with so many revelations made in past arcs, we still no almost nothing about the Nanatsu no Taizai world, which makes this manga so much more of an adventure than most other series I have come across in recent times.

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