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I am starting to wonder if its too late to extricate myself from monthly manga; because as good as some of them are, every manga has tame chapters, lulls in the story that, on a weekly basis, can be acceptable; but which, over the period of one month can become irritating.

Mother keeper chapter 44 wasn’t terrible; and maybe i can point out some entertaining moments…actually no i cannot, because this chapter was only 15 pages long and did nothing to advance the story.

THE CHAPTER: The invasion continues


Really, nothing really progressed in the story from the last two chapters, and that probably has something to do with the very short run of this chapter.

Was i looking forward to Torukisu Vs. Ricalna? Yes, and for all intent and purposes it pretty much…well no, i can’t say it delivered, because again it was only 15 pages. The battle felt like it closed just as it was starting.

Rather what i will say is the art in this chapter was pretty good, specifically the battle between these combatants, the panels arranged in such a way that the carefully choreographed moves were fast paced yet easy to follow.

That’s it, that’s all i can say about this chapter; because Lint facing off against the Chaos tide thugs wasn’t much of a cliff hanger, nothing to keep me be glued to the series till the next chapter.

We have always known what the rebels were after, mother, the same thing Ricalna tried to obtain when he first infiltrated Eden; so it isn’t like we learnt much from the chaos tide conversation.

Well maybe its worth pointing out the fact that they said if mother was all they acquired from the invasion, they were as good as victorious in their endeavours; which means they probably have secondary objectives besides taking Eden’s CPU.

Now that would be a great mystery if we hadn’t seen the rebels dragging a massive rocket into Eden; i guess that goes back to the question of their motives.

But by destroying Eden and killing a number of its inhabitants, they will formally lose entitlement over the description of hero. And i can’t see Ricalna returning to their side after that.

RATING: 4/10; sure, great action sequences, but also very short.

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