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Wow, this Beelzebub chapter was surprisingly short. It was concise and straight to the point, which wasn’t as good an execution as i would have wanted. But then again the ending of one arc means the start of another one, and wITH the way this chapter wrapped up, i suspect we have only just seen the beginning of demonic interference on earth.


Oga unleashes the full power of his Zebul spell. Takamiya tries to escape. Once hit from Oga takes him out. The man in the cape(whose name i forget) displays surprise at the intricacy of Himekawa’s scheme, who reveals that the intentions of his plans all along were to root out the Solomon Company which he had already figured out was behind everything.

Above them, high up in the sky, Zen displays shock at the power of the crest, admitting that Oga’s victory lay in his ability to defeat Takamiya in that one shot other wise he would have lost the fight, as the crest had disappeared almost as soon as it had appeared.

While musing over the latent power of Oga and Beel, he is accosted by two strangers…


Okay i knew this would be short but i was hopping we would see Takamiya put up more of a fight. There was an attempt to create more of a balanced view of the battle in the explanation given, with what Zen said about Oga basically proving that he was still, at a base level, weaker than Takamiya, and what the caped fellow said about how Oga’s survival had relied on his ability to evade Takamiya’s attacks as one shot would have ended things.

None the less, this was short. But that is what Beelzebub does. It doesn’t linger on events. As expected Himekawa is after the Solomon company. We can safely assume the new arrivals have been deployed by the company. Though it is interesting to consider who the company is and what they want. I thought they existed to promote and support Lucifer, but Takamiya as much as admitted he wasn’t the strongest entity in the school a while back.

I am curious. Clearly they are enemies of Beelzebub the third. Either way, despite a luck luster ending, i am excited to enter the new arc-if this arc is even over. This arc finally introduced to Oga’s ignorant school mates the existence of demons. The saints, once Oga’s enemies, banded around him and accepted him as leader during the battle against the demons, hence earning his crest, the symbol of his loyalty and authorization to use his power.

Things cannot go back to the way they were before. Which means from this moment on we are going to get a whole new Beelzebub series, one shrouded in demonic battles and supernatural wars.

I am pretty sure all this is leading to an all out war for the throne of the underworld. And any one that has seen the current emperor Beelzebub the third knows that that fool cannot win this battle.

RATING:> 3/5, not bad, could have been better

HIGHLIGHTS: When the Himekawa corps threw their jackets back to reveal black shirts with the worlds ‘Check mate” written across in white. I laughed at that.

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