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So this week’s fairy tail chapter was as short as it was good. The less than impressive bits were…let’s first take a step back. Rogue VS Gajeel. The shadowy force that approached Sting was just that, a shadow that endowed the young dragon slayer with a dark power, transforming him into the shadow dragon slayer.

It was somewhat impressive; he was fast, could turn his constitution into a black intangible form, and he was definitely stronger, kicking Gajeel’s ass up and down the hall. There was a point were I thought that fairy tail might actually get serious, that it might kill or even maim Gajeel permanently, specifically when Rogue had Gajeel by the throat, and Revy was shouting something about Rogue killing him.

Anyway, Gajeel quickly recognizes that this is no Rogue, but by then he is surrounded by some sort of black shadowy stuff. Taking a leaf out of Natsu’s book, Gajeel eats the shadows and transforms into the shadow iron dragon slayer.

Admittedly he looked badass with that strange mixture of metal and shadowy aura emanating from his being, like only Gajeel can be. Suddenly, he remembers who Rogue is-throughout the whole tournament, Gajeel had no idea who the dragon slayer was and why he was fixated on beating him.

He was one of Gajeel’s former disciples during his days at phantom Lord,known as Raios, and as he is quick to remind him, Rogue never looked up to him; he feared him, and the chapter ends with Gajeel raging in shadow and metal, saying that he will now remind Rogue of that fear.

Else where Natus, future Lucy along with Arcadios and the princess are heading through the tunnels to meet up with Jellal. Lucy is strangely anxious about running into the palace guards, who show up just then. Fairy tail does what it has become so good at, and that is turning cannon fodder into ever bigger canon fodder.

In that melee Arcadios and the princess suddenly vanish, leading Mira Jane to run after them in pursuit. Anyway, the guards are tired of being wailed on, so they summon back up, an anti magic unit that puts Natsu down. But that only enrages him, and he rises in preparation for the deliverance of a most sound beating.

Over all I can’t give this chapter more than a 3 out of 5. The running through the tunnel and fighting a host of palace guards feels quite repetitive. This is what fairy tail does every other week. They ran into a group of seemingly impressive opponents, be it due to quantity or quality, that attempt to assert their superiority, but are soundly decimated within a space of a few seconds.

Even this anti magic unit is unlikely to produce any results. Anyone remember the Garrow knights, once hailed by a frightened Arcadios as a living nightmare, a nightmare that fairy tail defeated without effort. And what was with Mira Jane being suddenly so concerned with the princess? Unless I am mistaken, they haven’t known each other ling enough to be that close.

Gajeel’s fight saved this chapter. I see a slight change in the dynamic between Natsu and Gajeel. This has always been Natsu’s thing, facing new stronger enemies, and instead of using wits, he defeats them using a new never before seen and one time only use power invoked by either eating something or touching something that eventually results in negative effects to his body.

And it seems gajeel is learning, though I will say that it was about time he got a power up.I mean, Natsu has that whole thunder flame dragon slayer thing, so it’s only fair that Gajeel gets one too.

Gajeel is going to kick Rogue’s ass. And I hope to see it happen soon, because I am curious to find out what the shadow. Chances are the future that Lucy saw has began to occur; chances are she didn’t tell them everything. A common position is that the shadow is Zeref, and Lucy is Zeref in disguise, or maybe she is aiding Zeref in someway, form or manner by carrying his power.

There is some mystery to Arcadios. We all thought he was a villain. Then he threw himself in lava for fairy tail, proving himself to be a hero of sorts. But he is still rather shady, disappearing at the very point in time that the shadow attacks Rogue. Chances are he is responsible, though I might be overlooking Lucy and the reason she is sneaking them through the tunnels.

if Hiro is wise, he will stick to the Gajeel fight and complete it, instead of switching back and forth between different battles. Though truth be told, I am dying to find out what is happening with Erza and bat shit crazy Minerva.

All in all this was a good chapter, that was debased by events on Natsu’s side. I don’t really care for endless fights with lesser opponents.

I have heard criticism of Gajeel’s sudden transformation, that maybe the fight should have gone longer before Gajeel transformed; and that maybe it would be better for Gajeel not to go the cheap Natsu route. I say that this is what fairy tail is all about, it is fun and a ride meant to be enjoyed. After all, Fairy tail is about the fights and just how crazy they can get

That aside, I thought I would review a character for none fairy tail fans just getting into this manga. Today I am going with...


Lucy’s full name is Lucy hearfelia. She is the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Fiore. She lived a charmed life until X777 when her mother died. Her father became consumed by his work and Ignored her. As such Lucy eventually chose to ran away from home, meeting Natsu and Happy a year later. Lucy first confuses a con artist, Bora, for the famed fire mage Salamander. Bora kidnaps Lucy and that is when the real Salamander, Natsu shows up, breaking everything as he always does.

And from there on, Natsu introduces Lucy to the number one Guild in Fiore, enabling her to become a member. They go on to have many adventures and…that’s about it for Lucy.

Despite being one of the primary protagonists, Lucy is unbelievable dull. Seriously, I get the idea, that she represents the every day man, venturing into a guild of crazy mages and through her eyes we discover a whole host of weird and interesting things, but still…

Lucy is a celestial wizard, in that she has magic keys with which she summons celestial spirits, based on some sort of horoscope system. The spirits themselves are lame; just imagine cancer, a large crab in a suit that uses its scissors to tailor her clothes or that purple thing with a compass on its head whose only task is to tell the direction. Seriously lame.

Lucy also comes off as somewhat charming and charismatic, but not in anyway that is visible to us the readers. Everything she does is over exaggerated by those around her, and in so many cases she is credited for being key to victories she had absolutely nothing to do with. Sure it all fun and games, especially with Lucy’s own hilarious reactions to what is imputed to her, and her so called, power, but I sometimes tire of it.

As far as the arcs and adventures go, she is usually fighting some other celestial wizard or similarly weak villain, and will overall have no effect on the turn out of an event.

Her redeeming qualities are few, but surprising for someone so weak. First is Loke, her most powerful (and coolest spirit). We meet Loke as a member of fairy tail that shows disdain for Lucy. We later learn that he simply hates all celestial wizards, primarily due to his own past experience with them. He is later revealed to be a celestial spirit (LEO) banished from the spiritual realm for killing his former master, celestial mage Karen.

Through a series of events that have Lucy saving Loke from disappearing out of existence, he joins her arsenal of spirits and will show up from time to time, seeing as he is also a member of fairy tail. You could mention Aquarious but she is mostly useless. While possessing powerful water abilities, she doesn’t like Lucy and when summoned, will attack the target, as well as Lucy, and that is if she even decided to act.

The newest edition Caprico might prove to be more impressive, but we will wait and see. Loke’s relationship with Lucy is interesting to watch, especially since Loke can summon himself from the spiritual realm and doesn’t really need Lucy the way other spirits need her to remain in the physical world.

Lucy proves her self better than other celestial mages because while the keys are hers and thus the spirits are hers to use, she treats them not as objects or shields but as friends that she will even protect. This is what endears Loke to her, as well as caprico, who by the way was her mother’s spirit (she was a celestial mage). Capricp appears during the S-class arc as an enemy combatant with Grimoire Heart. He holds a grudge against Lucy for something related to he mother, but Lucy’s attitude changes him.

But this is fairy tail, so such sentiments shouldn’t surprise you.

Lucy’s other redeeming quality as a character is her relationship with her father.The only time before the time skip that she proved interesting to watch was when he came into the picture. First was the visit with Natsu to see her father (revealing her wealth). The relationship was no better than before as he attempts under handed means to force her back home and out of fairy tail.

The second time he visits her, is when he is trying to make amends, speaking of being a changed man and all that. Lucy buys it but it turns out he lost his fortune and needs something from her. She is less than impressed and sends her away, only to ride to his rescue along with Natsu, when the old man runs fowl of a dark guild in his attempts to make easy money.

Lucy breaks the relationship with him completely and he is more than harsh in his reply. The last time we hear of him, Lucy returns home after 7 years to find out that he had died. More than that he had made attempts to change, by doing everything in his power to find her, sending her a present on each birthday and even paying her rent for all 7 years. Of course this is before she knows of his fate, and is suddenly feeling the need to accept his apologies and begin their relationship anew, only to find his grave.

Now I will admit that was the saddest moment in fairy tail, and even if you don’t like Lucy, you would have felt for her.

Overall I am no Lucy fan. While is see and understand her role as a fairy tail character, I can’t see it as a member of fairy tail. She brings nothing to the table other than dragging the other characters around, usually because she ran out of money, can’t pay rent, needs to take a job but is took weak to do it alone. She will spend most pages screaming for help as one creature or another takes to the hills with her on its back.

As for the new take on her character in this arc, I shall wait and see. Clearly she is important to the eclipse project. An interesting fact to note; the dragons disappeared in X777; Lucy’s mother, Layla Heartfilia, died on X777. That can’t be a coincidence.

Another fact, Lucy attracts a lot of ambivalent attention from fans over how she is drawn and represented by Hiro; usually the question is if Lucy wasn’t originally a character meant for some hentai creation of Mashima’s but which he simply diverted into his new story; or maybe Hiro Mashima forgets that fairy tail is for the most part a child friendly series.

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