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1. Black Butler- i won’t lie, season 2 of this show is utter crap….okay maybe not crap, but it is proving to be quite a disappointment, more confusing than enlightening, doing little more than rehashing the structure of the first season. Here i was excited about how the series would continue after the somewhat tragic death of its lead character

RATING: 1/5, with everything i have seen in the 7 episodes i have watched, this series’ first season was its peak. It should have quite their and then. And how the heck is everyone that died in the last season suddenly back to the life?

2. Arata Kangatari- A waste of an anime as far as i am concerned, which is surprising considering how interesting the concept initially seemed, following the story of Arata, a miserable high school kid that takes the place of his double in a parallel universe. Unfortunately for him, despite taking the role of a sho, one empowered to access the power of a god sealed within an ancient weapon, the world that this modern day Arata enters is one of hostility, the Shinsho, the 13 disciples of some powerful princess, having murdered their master and pinned it on the original

Arata hours before he fled into modern day Japan.

More a story of survival than anything, Arata having to contend with the title of most hated man in a world he doesn’t know, hunted by all that live, Kangatari is a wildly disappointing series, its lead character ridiculously annoying and constantly whining, the support cast largely unoriginal, and some of the dullest fights i have seen all year.

This one mean looking Shinsho named Arachi does stand out a bit, but only in his role as a rampaging Shinsho, proving to be considerably nonsensical in his determination to seek revenge, one of those ‘i hate myself so much i must blame everyone else for my problems’ characters that anime has been prone to creating this year.

RATING: 0/5, not worth watching; this show literally has no saving elements. I was done with it once Kadokawi entered the mix, and i should have quit their and then because the finale was atrocious.

3. Asura Cryin- i have no idea why i am still watching this anime. Actually i am not, not any more, which is somewhat odd since i decided to quit at episode 8, the exact time when the Asura cryin was finally introduced, the purpose for which this show was named; it is because of how dull this how has proven, its characters too whiny for my taste, that i didn’t bother sticking around long enough to figure out what’s so special about the mech.

RATING: 1/5, again this show has some irritatingly whiny characters, especially the lead and his female ghost of a stalker, really all the females in this show irritate me, all of them so cliché it’s like i am watching every single anime i have ever come across all rolled into one.

4. Blazeblue- wow, i have no idea why so much of this year’s anime has proven to be such a disappointment. Here is where i should spend a few lines giving a brief description this show, specifically what it’s about; except i can’t. Seven episodes in i have absolutely no idea what the hell i am even watching. You have some guy with a giant sword running around, fighting anyone and everyone, almost always losing before a powerful rabbit eared lady appears to transport him to a handy doctor.

You then have all these other ambiguous characters with increasingly ambiguous powers and weapons, constantly spouting a whole load of nonsense about the past, present and future, ALWAYS MAKING ABSOLUTELY NOT EFFORT TO EXPLAIN ANY OF IT. Seriously, seven episodes in, i have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on.

RATING: –2/5, yes this anime is that infuriating, its characters all that pointless. And how is it that the main character Ragna is so feared, yet he always gets his ass kicked.

5. Senyuu- Unbelievable, this five minute episode anime is the only descent thing i have watched all week. Basically a demon lord defeated ages ago emerges to unleash his demon horde against humanity. The hero that defeated him centuries back is now dead, so it falls to his descendant to rise up and stop the demon lord. Only there are about 10,000 individuals in possession of the blood of this great hero.

All 10,000 are unleashed upon the world, with the tag hero, to fight against the Demon lord and prove themselves the one and true savior. Surely one of them is bound to succeed.

Yes, this is a comedy and a descent one, despite being so short.

RATING: 3/5.

HIGHLIGHTS: I am not particularly a fun of shoujo; which is why i surprised myself when i turned to Shinrei Tantei Yakumo for entertainment, an anime i dropped after two episodes a long while back; that is how bad the anime i watched this week has been.


Finally, some sanity. If there is one thing that can be said about manga, its that there is always something explosive to read somewhere, and you don’t even have to look that hard.

1.Claymore- CLAYMORE IS AWESOME, and i don’t know if i have said that enough times. I only wish it would make the leap from monthly to weekly; the story would benefit greatly. I am always surprised by how much the series gets done in each chapter. The ten chapters i read this week continued the struggle between Priscilla, the ghosts and the ancient male awakened beings, these battles growing increasingly erratic with each flipped page.

And Priscilla…wow, this character is nothing short of a monster, specifically with the revelation about her true power. I always wondered how Priscilla could take so much damage, so much of her body literally torn away until only mere scraps remained, only for her to emerge stronger and victorious. These chapters finally explained it, that Priscilla didn’t regenerate as other Abyssal ones did. Rather she could create matter, and basically recreated her body each time it was destroyed, which makes that last scene, with all the ghosts, remnants of the last generation, gathered to fight her, all the more perilous.

Saying that the next chapters are going to be epic is nothing short of an understatement. We have received so much from Claymore this year, watching as awakened beings, claymores and Abyssal ones, young and old, rose and fell in quick succession. Even the destroyer finally fell this year. Now only Priscilla still stands; and with the results of this battle it seems we will finally wrap this arc up, that started with Miria storming the organization. Soon we should be heading off the island. And i for one cannot wait to see the dragons.

RATING: 5/5, nothing short of brilliant. And Clarice; i appreciated the way her death was handled; always known for her status as a failed experiment, never truly merging with her yoma, the new number 47 finally found purpose, going down protecting Rabona and bringing Miata back to Sanity. It was sad, the crude nature of her death; she literally blew away, like dust. It’s been a while since we saw Clare as infuriated as she was when she arrived on the scene as Priscilla struck Raki down.

2. Ubel Blatt- Wow, that is all i can say with this manga; just wow. That is how good it has become and as i approach the finishing line, i dread reaching chapter 117, because something tells me Ubel Blatt is monthly, probably longer, and it might be a while before i come across another chapter. Not since Vinland saga have i come across a manga as thrilling as this, yet displaying such a dark and brutal tone; Ubel blatt is a riot to read, the crazy nature of its battles, its surprisingly good art (gets better with time) its absolutely warped villains and heroes.

Watching Koinzel marching down the warpath, determined to achieve his revenge despite the knowledge that it would plunge the world into darkness, the way the war of heroes has turned once great warriors into conniving villains, all the for sake of a throne allows Ubel Blatt to shine in a way few others series do. I don’t know when i stopped reading this manga for the sake of passing the time; probably when Elseria was walking through the streets of the city, trying to find hope in the possibility that her soldier’s might pull off a miracle and beat back the reinforcements of Balestar’s invading forces hours after doing the impossible and defeating the first wave; then Balestar’s new ship descended from the heavens, armed with a weapon so powerful it was laying the city to waste.

Then mere moments later the clouds parted to reveal a battalion of soldiers riding dragons, approaching the city, hell bent on wiping it off the face of the map for what the mad Balestar saw as insubordination. And all Elseria and her soldiers could do was look at the sky as there doom approached. Even Koinzel seemed somewhat outmatched.

RATING: 5/5, anyone reading this manga cannot tell they saw that big revelation at the end of Balestar’s invasion coming, because i didn’t. Also Ato was just a badass during the invasion, no longer the little runt we met several chapters back following Koinzell like a lost puppy ( i really don’t like that name, Koinzell).

3. The God of High school- I finally got back into reading this manhwa, which proved to be quite interesting following the chaos of the last arc and Jin Mori’s activation as the monkey king. This week i caught up on Jin’s story, Jin mori’s grandfather, his initial encounter with his grandson and the grand battles his team fought in the north.

I don’t know how comfortable i am with the revelation about Jin mori’s identity; it kind of makes all the coming battles a little uninteresting. We are basically dealing with a god, there is no chance of him losing; and it makes things a little bit unfair for his support cast. I like stories that allow all characters involved to undergo equal growth, or at least as equal as can be; not dragon ball Z type situations where Goku keeps climbing to the stars while the likes of Krillin vegetate in the background.

RATING: 4/5, i learned what we have all always known,that Jin Tae is an awesome monster of a Taekwondo master. And now we know he cut his own arm off.

4 Tower of God- Another manhwa i had taken a break from, but which i managed to slip back into with little hassle, the story continuing to progress along the tournament theme, Viole struggling to balance keeping the Fug happy while trying to keep his friends safe from his new friends’ rather manic manner of doing things, all the while still trying to hide the fact that he is indeed alive.

While i like Tower of God it can get a bit convoluted, specifically the structure of its tournaments, and the rather strange rules that govern them.

RATING: 4/5, i really cannot wait for Viole/Baam and Rachel to meet. Someone needs to bury that girl.

5. Noblesse- Little happened in Noblesse this week, though that didn’t make it any less entertaining. Frankenstein and Elder 9 are going at it. And the werewolves have entered the action. Frankenstein has a way of making every scene he appears in that much more interesting to follow.


6. Magi: The Labyrinth of magic- it took a while but we are finally in Balbadd, and i for one cannot wait for Kouen to enter the picture. I am curious to learn of the Kou emperor’s intentions. I say Kou emperor but it is his mother who’s in charge last time i checked; we are yet to find out what happened in the empire after father was defeated. Did the queen mother, also a magi from Solomon’s era retreat with Al Tharmen, or is she still lurking around, using the empire and its power to meet the needs of her master.

Whatever she is up to, i suspect hakuryuu will be striking soon, and with a vengeance, seeing as he now has possession of all the dark rukh unleashed during the battle.


7.Beelzebub- I initially thought we had come to the end of this arc, Oga finally finding Iris, Beel’s mom explaining the cause of her actions against the underworld, the spat she had with her husband, the actions the demon king took in response to his wife’s departure-sending their son to destroy the world- and Iris’ actions in using the Solomon Company to prevent her husband’s intentions.

Thinking about it though, just because the reaper was defeated doesn’t mean the company will let Iris go; only she can control the deadly sins, which makes her vital to their plans. The question is where Oga is going to go next, having given Beel back to Iris in those heartwarming last few pages. A delinquent without a demon is just a thug these days in Ishiyama, which counts him out of the upcoming chaos, the battles for the fate of the underworld.

RATING: 4/5, decent chapter; i loved seeing baby Beel’s rage when his mother was struck down. When are we going to explore the Fuji storyline? They have spent too much time talking about him. I want to see him now.

I am still considerably skeptical about fairy tail, so much so that i cannot bring myself to fall into the trap of getting excited about this week’s set up chapter. Maybe it is too early to despair though; i mean Erza rarely disappoints, and with MiraJane in the mix, Hiro is going to have to try really hard to disappoint me.

HIGHLIGHTS: All of you Raki haters cannot tell me you didn’t stand up to cheer when this runt actually stood his ground against Priscilla, a monster than many an awakened being had fled from. And Clare’s expression upon arriving was priceless. If Raki dies Clare is done for, because i don’t think anyone will stop her from awakening and losing herself in her lust for revenge.

That Ubel Blatt revelation about Glen shocked me; i can’t even begin to figure out how he pulled that off. Then again from what we have seen so far, he is the only level headed hero left around. The battle between Koinzel and his unknowing successor was awesome, especially when the young lad finally successfully unleashed the black wing against Koinzell, who couldn’t help but be proud, like he was fulfilling his promise to an old friend. The tale about the lances of betrayal has to be the saddest thing i have read in manga this year.

Anyway my week in manga was pretty exciting, not so much with regards to anime. What was yours like?

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