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Ahh, it is a shame that this manga has obviously began its slow descent to the finishing line. It is because of chapters like this, so short yet so epic that i read these kinds of manga that basically resolve around superpowers and fighting. yet there is no denying that events are moving way too fast and these chapters would have normally been spread out over at least ten chapters. But what can we do? The manga is being pressured to impress and its showing all its cards before time just to stay afloat. whatever


So we learn that all the catastrophic events in history, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, world war 2, a few volcanic eruptions, were all simply the workings of the marvro, results of the experimentation carried out by these so called gods at the expense of humanity. And it seems the black gods have once more turned their attention to humanity. They are planning a new catastrophe, a new experiment as they call it, that will bring about the fall of man once more.

Three mavro are dispatched around the world to begin the attack; one in Russia who begins to engulf everything around him in ice while speaking of how humans are basically trash that must be annihilated; another in china who starts to set off a series of powerful explosions blasting through the city as he talks of the beauty of humanity displayed in their last moments as they die; and the last situated in New York where she begins to literally tear the city apart with a magnetic force, showing little deference for what she calls little creatures trying to rise beyond their ranks.

But the attack will not go unchallenged as white joker, now Hungry Joker, has began to move, not to stop the catastrophes, but to destroy those behind them. Nils intercepts the marvro in Russia, Vivie takes china and Allan Blackman handles New York. The Mavro are astonished at the bravery of the Eureka users, who immediately come under attack, with Nils having his giant bull frozen and torn apart, that they would individually challenge a mavro even though it took multiple Eureka users to take on their weaker brethren in the past.

But hungry joker has thought ahead. Apparently with Haiji and Chitose’s help, they had developed a special pill that draws out an exponential amount of power from the human cells and which when combined with the Eureka power unleashes a surge of power and brings about an evolution. This power, Allan says, differs from that which the Mavro’s use because it’s source is the human body. With this act the three Eureka users evolve and begin th counter attack, making short work of the Mavro.

But the Mavro are far from defeated and one of them speaks of a fourth having dispatched to Japan. This fourth Mavro turns out to be kild himself, but once more Hungry joker had preempted his attack and dispatched there half human half mavro agents Haiji and his assistant Chitose to the site. The chapter closes as haiji descends towards a smiling kild.


Despite all the problems with pacing that this manga is suffering from, i loved these two chapters. They were as action packed as a battle manga should be. This is why i read such manga, where the author has the ability to blow my mind away even when the result is predictable. Anyone reading hungry joker will know by now that the author is clearly moving towards the end; it will be premature but

it will be better than an open ending. He knows that his time is running out and unfortunately these chapters skipped all the bonding and character development we would expect from a series of this type and jumped to the end.. The final result doesn’t look bad, but you can’t help but think of what could have been, how awesome the adventures would have been with these four individuals, and how incredible it would have been to read their subtle but steady development in their quest to stop the Mavro.

With this chapter it is clear that Tabata is basically giving us the cliff notes, focusing on displaying the check points that he probably set up and planned for in the beginning and which he intended to push towards steadily but a chance that shonen jump denied him. None the less this was some creative drawing and writing. In this day and age you will here otaku complaining about how battles are either too short or too long. We need out battles long enough for us to appreciate the struggle involved but not so long that the entire story is stalled. Tabata covered a ten chapter battle in two. Actually he did it in one chapter, with chapter 21 being mostly set up, and with so little to work with i am blown away by how enjoyable the battle was.

The Mavro were awesomely super powered and in a way they put up a pretty good fight and Tabata did what he could to show use the extent of their abilities with the little time available.

I didn’t get Vivie’s evolution and what she was saying about having gained a stable form. When the Mavro nuked the building with that intense fire attack, he was pretty certain that it would annihilate her, even in her stable form. Maybe she mentioned something in the past about possessing some sort of instability in the metal she generates, i don’t know. Either way she kind of reminded me of an awakened being

Nils was awesome without being awesome. We are yet to really see what he can do when pushed do. Clearly he was simply more powerful than the mavro seeing as it admitted that he or rather she had thrown off his ice by sheer force and over whelming power. The illusion mist monster she summoned after was clearly bigger than before but i still want to see more of her power.

Of course my favorite was feakin Allan Blackman. I love this guy. Against his Mavro, he was his usual cool self on the outside, while completely conflicted on the inside. I loved the way he was replying to her threats with cool but cliché lines of confidence while his inner thoughts were torn about whether or not she was flirting with him and if he was really against giving her an honest shot. He got the best action as well, the way he shattered the debris and revealed that he was currently one large oscillating object and not only could she no longer harm or even touch him, but that he had achieved sound speed. This battle was so short and yet SOOO EPIC.

Maybe it’s Tabata’s art. At first glance it isn’t the cleanest and flashiest piece of work you might have ever seen; yet there is a uniqueness to it. Like bleach, Hungry joker tries to do something different with manga art and brings a whole new experience to the reading process.

Chapter 23 is already out, unless i am mistaken that makes three chapters in one week; but i think i will wait until chapter 24 is released. Next battle is Haiji Vs. Kild who, unless i am mistaken, is sort of in charge. And he is with Chitose so we can expect some space bending, light warping madness. Something big has to happen, especially if this is leaning towards the end.

I need to see what Chitose can do and i would hate for the manga to end before her power is is fully revealed. Clearly this is the first phase of the hungry joker plan, to begin eliminating mavro. But what is the Mavro’s actual game plan and where is Haiji’s brother?. Clearly hungry joker has now gathered its strongest hitters and is ready to challenge the Mavro head on. Hopefully there is more to the Mavro plan and tabata has time to show us more before the end.

Finally, i must protest against shonen jump. Reliable sources have claimed that Hungry Joker is pretty much cancelled so we can’t really tell how many more chapters are left. For all we know the next chapter might be the end. I know shonen jump is home to my precious naruto, but REALLY, WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM? ARE THEY REALLY BLIND TO QUALITY WHEN THEY SEE IT. This had the potential to become a new phenomenon in manga. Someone commented that if Naruto, One piece and Bleach had been released today they would have never made it past ten chapters. And i believe them, except for maybe bleach; it had a stronger start than the other two.

RATING: 5/5:> these two chapters were on fire; i think other manga series should take a leaf out of hungry joker’s play book and release two chapters every two weeks. It will allow for readers to get through set up chapters and action chapters at a go, which will improve the level of enjoyment of the story.


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Four months into the year and i am still hung over from Fate/Zero. Beyond merely reminiscing about just how an awesome 24 episodes it was, i have been musing about how different events of the series would have turned out if certain events had occurred differently and certain factors had come into play. One such factor that has had me thinking for quite a while is the master servant relationship. How different would events have turned out, how much better would odds of victory have been if different masters and slaves had been paired together. The following are what i believe would have been the perfect pairings to occur in Fate/zero. as far as i am concerned if these masters and servants had teamed up instead of their original pairing, they would have won the war.
1. I will obviously start with my favorite character, Kiritsugu. I know that the Kiritsugu Saber pairing added a lot of drama to the show but i don’t think it made his job and
eventual victory any easier. If i had my way, i considered pairing Kiritsugu with Berserker, but the mad servant is a little too..loud for Kiritsugu’s test. So if i had my way i would have teamed Kiritsugu with Assassin. Assassin is everything Kiritsugu would want in a servant. Not only is he willing to kill and maim where necessary and cross every single line that could ever exist, honor be dammed, he is sneaky, stealthy and deadly. With assassin by his side, Kiritsugu would have won the tournament in the first two days. One might point out assassin’s physical abilities, lacking especially against the likes of rider, saber and lancer, but really, Kiritsugu never really needed Saber’s power. Anytime he sent her out against another servant, it was merely to act as a distraction while he did the actual mission. More importantly, assassin doesn’t talk back, which is unlike every other servant that will feel the need to give Kiritsugu their opinion over his decisions
2. Tokiomi Tosaka requires a spirit or servant that matches his noble and superior view of himself. So only a king among servants would do. Gilgamesh was a little too much for Tokiomo who was more servant that master; personally i don’t think Tokiomo stood a chance of winning even if Gilgamesh had stayed with him. With Gilgamesh he simply wasn’t able to operate freely, and any strategy he laid out had to be approved by his servant. Eventually he would have fallen to Kiritsugu. Rider would have suited him better. Rider is the closest comparison to Gilgamesh in Fate/Zero, not only in power but stature and presence. He is the only spirit Gilgamesh has ever shown any respect to (someone might mention Saber but i don’t think that that is respect Gilgamesh holds for her). With his power, Tokiomi would more than stand a chance of destroying the competition; certainly he would be able to steer Rider’s power. Just like with him and his servant, waver was more servant than master to Rider and pretty much let him take the lead and do as he wished. Rider, as far as i am concerned, stood less of a chance in the war because he was too careless with his power and tools and only because Waver wouldn’t control him. Just look at that Ox he lost to saber because of his stupidly. Rider was a bigger threat to everyone in the war than he was portrayed to be because waver couldn’t use him in battle. Tokiomo would take advantage of that power to the fullest extent to win the war.
3. I know what most people think and i will agree that Rider and Waver were the best team in the war and as far a i am concerned they were the
only ones that actually deserved to win the war (okay except for Kariya, he was way too pitiful that you just wanted to see his pain and misery end) But the fact is, as i have mentioned above they were not the strongest team because waver couldn't control Rider and simply let him ran loose; but that might be because waver shouldn’t have been in the war in the first place. I would partner waver with saber. saber pretty much acted on her own, with only minimal instructions from Kiritsugu, and that is what waver’s style is. Rider was kind of dense and as such allowing him to act on his own was bound to get them all killed. saber has the intelligence to not only act on her own but to teach Waver and allow him to come into his own as a powerful mage and master. Rider definitely taught waver a lot but all he did was make him a better person, and a worse mage. Saber, with Waver as master, will be able to act out her honor bound actions without interference, but she would also encourage Waver to command her when necessary. Waver would definitely have stood a high chance of winning with Saber by his side.
4. kariya would have positively benefited from Lancer. He would have acted as a grounding force for Kariya, keeping his psychotic mind tethered to reality. I don’t know if that would have indeed allowed kariya to win, he had that ‘doomed to fail tragically fail’ look about it. But the two men would have understood each other, seeing as there is a slight similarity with their relationships to the women they are infatuated by. Okay, it isn’t exactly the same but they have both suffered due to those feelings. Both would have benefited from the other’s understanding and Lancer would have gotten what he wanted, to redeem himself while giving everything to Kariya. Let’s face it, both had terrible endings, though that wasn’t so bad for kariya who’s suffering simply needed to end.
5. It was a great day for the war when Waver stole Rider from Kayneth. For one thing, he would have unleashed a serious amount of chaos and destruction with access to that kind of power.
Another thing, his relationship with Rider would have been only slightly different from Tokiomi and Gilgamesh. It wasn’t simply a matter of Waver’s inability to control Rider. Rider is a free spirit, and chances are he would have defied the fool at every turn until he was forced to use up all his commands. Kayneth should have been matched up with Berserker. Like kariya he is kind of crazy, and like Lancer, Kayneth would have have grounded berserker to reality. Plus he would have all the power he lost in losing Rider to Waver; clearly berserker was capable of going toe to toe with Gilgamesh and in having a physically and mentally competent master such as Kayneth, his chances of eliminating the god like servant would have skyrocketed. Kaythen, with Berserker would have most likely won the war.
There is no point mentioning Ryuunoske and Kirei, both of whom where matched with their perfect servants, or at least Ryuunosuke was. Kirei technically stole his.

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I don’t know what to expect from the new Dragon ball movie. A part of me doesn’t see what all the hype is about, after all aren’t we in for the same old ride? A new villain approaches earth, the Z warriors train for a couple of years only to get their behinds handed to them while holding the enemy off long enough for Goku to arrive on the scene and take him down, with a new SSJ of course. I don’t get what otaku, especially DBZ fans are all so hyped about. Another part of me will admit to possessing some excitement over the prospect of watching this movie. After all, its dragon ball, and at the very least, it will be an entertaining action packed few hours.
I have heard the news, that Akira intends to push out 11 more movies, primarily focusing on the other 11 gods, each of which is more menacing and more powerful than Bils. I don’t really care about that; i expect that they, like the most recent movie, will be entertaining. What i have a problem with is the news that Akira intends to write and produce another 200 episode dragon ball series. All i can say is,WHY?
I will not rant on about how bad and possibly unnecessary that decision is. Rather i will get down to the point, three reasons why i think, if he really does produce it, this new soon to be series of dragon ball will not be successful.
1. Akira Toriyama:> I will not deny that the man has some creative skill, i am not denying that he will be able to churn out 200 more episodes of dragon ball; what i am doubting is his ability to churn out 200 episodes of dragon ball that will be on par with modern anime and manga. I do not know whether Akira has caught up with the modern age age of anime. Mindless battles and endless power ups were all good back in the day, but the level of sophistication that (most) anime require to achieve success is quite high, at least higher than DBZ/GT has ever achieved. We are living in a day where anime must possess deep plots and complex characters to achieve success. And DBZ was anything but story oriented. I do not think that Akira has adapted to the change that has occurred in anime; that might sound like an insult to him but i believe it none the less.
A look at all the recent DBZ movies that came before the recent one prove this fact, that even after so many years since DBZ/GT ended, Akira is still following the same old concepts with movies released and written as late as 2005. Akira will have to evolve to create a new series in DBZ that will capture the minds of all those otaku, the majority of which do not understand the idea behind watching a show as mindless as DBZ. I don’t believe Akira, however good a story teller he is, can adapt to new trends in anime.
2. No More Story:> I love 24. it is one of my all time favorite shows. I only jumped on the band wagon as the series entered its fifth Season and i followed it through out its run. I dropped in and out at some point as the plots got a little…strange, but i jumped right back into it during its season 6 run, fully enjoyed the new direction is went in season 7 and absolutely loved its finale in season 8. I wanted more 24, but it came to an end. WHY? Not because it was canceled, not because of ratings or a dwindling fan base. 24 wasn’t forced to come to an end. It had to come to an end. And that was because 24 and [the awesome] jack Bauer had ran their course. The show had been thrown down every single path and alleyway it could take story wise while staying within the boundaries of the original concept and after 8 seasons, there was no more. The story had reached its apex and there was simply no more road. Sure they could have forced it to continue but that would have absolutely ruined it, the way so many other shows have been ruined over time by being forced to continue beyond their logical run.
What does that have to do with DBZ? Well, it is in the same boat. I believe it has ran is course and Akira has thrown every single absurd idea that could still work out into the world and that’s it. I loved Dragon ball and that’s saying something, because i only watched it two years ago. That shows the quality of a series, that i can watch it, for the very first time, decades after it ended and it is just a good (and hilarious). DBZ was…i will tentatively say great. But no one can deny the fact that it was no where near as good as dragon ball. Akira came to the end of dragon ball and morphed it into something different. He pushed it beyond where it could go and began down a new road with DBZ. But with DBZ i believed he exhausted every plot he could while staying within reason. HE squeezed all the juice out of the lemon, which is why it began to get a little absurd near the end. None the less it was impressive that he could push it so far. But it is over.
Dragon ball GT is an example of what happens when Akira doesn’t want to believe the lemon is out of juice and then tries to consume the shell as well. I will not say that GT sucked because technically i didn’t watch it. I went as far as 7 episodes in and felt…dismayed. I would have given in there and then, but i was that determined to catch a glimpse of the SSJ4 transformation that i had heard so much about; so i skipped a few dozen episodes ahead, knowing that this being dragon ball, it wouldn’t be hard to catch up. i tried another 7-12 episodes and…it was…unfortunate viewing.
But i will not say it sucked because i didn’t actually watch it, just simply chose to give up on seeing SSJ4. None the less Akira tried to push DBZ beyond its expiry date and he failed. Same goes for this new series of his. What exactly is he going to do that will be new? How will he wow or surprise us? There is no more story left to tell and everything he does will simply be a shell of DBZ, a shell worse than even GT.
3. Change:> let us say i am wrong about the first two points, that Akira can adapt enough of new anime concepts to inject some sophistication story and plot wise into dragon ball and he can actually generate some new material for the show. It still won’t work.WHY? Because to do any of that, he will have to go in a completely new direction. The result will be something that will barely look like dragon ball, barely act like dragon ball, and will definitely not be dragon ball. It will be a new show. die hard fans that have followed dragon ball all this time and would even suffer through the new series only because it is the same old dragon ball of their childhood, the dragon ball that, to them, did things just right, will drop off because it will no longer be dragon ball. I doubt Akira will be able to adapt to new concepts enough to make that drastic a change, so the result will still bare enough traces of dragon ball, enough to repel new fans.
So i have made it clear that i don’t think this new dragon ball series will work. But in the case that Akira is really interested in making his new project a success then there are three particular points that i think he would have to change to make this happen:
1. The Dragon balls- These objects are too powerful, they are basically a master key to the universe and all its powers. They are simply too powerful and are too easy a solution to anything and everything that they might come across, that most if not all threats become pointless. There was a time when the
introduction of a villain that could destroy the world meant so0mething, when it brought an exciting charge into the story and changed all the stakes on the table. That no longer matters; be it Frieza, cell or even Bils himself, it does matter how much destructive power they have so long as Goku has a device that can undo anything and everything negative that might occur from a battle, be it the destruction of the world or the death of a character.
Akira needs to eliminate these objects if he is to once more raise the stakes of a battle. We need to know that when Goku enters the battle field to fend of an enemy, there are some permanent, non erasable stakes in play, consequences that might permanently devastate the world if he were to lose. I don’t see an acceptable series coming out of Akira with the dragon balls still operational. I know it is called dragon ball, but none the less, they are too powerful.
2. Death- What is the point of executing a poignant death scene if the character is only going to return to life when earth is threatened. There was a point in DBZ where it became quite clear that Goku was earth’s mightiest hero and its only hope against evil. When he perished, it became a question of how our heroes would defend earth without their most powerful gun, and that added some excitement to the story while also raising the stakes. Then Goku began returning from heaven regularly to aid his son and friends in the battle against evil and it began to get tiring. An anime needs the finality of death to enhance the level of threat introduced by a powerful foe. If Akira wants to have even a modicum of success he will have to make any and all death final.
There was a point in DBZ where that seemed to be the case, but that as before the team began discovering and acquiring different types of dragon balls that could break the rules that Akira had already set up earlier on, which by the way instilled some logic to the series, at the time anyway. Akira needs to get serious with death, otherwise why should we care how strong an enemy is.
3. Power levels- really, Akira’s biggest failure is the mess he created with his whacky power levels. He needs to destroy the entire structure of power he created and begin anew. The way DBZ worked, the reason it was so mindless, was because Akira structured it in a way that it was always too easy for him to write himself into a corner. And in writing himself out of that hole, he would only begin down a path to an even bigger hole. Basically to defeat an enemy, Goku would have to achieve a new power level. But this power level, while more than capable of defeating the enemy, would be so powerful by the end of saga that Akira would be left with the problem of creating an even more powerful enemy to challenge Goku in the next saga, which i believe he achieved by sacrificing story.
The problem of course is that in the next saga, the enemy wouldn't just be more powerful; rather Akira would make him so powerful that now even Goku can’t compete. So Akira simply repeats the cycle, with Goku continuously powering up to achieve a new power level until there is simply no enemy left to challenge him, or their shouldn’t be. But that would mean ending the series, so Akira goes into absurd areas and invents really weird plots like turning Goku into a child. But really you can see where that cycle will end. By the end, the only enemies capable of challenging Goku (logically at least) would be universe busting level opponents, and of course when he finally achieves even that new power level, there will literally be no where left for him to go, no enemy left to fight. But of course Akira can create even more absurd enemies to fight, maybe entire universes coming to life or…you get where i am going with this.
If Akira watched modern anime, he will know that when a shonen hero is faced with a challenging foe, he should use every ability and strategy in his arsenal to overcome the overwhelming odds. Goku can’t keep leveling up each time he comes up against a tough enemy. it’s ridiculous and gets me thinking that that is all he can do, find another SSJ level whenever things get tough. I thought DBZ was a martial arts series, which means it should try and focus more on the martial arts and less on the power.
4. Characters- Really, it is infuriating just how Akira will misuse or ignore most of his characters. I tried to pause and count the exact number of arcs in DBZ during which Krillin, Yamcha, Tien and the rest would train for a considerable amount of time to face an opponen
t only to get
destroyed easily, while waiting for Goku to show up and save the day. Akira needs to use all his characters equally, or as much as is possible, and see to it that he utilizes them at least half as much as goku. He simply ignores there development. Someone might say that the likes of krillin ad Tien clearly get considerable amounts of screen time and thus are more than utilized. To that i would say, yes they are utilized, but they don’t matter. To give an element in anime screen time yet it doesn’t matter in the long run is what i call filler. Krillin, tien, yamcha and Chaoutzu were basically filler characters for most of DBZ. Why show us all that training only for it to mean absolutely nothing? And that happens over and over again. They always train, then show off by sparring with Piccolo, which is Akira’s way of showing us just how strong they have become because he knows they won’t do a thing against the actual threat.
I was actually quite appalled when DBZ reached a point when even Piccollo, PICCOLO OF ALL PEAOPLE, pretty much stopped mattering in the overall picture. Dragon ball managed to balance goku and Krillin’s progress. I get it that some of these human characters can’t be as powerful as a saiyan, but they need to be a little higher up than Akira places them. If he doesn’t make his new series basically a Goku show, then i might have hope for it. Otherwise, i won’t be spending another 200 episodes watching Goku spends five episodes returning from his training while the OTHERS keep the bad guy busy, trying to not all die off till he arrives.
5. I mentioned this above. Akira needs to add a little more martial arts into the series, make it less about absurd power levels and more about skill and
technique, again another plus for dragon ball over dragon ball z.
Overall, i don’t think this new series would work and should be made. if it must be made, it better be anime only, or at least anime first and manga later. If Akira is writing for an anime, then we won’t have filler, or dragging episodes. I still remember the Goku Vs Frieza fight, where Frieza tells Goku that has destroyed the core of Namek and that the planet will blow up in five minutes. 7 episodes later and we were still within those five minutes. it was stupidly infuriating.
Conclusion: Yes to more DBZ movies, NO to a new series.
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The reason i hold some anger towards this novel is because it is technically the reason i ended up reading the abysmalTHE MAGICIANS. The name of the wind being only the second EBook i have ever read, I was somewhat anathema to reading this story on my PC, so much so that i spent a considerable portion of my Saturday searching the biggest book store in the area for a physical copy to read. This of course was after traversing 100 pages after which i decided that i would definitely read this novel. I ended picking the magician after failing to find a physical copy of this book and boy did i pay for it. I will admit that the only reason i read THE MAGICIAN even after determining that it was crap was because i had spent money on it.

None the less, even though i finally finished his book, i have not yet given up on finding a physical copy of. I want to possess it, hold it in my hand and smell its new/old pages. So i would appreciate any information any one has on where i can locate this book. No reward.


It has been a year since Kote came to Nawerre with his assistant Bast, and in that time he has become an average sight in the little village as care taker of the local Inn. The Inn is rarely populated by any numbers of worthy mention, outside of the few members of Nawerre that frequent it, with the raging war having stalled the number of brave travelers willing to walk on the dangerous roads in those days. But none the less, Kote the flaming haired inn keeper is content with his quite life in Newerre. One day, during the usual talk of ghosts and wars punctuating drink, a young man stumbles into the inn barely alive, speaking of great spider like demons that accosted him and consumed his horse.

While little of this talk is taken seriously, it is clear that there is more to the rumor, with Bast, who calls Kote master behind closed doors speaks of the scrael having wondered too far from their home in the mountain. It is during his encounter with the demon that accosted the young village man that Kote runs into and saves the life of one called Chronicler, an old scribe that searches for the truth behind all known tales of myth and magic to reveal the fact beneath.

And on this fateful day, when faced down by a fearsome creature that his logical mind had determined was nothing more than fantasy, Chronicler found himself face to face with the biggest myth of them all, rivaling even that of the great Tarbolin himself. It is soon revealed that Kote isn’t merely Kote the inn keeper but Qvothe the legend, master swordsman, magician and killer of kings. The next morning, once all pleasantries are dealt with and Chronicler has revealed the true face behind Kote’s facade, he strikes a bargain that will see him reveal the true story behind all the rumors and stories of who Kvoke truly is and was.

Thus begins Kvothe’s tale on the first day of the three days that Kote allocated Chronicler to scribe his story; broken into three phases, it starts at a very beginning, with kvothe as a child and member of the Edema Ruh, a troupe of travelling performers of great renown. It was in this setting that Kvothe got to see the true nature of the world in the towns and villages his parents performed in and the people they met. And it was during one such trip that he encountered the arcanist Abenthy, a graduate of the university who schooled the clearly highly intelligent child in all manner of science and the magic known as sympathy. In between studies Knothe would learn of politics and music, as well as culture from his father. As leader of the Edema Ruh, Kvothe’s father’s mission wasn’t merely to sing pretty songs to entertain the masses. Hidden overtly within each song was message, a word, a truth that needed to be told. The Edema ruh weren’t merely entertainers; in a time where formal education was scarce, they assigned themselves the task of teaching and spreading truth and knowledge to all they came across and it was his parent’s job to research analyze and package the knowledge they came across for the masses, even that knowledge believed to be more myth than truth, the songs of the Amyr.

Soon that phase of Kvothe’s life would come to a rude abrupt end, leading him to a world of cruelty, hardship and darkness on the cold streets of Tarbean. There no teaching or message or lesson that he had ever learnt among the Ruh or from Abenthy would aid him in negotiating the cruel hearts of men and the physical and emotional lessons he would endure in the ways of the world and his understanding that the world, which had always seemed so sweet, so innocent, so bright, was gray, unyielding, inimical and owed him absolutely nothing.

It would take him years before finally rising from his stupor and the shock of his exit from the life of the Ruh, to recall the teachings and lessons of Abenthy and the mission for which he had set himself, a mission that would lead him to the University. Even as a penniless Urchin, Kvothe would begin the third part of his life at the esteemed college of learning and understanding with only his wits and genius intellect to fall back on. He would soon learn however that though the university and his treasured Arcanum where realms of knowledge and understanding, they were far from civil, and those within, many that would hate him, for his superior intellect, his inferior class, his uncontrollable pride, would stop at nothing to knock him off his hard earned platform and back to the black and cold that he had fought so hard to escape from.

Kvothe would quickly learn that no amount of intellect or skill can so easily overcome the prejudices of others with regards to class, that in trying to prove himself beyond those menial ideals, he would make himself a target for hate and despise the likes of which he would only understand in time. But none of that ever shakes him from his true path, and the objective he has held onto for dear life for all the years that he has yearned to go to university, his mission of revenge, and thirst to find and peel away the myth that is the legendary Chandrian, the dark powers that work in secret and the powers of light, the Amyr.

And then of course there is his childhood dream to learn the name of the wind.


MAGIC: So first of all if there is anything worthy mentioning about this novel, it will be the magic. I can’t help but throw it out their in light of my recent criticism of the magic structure created in THE MAGICIANS, which i said was simply crap. There is only one thing i can say about magic in this novel and that is, it is logical. You wouldn’t expect one to say that about something as fantastical as magic, but even in a fictional setting there is space for some logic in magic. The magic in this book is as logical as any subject of knowledge you would come across in any book. By the time i was done with this book, i was more than certain that the kind of magic in his book could exist; it could just as easily be taught in any class as would math or history. And that is because Patrick Rothfuss somehow managed to ground its structure and theories as close to reality as possible.

It wasn’t merely a matter of waving a hand, whispering some words the reader didn’t understand and making miracles by implementing some unknown principles that only the magician could make sense of. There was a system explained and described in the book that was so easy to understand and follow that with every action, magic related, that Kvothe executed, you were right there besides him, following his every move and even [sometimes] known before Kvothe did when something went/was about to go wrong.

Magic here was divided into two basic forms: 1. Sympathy- This is basically a combination of thermodynamics, quantum entanglement and voodoo dolls, where everything, all matter, is basically linked and it is a matter of locating and creating the sympathetic link between objects to execute what is known as magic. 2. The second variety of magic is known as naming, which basically involves the namer awakening their unconscious mind to find the true names of some objects and elements which allows them to wield temporary control over said object, and yet because names cannot be understood by the waking conscious, it takes greater effort to perform naming magic than sympathy.

There are other varieties of magic, such as Sylgadry which is basically sympathy but with the use of runes and Alchemy which is a variation of chemistry. Basically Patrick creates a more solid form of magic that can better be understood by the reader, whereas magic in THE MAGICIAN seemed so damn random. Within the name of the wind, it is quite easy to understand how one could put out a blazing fire engulfing an entire town by the use of a simple thin dry stick, where as i remember magicians in THE MAGICIAN doing tricks as simple as summoning flowers and it all seemed so unnecessarily complicated and random.

Sympathy and syldagry are presented in such a way that they could almost have practical uses in our current modern world if ever conceived. This is definitely a plus for the book and i would rate the magic system in this book with a 5/5.

KVOTHE- Because i can’t help but remember THE MAGICIAN, i will keep comparing the two, especially in this area. The characters in THE MAGICIAN, where totally unlikable. In fact i would go so far as to say that i detested them, especially Quentin, the primary antagonist. Kvothe, pronounced Qouthe, comes off as both inferior and superior. From the very beginning we are informed of how intelligent he is, possessing a unique ability to consume, analyze and process information at a very fast rate. But with his life taking a hard unforeseen turn, he finds himself squeezed and oppressed by the world around him. He is charming, witty, clever and confident, yet he is under no illusions that that will be anywhere near enough to overcome the challenges ahead and those that see him as forcing himself to heights he doesn’t belong to. Kvothe understands that the world is a harsh place that will not hand him anything on a silver platter. If he wants anything and everything, then he will have to bring forth an unyielding spirit and wring all that he thinks he deserves from the greedy hands of those that will have him fail.

He is as much an underdog as he is…i do not know the opposite of underdog. He is fierce and at times violent, having learnt to fight and mercilessly fend off those that would wish to harm him from the cold streets of Terbean. You will feel his pain, empathize with his thirst for knowledge and desire to rise above his status to achieve and attain everything that those above him have been handed with no effort whatsoever, other than having been born with the right name. IN other words he is everything you would want in your hero. What’s funny about kvothe is that he actually doesn’t view himself as a hero and will at times exaggerate his efforts and adventures to gain notoriety, because in his new world reputation is something that will at times defend him better than coin or magic. Kvothe sees himself as nothing more than a child who has always been forced to make the tough decisions, to undertake the hard tasks and to see a way were there isn’t one. And it is usually during these times of trial that he will prove himself, not only to those around him but to you the reader. He is fiery and filled with a drive to survive no matter the cost at hand. After all he has nothing to lose, and to fail for him is to fall far below, into an empty abyss where he might never ever rise from. As such every day, every moment that he is alive, can eat a warm meal, sleep under a warm sheet, is nothing short of heaven, and a greater treasure than anything he might have remembered ever possessing, and as such it is little surprise that he will lash out when he feels it threatened. Even if the plot falls short of your expectations, the thrill in following the life and journey of Kvothe on his way to the top will keep you more than a little entertained.

Besides the magic and Kvothe himself, this novel has more going for it. I can think of three primary factors that make it better than the last two or three books i read.

1. Story telling. Masterfully done. If you read my review of THE MAGICIANS, then you will remember that one of my biggest qualms with it was how the author chose to tell us rather than show us the story. Patrick of course avoids this pitfall, as the story is told in a compelling masterful manner. Rather than tell us who Kvothe is and what he becomes, Patrick allows us to experience Kvothe’s journey and hardships along side him and as such we get to understand rather than being told exactly how these events will affect Kvothe and the resulting product. We are allowed a peek into each and every major event in Kvothe’s life and as such, as we get to the latter ends of the book, it isn’t necessary for Patrick to tell us exactly who Kvothe has become or why he became such. We know what happened, because we were basically there and as such we know why he will act the way he does on separate occasions. We don’t need to be told were his temper comes from, or his stinginess or his keen understanding of all tings science and sympathy. This i believe allows the book to flow continuously where most books would freeze and stall at certain points for exposition and other elements. With the name of the wind, most moments will engage you as you seek to understand Kvothe a little more with each turned page, to explore his psyche and figure out just how far the last few minutes or hours or days have twisted and chafed his conscious.

2. Pacing. I would call the pacing in this book varied rather than stable. It is divided into three sections each of which deals with a certain point in Kvothe’s life and each is handled a little differently from the last. The first is a little bit slow, since we are meant to take the time to peek into Kvothe’s childhood, during which time Patrick introduces to us the majority of the world, including the world of sympathy and magic. It is an acceptable rate of pacing as it allows you to fully immerse your self in this time period when all Kvothe knew was innocence, because it will enable you to better notice the stark contrast with Kvothe in the second part of his childhood, when the world is figuratively upended around him.

Events actually seem to speed up around this time as we are allowed to cover a considerable amount of time. But there are moments during which we allowed to slow down and breathe in a second, minute, hour, day or Kvothe’s life, during which he learns a new lesson about the world or remembers something important from his past. Eventually we come to his final home at the university where pacing becomes a little more stable. There is a balance between Kvothe in his lessons and private time outside the classroom, during which attempts to keep his life on track and maneuver the dangers around him.

Life at the university is actually broken up into two as well, with one portion focusing on the university, a realm of knowledge and understanding, and the other portion, its eternal enemy, Imre, a realm, across the river, of art, drama and music, a world where passions are let loose and individuals can reveal their true selves, a world that also fears and detests the existence as cross the river and its darkness and sorcery. Kvothe must straddle between these two worlds and whenever one of them gets a little slow or boring, we are forced to the other side to enjoy the varying scenery and environment and characters.

3. World building. This is important in every fantasy book. It is important for a reader to be able to clearly visualize the world created by an author. Heck it is important for an author to create a whole new world for us the readers to immerse our selves in. Some authors will provide us with too little information that by the end of a book we are incapable of visualizing the world. Others might provide with way too much information, most told rather than shown and usually out of context such that by the end of a story we are incapable of putting the pieces together to form a world within our minds. This book did a good job of giving us only as much information as we needed to know at a the right time and then building upon this information and putting it into action and context to the point where we were able to truly understand a partition of the world, then we would be fed more information once what was learned before was fully processed.

it was well done, not merely in the construction of the magic but the cultures and norms of those that inhabited Kvothe’s world. Sometimes, rather than writing us a scene in which we are told of how Kvothe sung or performed, Patrick would show us excerpts of the songs that Kvothe and others around him would sing. more than that, he would give us an insight into the popular stories, folk tales and myths of the day ad these little snippets into culture would do more to build the world around Kvothe than out right telling us about the races and powers that existed long ago. It was a clever way of incorporating fact within fiction in the stories that would be told from time to time, and sometimes it was a matter of seeing what elements were similar in each telling to determine what was fact.

These elements are best made use of during chapters taking place in the present during which others would speak of the same stories regarding Kvothe as he had been telling Chronicler about, and it was hilarious to read his expressions and Chronicler’s questions to the drunkards that filled the Inn as they would speak of fantastical tales moments after Kvothe had revealed the actual truth behind these events.

The supporting characters are worth mentioning as well. Specifically the teachers whom, while not outstanding in the overall plot of the first book, managed to be distinct individuals. The teachers and masters in THE MAGICIANS were so vague that each time they were reintroduced in a scene, the author had to remind us of what they did the first time we met them and what about them was outstanding, be it a moustache or a hat; that was how unmemorable they were that the author had to shower us with anecdotes of their history in the book to remind us of who they were.

Pretty sure this is the Chandrian of lore, though that is a guess
Pretty sure this is the Chandrian of lore, though that is a guess

You could say that the book had the advantage of having a really detailed magical system, that you could simply relate each master to their respective subject in sympathy to remember who they were. But i would also point out that they had distinct behaviors and mannerisms, enough so that your memory was easily stirred the moment each name was mentioned. The way this book is structured will make it look easy, that Patrick could so easily create memorable characters, an easy to understand magical system and a world easily visualized, but it is the failing of most potentially successful but eventually failed books, that they have a really complex story which they are simply incapable of simplifying. If reading a novel is no different a chore from flipping though a textbook then it isn’t worth the read.

Like any hero, Kvothe finds himself a few close friends of like mindedness, and Patrick actually makes it fun to read Kvothe’s interactions with them, It is obvious he is as different from them as can be. They have good families, good homes and good support bases. For them, education is simply a matter of coming to school, making payment and taking a sit in class. They have no idea the struggles Kvothe was traverse, that if he were to fail, there would be no where for him to ran to, no home to escape to, no money to fall back on. None the less it is clear that Kvothe doesn’t want his friends to know how troubled he is, not because he is ashamed but because he doesn’t want to have to deal with their sympathy and the helping hands that he will have to reject. He stands alone, even among friends, choosing the hard path not because he wants to, but because he will not burden them with his stories or troubles. Not once does he seek to borrow money from them, no matter how bad things get.

This book is every bit as good as i have described. No doubt i still need to refine my skill in reviewing without giving away so much spoiler material. But none the less, i would recommend it wholeheartedly. i already got the sequel, but i have chosen to put it aside and explore another 250 page novel for the moment. I don’t want to read it so soon after finishing the first one, though that might have to do with the fact that the second book is 1,350 pages long. None the less, i hope to return to it after wrapping up a thriller.

MY RATING:> 5/5. This book is a must read. it isn’t perfect and it will get slow a times; there are moments regarding Kvothe’s normal life that will be unnecessarily extended but the pace eventually picks up. It is easy to dismiss this book because of the structure, the way it shows you what is before showing what was. From the synopsis you will initially assume that this is a story of WHY, as in, showing us why Kvothe became who he is today. But it is actually a story of WHAT as well as WHY, in that we don’t actually know who Kvothe is. All we know now is that he is alive in the present, but we don’ actually know who he is, who he became, what experiences forced him into hiding in Nawerre and whether there is any truth to the rumor that he is responsible for the war.

The present plays as much a part in the story as the past does. yes, we spend a lot of time in Kvothe’s past and this tale is told from Kvothe’s own point of view. We will however return to the present on a number of occasions and the story in these chapters is told from either Chronicler or Bast’s point of view. Here we get to see who he is from an external view, from those that are looking at him and unlike the past where we can see and feel what he feels from his voice, with the present all that is hidden. As such we don’t actually know who Kvothe is or what happened to him other than the fact that he is alive. We do know that in 745 pages, Bast doesn’t make any appearance, which means we are far from knowing how the (not so human) young man came to be young Kvothe’’s disciple. There is an excitement in discovering who present Kvothe is. Revelations in the past will shine a light in mundane unimportant actions he will perform in he present and reveal their meaning.

I should mention that anyone expecting this to be a ‘kid’ novel, where a young man goes to school and hangs out with his fellow age mates in a magic school would be wrong. First of all, Kvothe’s classmates are of all ages, ranging from a few years older to the late 40s and 50s. This makes the interactions and conversation much more dynamic. The magic element itself isn’t as rife outside the Arcanum, which is itself just one department in the entire university. Kvothe is literally in an institute of education, within which there happens to be a section dedicated to magic. Nothing is as it seems, so i would advise any potential reader not to make any rash judgments from the synopsis.

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day One) is a fantasy novel by Patrick Rothfuss, the first book in a series called THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLE. It was published in 2007 by DAW books. Rothfuss spent seven years writing the first book during his nine year stint towards earning his B.A in English. He drew inspiration from a range of college courses he explored, his personal hobbies and interests.

A sequel to the name of the wind, named THE WISE MAN’S FEAR was released on March 1, 2011 by DAW books

| |

I will not lie that i have been dying to watch this movie. In all honesty i haven’t thought about it ever since i saw the trailer last year and decided it would interesting to watch. But when it was finally within my line of sight, it immediately jumped to the top of my watch list.


A girl, Eclair, a priestess, is partaking in some ritual when their village is attacked and destroyed by soldiers and mages. One old man is barely able to acquire one half of a tiny stone before forcing her to escape beyond the edges of the destruction. Having taken several arrows to the back for her, he hands her the stone, instructs her to take it to someone called kalard and then dies.

Elsewhere, Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Wendy, Carla, Happy, Gray and Juvia have been tasked to destroy a gang of thieves and capture their gang leader. While they scatter the members and reek untold havoc on the town, they fail to capture the leader, thus failing the mission and forfeiting the prize money. They head back home dejected. There Lucy runs into a fatigued and starved Éclair on the streets, barely alive. She nurses the stranger back to health and she in turn reluctantly accepts their help in escorting her to her destination.

It isn’t long before they ran into the dark guild Carbuncle, hired by Veronica Principality’s ruler Kriem to acquire both Éclair and her piece. It turns out that Kriem is in possession of the second piece and wishes reunite it with the first to summon the phoenix, a mighty immortal beast that will grant him immortality on his birthday. There is clearly a link between Éclair, the phoenix priestess, the pendant and the ritual that has to be performed by Kalard to contain the power of the phoenix within the pendant.

Natsu and team are immediately drawn into the politics and games of the greedy Kriem as he quickly proves that he will stop at nothing to obtain his prize, not even if it means going up against the infamous fairy tail. And with Carbuncle in his pocket he feels more than capable of matching strengths against the wild guild. Lucy, feeling a strong empathetic bond to the priestess will use every ounce of her magic to see her wish granted and her burden lifted, all the while hoping to get ahead of Kriem and prevent the phoenix from rising again.


I will not lie, i enjoyed this movie, but not for any of the reasons that would normally matter. This was the chance i had been waiting for ever since i picked up the manga, to see fairy tail animated and on screen. I have always wondered how the magic would look like, the fire attacks, the ice make, Erza’s awesome Knight abilities. And it all looked really awesome. Like i have said before, the fairy tail anime series is a disappointment, as in it is simply badly and lazily done. Most of the time there is no animation whatsoever and you might as well be watching a comic with voices and sound. Either they simply do not try or they don’t have the money.

This movie was what fairy tail should be on a normal day. When most anime release movies, they will take what they would normally do in the anime and multiply it several times over. With fairy tail they literally had no base to begin with, no anime style to improve or build upon, they might have as well been starting from scratch. Which is probably why i thought that it really looked good. The animation itself was far from the best, at least as far as anime movies go; but this was the fairy tail anime that i have never had the opportunity to see.

If it seems like i am ranting on extensively about how this movie looked, it is because that was all there was to see. The story was at best mediocre, not boring

but not overly unique an d exciting. Sure it made for a pretty cool final battle with a pretty mean looking monster, but none the less, i wouldn’t rate it higher than a 2/5

The characters though non canon where as fairy tail like as you could get. The entire set up looked and sounded like something that Hiro would have created. It basically felt right at home in the fairy tail world.

The actions scenes carried the movie because they weren’t merely well animated, this was my first time at seeing fairy tail battles and fairy tail magic animated, so of course i enjoyed every single one of them. The story was designed like it would be in any other movie, to have a beginning and a definitive end that doesn’t infringe upon canon fairy tail. None the less i was surprised by how it ended; so un fairy tail like, which is probably the only saving point of the story.

MY RATING:> If you are a fairy tail fan then 4/5; you will enjoy this movie from beginning to end. I know i did and if you haven’t watched it yet, i recommend that you do. If you are not a fairy tail fan, or maybe you are more of a casual reader/viewer, then this movie is a 1/5. you might as well not bother because there isn’t much for you to see.

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