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I don’t know what it is about manga this week and story progression; because while everything I am encountering so far has delivered in the action arena, I find myself unsatisfied by the stories told so far; truth be told this has less to do with this week’s particular chapters and more with the previous chapters of Noblesse and Nanatsu no Taizai, each of which has spent quite a while prioritizing action over story progression.

And it can become difficult to complain about Noblesse’ failings, especially with the quality of its art it consistently presents in its action packed panels, though I am finally at place where I must protest.


The Lord collides with the elders, while M21 tries his hand out at contending with a true werewolf.


It is certainly true that these days I try to keep the chapter descriptions as brief and spoiler free as possible; yet it does astound me when a chapter description fits into a single line, without any attempts on my part to summarize the plot in question.

That is literally all that happened; and unlike with Nanatsu no Taizai I am not complaining, because this Manhwa is simply superbly drawn, so much so that every new chapter of little more than action always finds a way to entertain me.

But that doesn’t say anything about the story, which, I wish, would start rapidly progressing; because it feels like we have stagnated since Rai and crew clashed with Muzaka and left the island. I get it, there is only so much that can be done in a single chapter, but Noblesse isn’t allowing me to experience the same level of satisfaction I encountered when I first read the Manhwa.

I don’t even remember when RK4 first went into battle, it can’t be last chapter because that was all about Karias; but I have seen this too many times in the past to care, the group entering training to achieve greater power, to prove themselves useful to Rai, encountering a strong opponent, showing what they have learnt and getting their asses royally kicked.

Kind of reminds of Dragon Ball Z in which the Z warriors would spend the year training to defeat a foe that would wipe the floor with them almost instantly.

I am calling this the Fairy Tail syndrome, what Noblesse has been doing in the past 100 chapters, basically teasing some actual development for RK-4 but having them contribute almost nothing; and to think each of them were considered true threats when they first emerged in the beginning of the manga.

On the plus side, and I have already said this, I cannot get enough of this art, and the way the battles are arranged, choreographed and presented, allowing the speed and impact to come through, simply awesome.

+RATING: 6/10, this was little better than Nanatsu no Taizai, merely a tad bit more exciting.


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