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That big guy is me, knocked out by this chapter
That big guy is me, knocked out by this chapter

This chapter, fairy tail 322…I have no words…literally.

I have been writing my blog (initially at katmic.blogspot.com and recently on anime vice) for a little over three months, so let me elucidate a bit on the process involved in writing the twenty or so posts that I have written, in order to put this particular blog into context.

I will try to publish a new post every one to three days; as far as the subject is concerned, writing takes about 30 minutes and not more than forty on most days if I can help it. And the reason for that restricted time line is that I rarely ever sit down to write down new material from scratch. Usually I will come up with the subject for my blog at least a week before I actually get down to writing it. For instance, the last blog is posted, relating to epic anime moments, I came up with some time in early February.

However other than not actually having a concrete idea of how exactly I would write, I also kept coming across and wrapping up with some great anime which either spurred me on to do a review or brought into existence an entirely new idea that proved more interesting to me than that first idea.

Anyway, other than a few cases when something will inspire me to sit down and write on the fly, by the time I actually get down to writing a post, I will have already written the post in my head over several days to weeks, so all I am doing is copying and pasting. As such, my writing rarely needs to precede beyond 30 minutes.

Beyond the writing, there is the more irritating process of locating images, downloading them, uploading them to the blog and arranging them in a way that will correlate with the message of the post.

Add to that the 15-20 minutes of editing I do-during which I correct any and all errors, errors here including misspellings and incorrect punctuations along with any points that I may wish to explore further, cut back on or delete all together-and my total blog writing time can come up to about one and half hours.

However that estimation is probably an under exaggeration, Taking into consideration my (sort of) employment, I will mostly write during the the lulls of the day where business is scarce or slow; but even then, any five minute bit of writing that I will do will be continuously and irritatingly interrupted repeatedly for long periods of time, the end result of which is that I may, taking into account minutes to hours spent relaxing (watching anime/TV), take an entire day writing a five page blog (sometimes).

So in a way writing my blog can be exhausting, especially taking into account the point I made in an earlier blog, that I don’t like writing in phases. IN that, even if a blog post is 15-20 pages long, I will sit down and write it in one go, rather than writing it a few pages a day.

However in describing the process of writing my blog, I would refer to it as frustrating rather than difficult. Why, you might wonder? Why bother writing a blog that I don’t have to do and on a self assigned schedule I don’t have to keep? Simply put, it is fun.

Other than the writing practice is get, I enjoy sitting down and writing this blog. These words that you are reading, I am most likely having a lot of fan writing them. There are times I take a sit at the table and spend the next hour typing away at my laptop. And as my parents and siblings walk by, minding there own business, wondering why I am sweating so much, even while I seem so keen on the task occupying my time, they have no idea how exhilarating and excited I am feeling at that moment.

There are times when writing a post will produce the same excitement as watching the anime or reading the manga I am writing about. That might be because I spend more time thinking and talking in my head than actually producing words from my mouth, but the fact is I enjoying writing my blog.

Even the task of formulating and developing my articles over a week’s time isn’t as tedious as it sounds. When I am executing the different vigorous and energy consuming tasks that my (sort of) job entails, be it walking some distance to deliver certain items, or collect certain documents from some office somewhere in town, or doing some manual work around the office or at home or etc.,there are few things that will enable me to alleviate the stress involved with this kind of work (even non physical work but none the less patience degrading and excruciating tasks like recording entire volumes of data into the computer); I can listen to my music, which I will vary from hard to soft rock, to classical, to gospel depending on the need. Or I can listen to my networking or programming notes. Or I can put some time into the other writing related projects I am working on (that I might never complete with my laziness).

But in the several times when all those pass times, when even the radio (I spend a lot of time on BBC) fail to entertain me, I turn to my blog. When I am assigning so much brain power to working out the finer points of an argument I want to make, I will notice neither the blazing sun nor the irritating cold of rain.

Same thing goes for those dull, slower days; even when the idea of opening my laptop and writing a few lines of a post feels torturous to my lethargic brain, once I put a paragraph down, the excitement returns and I will not stop till I finish my task.

Now of course you might be wondering what any of this has to do with fairy tail chapter 322.

Well, to put it bluntly, this chapter was crap, in every sense of the word. I sat down for the longest time, thinking about what I could say about chapter 322, be it negative or positive, but I simply could think of anything to say.

Simply put, reading chapter 322 left me drained as far as all things fairy tail are concerned. It wasn’t merely bad, it was a total and utter disappointment, to the point where talking about it seems tedious and energy consuming.

If I wasn’t a fairy tail fan, if fairy tail wasn’t one of the first three mangas I have ever read, after Evangelion and Veritas, if I hadn’t been an ardent fan of fairy tail for the last three or so years, I would have stopped reading fairy tail right here and right now.

Honestly speaking, i actually considered making this my last fairy tail chapter. But I won’t do that, thought it was that bad. Rather than waste a whole load of time reviewing the material, I will leave it at simply explaining what happened.

Erza beat Minerva, with a random as they come attack from a random as they come weapon, after a ridiculously brief and nonsensical explanation about what the hell the Armor of Nakagami was.

And when I say Erza beat Minerva, I mean it was that brief. One or two panels of Minerva’s fall, after who knows how many chapters of Minerva stomping the craziness out of Erza. Add that to the explanation over the ridiculous amounts of magic required to fuel the armor, magic that Erza simply couldn’t possess after such a grueling battle and this battle isn’t worth mentioning.

I know this is fairy tail, but the whole ‘power of nakama’ thing doesn’t even cut it here. I know this is fiction, but even a fictional universe has fictional logic and fictional rules, that Hiro just broke.

Elsewhere Gray and Juvia beat Lyon and Chelia. That one was so silly, not merely because it only took one half of a page to do, but because I don’t even know what the hell they did.

Sting finally makes his move, then he doesn’t. Lector is alive and well and…fairy won the Daimatou Enbu and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Natsu made some mention of how things had began to move, along with Arcadios and some other people I don’t really care for; basically it was time for eclipse and…I don’t really care, because thinking about this chapter only infuriates me further.

This is what I don’t get. Hiro gave us 35 pages for chapter 322, basically 10-15 more pages than he normally would; and I don’t really see what happened that couldn’t have happened in 15-20 pages.

And what was with that color page; of all the panels that Hiro could have colored, he chose the Juvia and Gray crap…

I can only conclude as such: Hiro was really really excited to get to what came after the tournament that he neglected the current story; he was tired of doing the Daimatout Enbu; he is secretly a lousy mangaka and an even lousier story teller or he simply hates fairy tail and wants it done with.

I made the decision to write these posts on fairy tail with the aim of converting fairy tail haters into fairy tail fans, by showing them the attractions that fairy tail has to offer.

However I wouldn’t encourage or recommend any non fairy tail fan to read this 35 page waste of space. I had so much hope for this arc and it is all Hiro’s fault. He set things up so well; fact is the last couple of chapters have been on fire, but he simply couldn’t deliver on the hopes he had created for us fans.

Rather than maul over the events of this chapter, I will choose to wait for next week’s chapter. I will hope against all hope that Hiro makes up for this. But the truth is it will take something absolutely explosive, absolutely bombastic, to make up for the mess that was chapter 322. And with all I have seen, I am pretty sure a feat like that is beyond Hiro’s abilities.

As a fan of one piece, naruto and bleach, I have noticed each of these three giants make some disastrous mistakes over the years, Bleach worst of all, and naruto mostly in the last year, during the initial events of the fourth great shinobi war (when you choose to replace fists and jutsus with soothing words, any plot will undeniably lose its fire), but nothing like the way fairy tail will builds itself up, only to knock its own self back down.

Suddenly it makes so much sense why fairy tail isn’t one of and might never become a member of the big three.

AS one reviewer I watch pointed out, there is one good thing about this chapter; we are finally done with the tournament, and now we can move on to the next chapter of fairy tail’s story; again that is me hoping that there is more to Hiro’s story than I am giving him credit for. Then again maybe it wasn’t a good idea to write this review immediately after reading it; maybe if I had given it a day, and then given the chapter a fresh look, my perspective might have changed.

Either way, I give it a 0/5 (okay 0.5/5)

Like I said, I won’t bother talking about this chapter much further, rather the two links I have posted below will better explain it all, I don’t have the strength.



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