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Another short fairy tail chapter.

Really, only three things happened:

---First we learnt that the eternal flame hadn’t disappeared but rather it had simply shrunk to a size so small that it might disappear. Natsu was needed to reignite it.

---Secondly Natsu continued his battle with the black bird, ending things on the alter of the eternal flame and using some powerful flame attacks to defeat the creature and ignite the flame.

---Thirdly, the flame grew to a healthy size and we realized that it was Atlas flame.


A lot of this chapter was irrelevant, though entertaining. The fight with Natsu took up most of the pages but it was actually worth the panels in showcasing some of Natsu’s new moves.

Atlas flame was the primary attraction here though, and i have to say that though i considered this particular option, it was none the less a surprise. Now i am curious as to how he ended up in his current state. This is Nastu’s chance to finally learn what happened to the dragons 14 years ago. I suspect that a lot of next week’s chapter will be dialogue, but that isn’t a bad thing, either that or we will finally get to Erza Vs. Minerva.

RATING:> 3/5, pretty entertaining chapter, though little story progression.

Highlight:> Strangely enough it was the fight with the bird that i most enjoyed.

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