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Maybe the title didn’t really make it all that clear but NOBLESSE IS AWESOME. And i know, nothing really life changing happened, not in these two chapters, not in any dramatic fashion, not in terms of any deep philosophical character scarring manner.

No, this is a battle manga and as far as battle manga go, Noblesse stands up their with the best of them, more or less unrivalled at the moment; and i know, some Breaker fans just got irked. But i haven’t read Breaker in a while so i cannot comment.

And since i don’t read Naruto or One piece or SNK (the only rivals i can think of at the moment that, as battle manga, might challenge Noblesse) Noblesse is undoubtedly the best battle manga out there at the moment.

It is only those that haven’t been following this series from the beginning that will fail to get a kick out of this arc (then again maybe i am too quick to pronounce judgement, since i am yet to read this week’s Magi, or even Beelzebub which has been nothing short of amazing these past few weeks).

THE CHAPTERS- quickly wrapped things up with Roctis, whose daughter fled but not before unleashing Muzaka, the ancient werewolf lord, from his tank.

Muzaka unleashed his power against Rai who, assigning Frankenstein the task of protecting the children, continued to defend against the overwhelming strength. The two squared off, Rai revealing to Muzaka that his memories were frozen centuries ago, at the moment of their last battle, Muzaka paying these remarks little heed and continuing his assault against his oldest friend, that is until Rai’s ring broke.


My excitement over Noblesse is such that i am taking extra care to think about what i am going to write in this review, otherwise i might end up ranting on and on for several pages on end.

Looking at both chapters critically, it wouldn’t be wrong in saying that nothing really happened, most events having little impact on the story. Ignes proved herself the greedy little brat she has always been, interested in little more than the soul weapon she had inherited from her father, or so she thinks (boy, will she lose it if Roctis managed to take it to the grave). The kids remained unconscious as usual (the series really needs to find these guys something to do beyond their usual damsel in distress role). Frankenstein was discarded by his master, well, not discarded but simply prevented from doing what he wanted to do most, fight in Rai’s place, who continued to wantonly burn life force.

The werewolves learnt of their master’s presence, revealing to us that they thought him long dead, which was sort of interesting. Then they retreated, leaving Muzaka to battle Rai, the best part of both chapters.

That last panel in chapter 311 had me squirming in excitement to find out what would happen next. The last panel of this chapter 322 had me scratching my hair out in frustration; that is how irritatingly impatient i am to see this battle through to the end.

We now know that Muzaka is Rai’s oldest friend, also a werewolf lord. We still don’t know where the werewolves used to hang out.

It’s possible Muzaka is as old as Rai, possibly a noblesse himself for the werewolf race, which would mean that this battle’s about to take a mind boggling turn. The pair spoke of an unknown object as old, if not older, than them, that they seemingly fought over.

The last memory Muzaka has is his battle with Rai, which makes me ten times more curious about what really happened 820 years ago. We know Rai isn’t walking away from his unharmed, if Frankenstein is to be believed and its Muzaka that put his master into a state that forced to undergo his centuries old sleep.

Yet i cannot wait to see what Rai becomes when fully unleashed. NEXT WEEK’S CHAPTER IS GOING TO BE CRAZY.


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