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It is rare for me to watch these sorts of drama anime series, mostly because it always feels like a waste of animation to tell a story that can be easily told in live action. None the less while it wasn’t as good as Usagi drop, Natsuyuki Rendezvous was an interesting love story, at least interesting enough for me to watch it to the end.


A young man, Hazuki, encounters Rokka outside of her flower shop and is smitten by her beauty despite her older age. Feigning knowledge on the subject of flowers, he applies for a job as her assistant, learning soon after of the passing of Rokka’s frail husband from an illness a while back and the fact that she still grieves for him. Undaunted though, Hazuki is determined to pursue Rokka, that is until Shimao, her husband remerges.

It turns out that ever since his death, Shimao’s spirit has been hanging around his wife, unable to interact but continuing to watch her live her life. Hazuki finds himself faced with an immovable obstacle in the form of an ex husband who, though having had his wife promise to sell all his things and move on the moment he died, will stop at nothing to bar Hazuki’s progress with Rokka. proving to be more childish dead, Shimao regularly engages Hazuki in conflict, not only intent on blocking his way to his wife but also determined to convince Hazuki into letting him use his body to physically interact with Rokka.

Rokka continues to live her life, unaware of the conflict between her new much younger suitor and her dead husband’s unseen ghost.


As i mentioned above, i usually do not get dramas in anime. The way i usually see it is if you must waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to animate a story, why bother with plots that solely consist of endless talking and weeping. After all such stories can easily be told in live action.With anime i am looking for the stories that cannot be told via live action, plots that involve explosions that wouldn't work as well with live action viewing.

This series is one of the few that have managed to catch my eye, mostly because i found the episodes to be both entertaining and amusing. When we encounter Shimao in the past, he is calm, logical and some what wise. He is also frail and sickly, unable to do with Rokka all the things she would want to do with him. As a ghost Shimao is less accommodating, almost as if the lack of physical weakness has unleashed his darker side. He is mostly childish, selfish and unwilling to compromise or accept his fate. That makes him very annoying to watch or deal with, especially for Hazuki who is the only one that can see him.

There is really no logical way to deal with him other than confronting him with certain truths he is unwilling to deal with. Hazuki is surprising in that he chooses to stay the course no matter how many times he is goaded into giving up. Shimao is the petty sort of spirit that proves capable of driving him up against the wall and only progress with Rokka, actions by her that show Shimao that she is taking steps to move forward and put his memory aside innervate the ghost’s intentions. None the less for someone in his early twenties, he has to, on several occasions, wonder if the struggle is worth it.

It is an intriguing and dramatic story, also quite controlled and slow in its telling of the story. The kind where very few scenes occur that can be termed as exciting and action packed in anyway. None the less it entertained me so i can’t complain. It is different which is good for my tastes.

RATING:>4/5, anyone can enjoy is anime if they give it enough of a chance.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous translates as A summer snow Rendezvous and began as a four volume manga authored and drawn by Haruka Kawachi in July 2009, published inFeel young magazine and finally ending on January 2012. The anime series began on July 6, 2012, consisted of 11 episodes and was animated by Dogakobo which has also done Blood+, Ergo Proxy, Jyu Oh Sei.

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