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The thing about shonen battle manga is the fact that, well, they revolve largely around fighting, gaining new power ups and defeating stronger opponents with each new conflict.

Not a bad thing; but without some diversity it can get quite tiresome, this being the reason why I struggle to appreciate manga that fail to diversify in their concepts, rarely ever introducing actual stories, instead favoring relentless battles.

Good thing this is a Manhwa rather than a manga, because Noblesse seems to have finally found its stride after three or so largely boring chapters.


Tao, Takeo and M-21 struggle to overcome the advantage possessed by the elder wolf, soon finding themselves struggling for survival against impossible odds.


SO, clearly I enjoyed this chapter more than the last one, even though both were largely the same, focused around fighting. But I guess it would be a fallacy to compare this chapter to last week’s, not when you consider the simple fact that there was some attempt at executing character development in chapter 322.

Admittedly, I like M-21 more than most, and it was an interesting experience, being reminded of the character’s less than rosy past, those sad moments that saw him lose everything he ever cared for around him, from friends to colleagues.

RK4 is a fairly weak force and it is nothing new, watching them take quite the beating; what was interesting was watching Tao and Takeo basically sacrifice themselves for allow M-21 an opportunity to escape. Clearly an ostensible sign of how deep rooted there bonds have become, from a frosty relationship resulting from previous violent encounters, to a brotherhood of heroes determined to give their lives for Rai’s well being.

If there is one thing nearly as commendable about Noblesse as the art is the well paced character development it always finds the time to perform in transforming the darkness of some of its villains into some of the better protagonists of the series.

And who hasn’t been waiting for this moment, when M-21 and crew finally come into their own, no longer desperate for Rai’s assistance in dealing with their various conflicts.

RATING: 6/10, surprisingly entertaining.

HIGHLIGHTS: M-21’s final transformation.

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