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I can’t say this enough times; but is their really any colored manga, manhawa, manhua series better drawn than Noblesse? Because these action scenes never fail to impress me, even when the story seems to stagnate.


Karias meets his match in the two werewolf elders. The lord of Lukedonia emerges


Whoa, I actually didn’t see that. Noblesse chapters have a habit of always coming to a close on an extremely high note. And while initially fairly unimpressed, it wasn’t until I leafed through the chapter once more that I noticed it.

That wasn’t Seira at the end; I couldn’t figure out why her appearance was that big of a deal, especially following her recent fight and current state of health; it wasn’t until I noticed Karias’ last word ‘Lord’, that it hit me.

‘Lord, which lord? Why do I care? OH, YES,THE LORD OF LUKEDONIA, RASKREA HER SELF?’ And suddenly all those feelings of fair disinterest turned into excitement. Because I can now sort of see where this is going.

Coming back from a pretty long break, Noblesse hits the ground running in bringing to us the fast paced conflict between Karias and the two elders, not only showing us the ferocity of the werewolves but elaborating on Karias’ particular abilities.

And while the eventual outcome of the battle was teased quite well, Karias initially proving strong enough to hold his own, only to take quite the pummeling from that mysterious male werewolf, but even then showing the strength to resist utter obliteration; I didn’t feel myself really caring much about what I was reading.

Certainly great action, one that leaves our new Hero stranded, what with Rai completely out of the game, along with Regis and Seira. But, sometimes action isn’t enough. Hopefully next week delivers a little bit more story.

The origins of this battle didn’t really make that much sense to me in the first place; considering how cordial both parties initially seemed, the werewolves’ sudden belligerence made no sense. They didn’t really explain why Karias suddenly had to die, especially when it was clear they weren’t on Union business to begin with.

This is probably the first ‘fighting for fighting’s sake’ situation I have come across in the Manhwa. Lucky for them the action looked pretty awesome, was gorgeously drawn, enough to hold my attention.

RATING: 5/10, not much to sink my teeth into, except for maybe that last panel.

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