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This chapter was strange, i do not mean that in a bad way...or maybe i do. I reminded of the sorts of scenes i usually find in the rare fairy tail filler that i have come across.


We learn that Flare's appearance isn't totally by accident. Flare is a citizen of the village of the sun, and she is pissed off at what has become of her home. The hunters are quick to refute the accusations aimed at them but end up admitting that they are hunting the eternal flame.

Flare goes on the offensive and loses. Wendy and Lucy however team up and take all three hunters down.

I think that was it...oh and two pages of fan service.


There was one exciting thing in this chapter and that was learning that the village of the sun was Flare's home. Okay, i wouldn't call it exciting, more like an interesting bit of information.

The rest of this chapter was mostly meh. Virgo's antics were funny as usual and it was good to see Leo, but other than that little else happened in this chapter worth mentioning, which isn't a good thing considering the fact that this was an action packed chapter.

Considering how hyped they were in previous chapters, the hunters went down quite easily. True they put up a fight, but it all seemed too easy at the end. I wasn't happy with that.

Learning that Flare's powers were instigated by the eternal flame augurs some interesting events to come in the future. Who knows what will happen when Natsu eats it, and we all know he will.


Highlights: Virgo trying to dive into the ice.

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