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it is times like this where i wish fairy tail was a few pages longer so i could get a little more of it each week. Unsurprisingly the battle in this chapter was a little too short for my liking, which is a surprising thing for me to say as an anime fan. Most otaku out there will admit to having wished and hoped on several occasions that a fight in an anime or manga would cut down to at least half of its multi episode excessively long size. Yet here in fairy tail, i am actually wishing for the opposite, that the fights would last just a little bit longer. And it isn’t like we are talking about something Hiro hasn’t done before; there was a time during the S class arc were the fights just wouldn’t end. I guess someone out there complained and Hiro is listening, but at the wrong time.


The long awaited day is here, July 7th, the very day 14years ago that the dragons disappeared. Makarov and other masters are going about organizing the guilds in preparation for the attack. Fairy tail will take center stage defending the central square, while the other guilds wait in the outskirts. Clearly even the tougher mages, the likes of Laxus and Erza, are far from peak fighting condition, but it is fairy tail, so maybe they are hoping to depend on more Nakama power.

Rogue and Natsu are engaged in battle. The have barely began to even taste each other’s strengths when Natsu suddenly decides to take it to the next level by activating his Lightning flame mode and decimating the tunnels with an awe striking attack. But while mildly amused, Rogue is far from impressed as he too decides to bring the battle to an end even before it truly began, by activating his white shadow dragon mode and bringing Natsu to his knees with a multi directional attack that doesn’t allow him to retaliate or defend.

Natsu is down for the count mostly, bleeding all over and barely able to stand. Rogue, clearly superior prepares to take him out when he is assaulted by crystal balls (sort of) that devastate the area he should have been standing in. By the time Ultear arrives at the scene, Rogue is gone.But rather than chase after him, her and Meredy have to deal with a more pressing matter. Natsu is depleted physically and is unable to to fight against a pool of shadows that begins to drag him down.

Elsewhere the great gates of the eclipse have began to open and as they all marvel at the light coming from within, Lucy moves forth to close the gates and stop eclipse…


It is easy to see why i would call this a pretty good chapter.

1. ROGUE KILLED STING?! WHY? This was a pretty shocking revelation for Rogue to make. Last time we saw him, Rogue had lost to Gajeel and was suddenly reciting the fairy tail mantra about friendship and all that. What in the world could happen in seven years to turn him into a murderer? Well, that is obvious i guess. The dragons attacked; the place rogue comes from is probably more hell than anything and living in such an existence can change people. None the less it was a shocking revelation. But i don’t know how much of it should be believed.

We have heard this before, with sting and rogue claiming they killed their dragons, which is silly if you think about it; they couldn’t have been more than infants by the time the dragons disappeared; how in the world could they have acquired the strength to kill their dragons. It is more than possible that Rogue is jesting, or maybe sting willingly gave up his life to empower rogue. Who knows? But clearly not everything that rogue says should be taken as it is.

2. NATSU VS ROGUE. Admittedly i thought it would be appropriate for Natsu to lose, but i didn’t think he would lose so brutally, so quickly and for rogue to be so bad ass. That (fusion) dragon transformation, with one part dark and the other part light, is truly formidable. I have been waiting to see more of Natsu’s lightning flame mode in this arc for a while, but i was surprised by how ineffective it was. I want to complain that this fight was too short, but really, we all know it is far from over. Chances are Natsu will find another opportunity to even the score. But i can’t complain for now; it was satisfying.

3.EVIL LUCY? I doubt anyone is going to believe that Lucy has gone bad. Either that isn’t the real Lucy, or she is being brainwashed. What would make this plot better is if Lucy was actually acting on her own volition, rather than some external force, because then it doesn’t just become a matter of defeating this unseen force and everything returns back to normal. Hiro has a chance right here to make something more of Lucy. Let’s face it, even the future Lucy plot was a waste as Lucy would have been of absolutely no use in saving the future. Another reason her death meant nothing.

If anything, now we know that Rogue was right, and whatever his actions so far, it would be a stretch to call him evil. He came back to save the future and he has the power to do it, unlike Lucy. But that last scene did surprise me, that Rogue was right and Lucy would close the door. I can only imagine the anxiety felt by those watching as the gate opens, knowing that it took seven years to collect the necessary magic to empower it and one small mistake will not only throw away all their efforts but doom humanity; and then Lucy starts speaking of closing the gate. I can see Arcadios killing Lucy instantly, and he wouldn’t be wrong. The dragons have to be stopped at all costs; whether or not Lucy is under nefarious control makes no difference.

MY RATING:> 4/5, this was a good chapter. Now with Hiro being who he is, i can only hope he doesn’t mess things up next week because that would be within his character.

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