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Nanatsu no Taizai can sometimes prove to be a difficult manga to follow on a weekly basis; and it has nothing to do with how satisfactory the various individual chapters can be, because the manga is fairly consistently action packed, delivering thrilling pages each and every week.

Yet there is something to be said about the amount of action in any given Nanatsu no Taizai chapter; because the mangaka clearly knows how to pack as much action as he can into each weekly collection of 21 pages, keeping the fights fast paced by cramming as much action into each panel as is humanly possible.

But it could be argued that the amount of action presented stifles actual story progression, of which we get very little in a number of recent chapters. Admittedly the manga avoids Bleach’s pitfalls, which can sometimes prove to be too brief for one’s liking, with Kubo wasting so many panels on irrelevant shots (which Bleach is actually famous for) instead of moving his various plots along.

Bleach’s failures are considerably greater because with Kubo even the fight can stagnate, with only one event (sometimes even less than that) occurring in each chapter and creating a feeling of waste. And by one event, I mean reading a chapter in which a character swings his sword once in all 21 pages to deliver a devastating attack and that’s it, the rest of the panels (usually coming before this final scene) wasted on various shots of the battle field and lengthy stares.

Anyway, The Seven Deadly Sins; Arthur and Meliodas finally meet and are now standing side by side, fighting against Hendricksen and Gilthuder. We learnt something important about Gil in the last few chapters, something about his being related to someone very important, I can’t remember.

Either way I was far from moved by chapter 76; honestly the King/Diana stuff was so much more interesting than this. Sure it was great action but nothing really happened, besides the revelation that Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, was actually being incarcerated of her own free will- which doesn’t interest me much.

At this point Hawk’s story might prove to be a much more interesting plot than the Hendricksen/Meliodas brawl.

+RATING: 4/10, not a bad chapter, only I wasn’t greatly entertained.


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So this is what Fairy Tail feels like when Hiro injects some effort into providing some character development; overall I would say, not bad. Not bad, rather than simply good because this is after all nothing but setup, setup that can go very bad depending on how Hiro chooses to approach the next chapter.


Tartaros’ leader Mardgeer activates Alegria, which swallows all the fairies but for Lucy; and while it rampages, Lucy makes her stand against the Tartaros horde, standing as the last man against an impending disaster, with only her spirits for backup.


I cannot help it; I know what Fairy Tail is and clearly the key to enjoying it lies in accepting its fun and light hearted side. But I have spent so many years treating it as something so much more serious that I cannot change that mindset now.

Which means I am going to continue holding the manga to much higher standards than is necessary.

That being said, these were two considerably kick ass chapters, portending what could be a massive amount of character development for Lucy.

YES, LUCY, OF ALL PEOPLE. Then again it makes all the sense in the world. Most of us Fairy Tail fans have a pretty uniform view of Lucy as an annoying, completely useless Sakura-esq character. Then again Sakura brings so much more to the Naruto world than Lucy does to Fairy Tail.

And this has nothing to do with her battle prowess; overall Lucy serves absolutely no purpose to Fairy Tail as a guild, and suddenly the fate of the guild and Foire lies in her hands. Is that really a good thing or more bad storytelling on Hiro’s part?

Because this follows what is fast becoming a trend with Hiro, ever since Wendy acquired dragon force; he is clearly taking steps to pour some purpose and power into his female characters, attempting to push them to the fro with Erza.

And that isn’t a bad thing; Lucy is in terrible need of development, only surpassed by Natsu as far as unbelievably underdeveloped characters are concerned (strange that Oda can make that work, because on a whole Luffy hasn’t changed much since his first appearance, precluding a power up or two. Only he still works as a character. Not so for Natsu, afflicted by the sorts of problems you find with heroes that come into play at the beginning of a series, fully formed, with little to learn from the world).

At some point during this arc I envision Natsu standing at Hell’s doors and taking on everything else that Tartaros still has to offer, including END, and obliterating them. And chances are I will fume about the pointlessness of Fairy Tail. Except I will probably keep pushing forward with the series, because Natsu is a power house.

Lucy is a different case. If she stands against the entire Tartaros and comes out unscathed, utterly defeating her enemies, Fairy Tail will have reached new levels of idiocy. Because it makes absolutely no sense (And please Hiro, no Laxus making a sudden appearance, miraculously healed from his last battle; or Jella, who should be in no condition to fight).

Which is why the success or failure of this move will largely depend on what Hiro has in mind; because If this was any other series, this situation would be something to anticipate. Lucy as the last fairy tail survivor and standing by herself against Tartaros creates hope, to finally see her rise and prove herself worthy of the guild’s name.

But only if Hiro executes this part of the story right. Yes, Lucy can completely defeat Tartaros and it can be awesome, but only if Hiro doesn’t throw logic out the window and actually provides a credible solution to the Tartaros threat.

-Chapter 383 was a perfect example of Hiro allowing Lucy the chance to kick some ass, displaying her agility and durability in weathering the power of three spirit summons. Can she pull it off though, defeat Tartaros by all her lonesome?

And what is Lumen Histoire, the so called light or darkness of Fairy Tail?

What can Hiro do to create an outstanding battle royale for Lucy in the coming chapters?

Hiro’s art has been awesome for the past few chapters.

RATING: 6/10, if Hiro expects me to believe that Lucy can perform Urano Metria even after having so much of her magic sapped by three summons, then I am going to be disappointed. Because that is one ability that could give her the edge.

Wait, no, wait, we are forgetting Hiro’s pattern with such situations, having Lucy contend with opponents stronger than her, get her ass kicked, take loads of punishment and holding on until Natsu comes to the rescue. Somehow that sounds even worse than Lucy pulling off a Nakama power win.

Speaking of Sakura I really hope she gets the chance to prove herself before this war is over; the Sasori fight was a VERY LONG TIME AGO.

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I can’t say this enough times; but is their really any colored manga, manhawa, manhua series better drawn than Noblesse? Because these action scenes never fail to impress me, even when the story seems to stagnate.


Karias meets his match in the two werewolf elders. The lord of Lukedonia emerges


Whoa, I actually didn’t see that. Noblesse chapters have a habit of always coming to a close on an extremely high note. And while initially fairly unimpressed, it wasn’t until I leafed through the chapter once more that I noticed it.

That wasn’t Seira at the end; I couldn’t figure out why her appearance was that big of a deal, especially following her recent fight and current state of health; it wasn’t until I noticed Karias’ last word ‘Lord’, that it hit me.

‘Lord, which lord? Why do I care? OH, YES,THE LORD OF LUKEDONIA, RASKREA HER SELF?’ And suddenly all those feelings of fair disinterest turned into excitement. Because I can now sort of see where this is going.

Coming back from a pretty long break, Noblesse hits the ground running in bringing to us the fast paced conflict between Karias and the two elders, not only showing us the ferocity of the werewolves but elaborating on Karias’ particular abilities.

And while the eventual outcome of the battle was teased quite well, Karias initially proving strong enough to hold his own, only to take quite the pummeling from that mysterious male werewolf, but even then showing the strength to resist utter obliteration; I didn’t feel myself really caring much about what I was reading.

Certainly great action, one that leaves our new Hero stranded, what with Rai completely out of the game, along with Regis and Seira. But, sometimes action isn’t enough. Hopefully next week delivers a little bit more story.

The origins of this battle didn’t really make that much sense to me in the first place; considering how cordial both parties initially seemed, the werewolves’ sudden belligerence made no sense. They didn’t really explain why Karias suddenly had to die, especially when it was clear they weren’t on Union business to begin with.

This is probably the first ‘fighting for fighting’s sake’ situation I have come across in the Manhwa. Lucky for them the action looked pretty awesome, was gorgeously drawn, enough to hold my attention.

RATING: 5/10, not much to sink my teeth into, except for maybe that last panel.

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Oh Claymore! Why? Why did you do this to me?

Just when this chapter was started to go crazy, it ended…so suddenly that the thought of the four weeks it would take before the next chapter would be released seemed to echo in my brain. Such a long long long long, freakin long time.



Teresa and Claire reunite just as her battle with Priscilla commences.


Everything that has happened in Claymore, all the years that I have followed this manga, have been leading up to this one event; the final clash between Priscilla and Teresa.

I love strong villains. I love strong villains that retain their strength, never losing out to irrational decisions on their part or silly nakama power plot holes. I love villains that remain strong despite the advantage the main characters have by being the primary protagonists.

It’s why I love Madara from Naruto, and its why I love Priscilla. Because despite the odds she has had to come up against, rather than write some silly and somewhat easy victory against her by what still amounts to a barely visible threat in the presence of her might, Nagi has allowed the story to follow its logical route.

We knew Clare, even awakened, stood zero chances against Priscilla; and even with their formidable strength, neither did the other ghosts (maybe Miria, in her awakened state).

But Teresa? Now that is a whole other story. Part of my interest in strong villains revolves around my excitement over how they will finally lose their various battles. And knowing Claymore’s rather dynamic approach to story telling, never truly favoring its character’s for story’s sake, these last two chapters have more than satisfied my curiosity over Priscilla’s eventual demise.

My only qualm with chapter 150 is how short it felt; I wanted to see Teresa finally enter the fight. But then again that one panel of action, that one display of her power was more than enough satiate my thirst, at least for today.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I will probably start hounding the internet until I find a raw claymore copy of the next chapter somewhere. That is how psyched I am to read chapter 151.

RATING; 20/10, this fight is going to be quite the event. Claymore doesn’t get better than this….well, being claymore it most obviously does. Let’s all pray that this isn’t the end of the show, that we are not slowly winding down to the series finale.

Because Claymore still has so much more to do. If we are lucky we might get a shipudden styled part 2 (or 3, depending on your thoughts regarding the time skip), one that allows the series to finally cross the island’s borders into the war across the sea.

HIGHLIGHT: Clare and Teresa’s reunion, Teresa putting Priscilla down.

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It is surprising just how much I was looking forward to this particular chapter of The seven deadly sins; what is more surprising is that my excitement had nothing to do with Meliodas, who we finally got to see at the end.

Admittedly I was a little disappointed, probably because of how engrossing the king story had become. It wouldn’t have been that terrible of a decision to devote some more time to exploring the events that brought him into the deadly sins, following his arrest centuries ago.

But I guess we had to move on from that particular scene, after quite a number of weeks. And hey, Diana is alive, which was quite the surprise when you consider the level of punishment she suffered over the past few chapters.

AND IT’S FINALLY HERE. Meliodas and Arthur; it is ridiculous how excited I am for the latter portion of this arc, all because of those words spoken sometime back, about the event that would rock the kingdom once Arthur and Meliodas met.

One has to wonder what the young king has to do with the entire Deadly sins story, If he really is Merlin in disguise. But then again why wouldn’t Hendricksen recognize him or his accomplice after just seven years.

Right now, I cannot even take a guess as to what Meliodas’ arrival is going to mean for the story. I could say something about not getting my hopes up; that this could be a considerably blander meeting than I am anticipating.

But this is Nanatsu No Taizai. It has yet to disappoint me.

RATING: 10/10, King was pretty bad ass in this chapter, pretty much wiping the floor with Dreyfus. Which makes you wonder what chance Hendricksen stands against someone like Meliodas.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that these chapters could be a little longer.

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