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So after catching up with Magi, i have decided to give reviewing the chapters a go, mainly because Magi is that awesome. Seriously if you are not reading this manga, you should most definitely take it into consideration, especially with this most recent arc. But then again season 2 is on the way and you might be better off waiting, that is if the studio actually intends to assign a real animation budget to the series.


Last chapter saw the end of the Magnoshtadt arc. Sinbad prevented a possible war between Reim and Kou by uniting Sindria and Reim’s interests, and Titus returned as a new Magi.
This week’s chapter began the journey into a whole new arc. Aladdin and group returned to Sindria awaiting a meeting between Sinbad and Kouen in two months during which Aladdin will inform both kings of the truth of Alma Toran, at which point the future of the land would be decided. Titus returned to Riem as its new Magi, with Sphinctus in toe as his physician.
Back in Sindria the gang met Olba, the violent kid from the Madaura arc, now older, taller, wiser and grateful to Alibab for the action he took more than a year ago. Shambal, Alibaba’s master from Riem also makes an appearance with Toto in toe.
The rest of the chapter is focused around the festivities that follow, mentioning Sinbad’s preparations for the coming meeting, but mostly focusing on celebrating Aladdin’s return and the end of the Magnoshtadt debacle.


I like how brief Magi can sometimes be, telling us through his diary entries rather than showing us that Aladdin had spent considerable time in the magic city afte the fight with the medium, trying to help make reparations, taking steps to ensure that the magic based caste system was stripped away and all citizens were assigned equal status. It is interesting that Sinbad and Kouen have chosen to sit down and talk about the future.
In the last chapter there was something belligerent about Kouen, almost like he was ready to smash through Riem and take Magnoshtadt now that the common enemy was defeated. And i can see how he would have done that. Riem expended itself during the initial invasion, and i do not think it has any dungeon conquerors still empowered to fight.
But the last couple of chapters gave us a glimpse into Sinbad’s cunning mind. When the seven seas alliance first appeared he was quick to point out that the alliance neither partook in conquest nor allowed itself to be conquered. In the last chapter it was inferred that he, with his alliance, had the power to eliminate the Kou party if he so wished it, what with the Kou siblings all but spent.
Yet he chose to enter an alliance with Riem, immediately stalling any plans Kou might have had to enter war immediately, and now he has acquiesced to a meeting with Kouen. Ever since Magi began, we have had a lingering suspicion about the true nature of Sinbad and his intentions. Clearly he is conniving and will use whoever he has within his grasp to accomplish his objectives.
We saw him take steps to use Alibaba, directly take advantage of one of the Kouen Princess’ feelings for him and even attempt to ensnare Aladdin. So there are a lot of doubts when dealing with Sinbad. Yet these last two chapters seem to suggest than no matter his intentions, Sinbad wants to avoid war and violent confrontation. Then again he promised to aide Hakuryuu in breaking the Kou empire apart. So really, who the heck knows what this shrewd man is thinking?
It was great seeing many of Magi’s recurring characters, now older, especially Olba, his gang and the fact that they had thrived during Alibaba’s absence. It is a shame to leave Magnoshtadt, because it will most likely be a while before we see Titus and Sphinctus again.
It is strange that in a chapter filled with suspense and foreboding about events to come, the biggest thing to occur within these 19 pages would be Alibaba’s revelation that he had found a girlfriend (Toto) in Riem, and Morgiana’s expression on that last page.

RATING:> 4/5, really, 19 pages? Magi feels so long compared to other manga that i have come across, probably because of how wordy it is. But i am surprised at how much the chapters manage to get across in such a short period of time.
Highlights: Morgiana, Alibaba…
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