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I want to say that this arc has made a pretty interesting come back, but Noblesse has never truly been off its game, always delivering fast paced chapters, beautifully drawn chapters week in and week out.
However these two chapters were impressive even by Noblesse’ high standards, infusing action with subtle amounts of drama.


Frankenstein and the ninth argue about Frank’s sins, who denies ever having committed atrocities on the level of the Union, instead using his own body to execute his experiments, the purpose of which was to save guard humanity rather than gift them with power as the Union had done.
Frankenstein hands dark spear over to the ninth and it consumes him. The kertia clan leader’s battle continues, both combatants making little headway, until an unnatural phenomenon turns all attention towards the mountains.
Roctis and Rai do battle; Frankenstein arrives but Rai rejects his help, instead assigning him the task of protecting the children. Roctis observes how much weaker Rai is, offering him a way out, to leave his daughter alone and live his life out in peace.
Rai transforms and kills Roctis, allowing him a few last words of remorse.

Wow, as far as crazy power levels and awesome supernatural displays go Rai never ceases to amaze me, that storm of blood tornados descending from a dark sky proving to be one of the most amazing displays we have seen Rai perform.
Both chapters were largely action oriented, taking steps to bring to a close all on going battles and bringing to the attention of the Union the presence and existence of the Noblesse and the crazy sort of power they are facing.
Truth be told i actually thought Rai might not survive the fight against Roctis; and the final scenes reveal to us just how greatly weakened his body has become. While Roctis is probably the most powerful noble among the enemy forces left that could
have challenged Frankenstein, it doesn’t look like Rai’s forces are in any better shape, there own nobles largely defeated and Rai, their Deux Ex Machina, clearly unable to exert himself on the same level as before.
I was somewhat surprised by how Frankenstein ended his battle with the ninth elder, allowing the spear to consume him-i actually entertained the idea that he might be intending to hand the powerful soul weapon over; he managed to somewhat redeem himself for his past sins, at least in my eyes, as i always viewed the old Frankenstein as nothing more than a monster sacrificing millions in the name of acquiring power.
In these chapters he pretty much explained his position, the sacrifices he made to safeguard mankind and the reasons that forced him to betray man kind.
All in all interesting material, pretty dramatic, especially Roctis’s send off, dramatic and sad, the remorse he displayed for betraying his master, yet unwilling to allow his daughter to face death for the heinous crimes she has continued to commit.

RATING: 5/5, couldn’t have been anything less for these two perfect chapters. I can’t be the only one that think Ignes is undeserving of the sacrifices her father has made for her. Blindness suits her. Rai has never seemed sadder or more tragic than he did in these chapters, like a parent forced to kill those children he was assigned to guide and protect for sins they felt forced to commit.
It’s worth noting that he doesn’t punish them for the betrayal they committed against him-and indeed seems to have forgiven them-but for atrocities committed against humanity.

HIGHLIGHTS: Rai’s transformation, Frankenstein. The art in these chapters was amazing.
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