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…i am somewhat surprised that i managed to sit down long enough to write this review. Reviewing anime or manga is hard, or at least it has been a pain for the last few days, since Friday to be precise. After several minutes at the keyboard i couldn’t even gather the strength to review Beelzebub, or write any of the other posts i wanted to make.
Why? What else but Fairy tail. It wasn't until i read last week’s chapter that i realized just how seriously i took fairy tail; quite stupid of me, considering what the series has delivered in the last few arcs. Yet i was that irritated by that last chapter, so much so that i lost interest in this little hobby of mine.
BUT SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? …I am losing focus here, which is why i didn’t bother writing anything these past few days, what with fairy tail constantly occupying my thoughts whenever i thought of picking up a manga chapter to pass the time. I haven’t bothered reviewing fairy tail for the last two or three weeks, precisely because i was waiting for this chapter to blow me away, enough to pour all the last chapters into this one review, and yet…anyway, Magi; i can’t tell if these two chapters were released today or i simply missed 205 last week.
Whatever the case at least this arc is finally beginning to advance.
Yunan and Sinbad display hostility towards each other. Aladdin learns of the true threat of the current age and the danger the presence of so many great kings portends. Alibaba learns of the two faces of the new Balbad.

Alibaba acted pretty much the way i expected him to, keeping a brave front yet clearly rattled by the progress that Balbad had made without him. 206 built a pretty interesting image of Balbad under its new masters. On the one hand no one could deny the prosperity brought about by Kou, the clean streets, large buildings, food, health, money.
On the other hand though, not only where they transforming Balbad into the image of any other Kou city with its architecture and design, they were also launching a surreptitious assault against the city, in exchange for food, health and order, stripping away all independence, removing from those citizens of Balbad any semblance of choice through the introduction of a fairly tame cast system designed to systematically eradicate self will.
It was quite jarring listening to Alibaba’s two friends, Zaylad quick to praise the peace of the new order, its color coded cast system and mechanism of predetermining the economic fate of its citizens, Hassan, her husband, then later expressing dismay at the erasure of all thoughts of hope and dreams, recognizing a vegetative element beginning to creep into the psyches of his fellow men.
Sinbad answered one facet of the reason he hated Yunan, the fact that he unleashed the dungeons upon the world. Prototype is likely to reveal the swathes of suffering under which Sinbad existed as a result of the dungeons. But i suspect there is more to it. We can now safely assume though that Yunan and Judal aren’t friends, what with Yunan spending his time sinking all the dungeons that Judal raises; which explains why the Kou empire isn’t armed with an army of vessel holders.
Whatever Yunan said to Sinbad he clearly agrees with a portion of the blame assigned to him, if he would go so far as to undo the dungeons created by Judal. Yunan did reveal quite a lot with his lecture regarding the king vessel. Aladdin’s initial foray into the open world elicited a lot of surprise, many unable to fathom his existence, what with Judal and the rest already running around.
I didn’t give it much though back then but it makes some sense now. Each magi comes forth to choose a king, a human born to wield the magi’s power to shape the world as he would wish it. That, according to Yunan, is as it has always been. Yet the current era is chock full of Magi, each with a chosen king; there is an even greater number of kings running around, massively powerful beings with great will, commanding great followers, each of whom is determined to change the world to mirror their vision.
Clearly there will be war, as only one king may paint the world in his or her colors. Which places the series in an interesting place. Clearly their will be a clash between these chosen kings, and only one may rise to the top. Which means Alibaba and Sinbad will rise to opposing ends. That isn’t something i am happy with. I like Sinbad and any attempt to portray him in a bad light doesn’t work for me. That isn’t to say that the story won’t be for the better if Sinbad proves to be less that honorable. It will be, i just will not cheer for Sinbad’s fall.
And i suspect that to be an eventuality, mostly because of something Yunan said; that Sinbad disturbs him. He is too perfect, as a symbol of the true king, honorable, immensely powerful, charismatic, a leader in every right. Yunan, and Aladdin, basically made Sinbad out to be the perfect hero; the fact that this doesn’t sit well with Yunan must mean something. I just hope it isn’t something bad for sinbad.

RATING: 4/5, decent chapters. It’s interesting to learn that Magi that die reincarnate as new people, only that Yunan has died 9 times and returned as himself. The emergence of so many kings must lead back to Al Tharmen and their plans for the future.

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