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When Ichigo was still cool

Okay so, this is a response to Matovu Matb Brian' s blog (http://matbmangafreaks.blogspot.com/2013/01/anime-vs-manga.html), regarding the question about which is superior, manga or anime. i feel the need to reply because i thought he got it rather wrong.

Anime is a colorful representation of manga, that possess a greater ability to present and posit ideas; manga highly depends of the artist's ability to remain relevant and entertaining. We are talking about a medium which is largely devoid of color, which means that in the hands of an average artists, it won't make sense. I am speaking from the experience of reading a bleach page during which Ichigo is unleashing his powers, and i have no idea what is getusga tensou and what is the sky.

Lucy never looked so bad ass, EVER

Any idea the manga presents will be powerfully enhanced by the anime. I will not lie, i watch fairy tail. There are times the animation gets so bad that i can't believe i am even watching it, yet i am having the time of my life. And the reason here is because of fairy tail's killer sound track, which has a way of fueling energy into the most nonsensical scenes.

This applies so well to other anime series that might prove to be rather banal but which many of us will watch because the animation is so good to look at. Let's face the truth, we all watch anime because it gives us an experience, the kind which we just can't find in normal TV.

Now that said, i seem to be basically saying that anime is the superior medium; i am actually saying that anime should be the superior medium, but sometime it fails so horribly to achieve its objectives. To show this i will use two very simple examples that most people might be familiar with.

The first is fairy tail, One piece's apparent ripoff (what rubbish). To say that the anime is any where nearly as good as the manga is a total and utter lie. I know that most readers will have thrown fairy tail aside and chances are that decision was influenced by the anime, and you wouldn't be wrong if you had read the manga. In the anime, all the characters just seem so much smaller and less impressive versions of their original selves.

And the impact and epicness of the battles just seems to fail. I say that because there is one thing Hiro Mashima is good at, better than most mangaka, and that is the ability to draw a fluid battle that anyone can follow with just a glance. I say that after reading battles in manga that left me perturbed, and wondering who was where and doing what.

Chances are, if you have read fairy tail, you will feel all the excitement of the fights disappear. Things just don't translate so well in the anime. But using fairy tail as an example is unfair, because unlike so many other similarly badly translated manga, fairy tail has an excuse. It has a ridiculously low budget, and i say it with the knowledge that fairy tail is animated by Production I.G, and if you have watched this studio's other work, sword art online, you will know that these guys know what they are doing. That can only mean that they choose to ignore fairy tail (seriously, that show barely has any animation).

If i was to look at this objectively, then i would postulate zetman as a prime example of manga adaptations gone bad. I will say it right now, this manga is beautifully drawn and the story is staggering and i enjoyed all 180 chapters of it. Which is why is nearly pulled my hair out after watching the anime adaptation last year (okay i watched five episodes of it...okay much les).

What got me about this show was how impressively the story began. We had nearly 20 chapters to meet the hero as a ten year old, get to know him and all his loved ones, before we embarked on another 20 chapters chronicling the young heroe's evolution into a 16 year old semi adult.

And what did the stupid anime do, they crammed twenty chapters into a 2 minute flash back in episode one; and by episode two the protagonist was 16 years old. When i first saw this i couldn't believe what i was watching. IN 2 episodes two people died, and do you know what i was thinking? Who cares?

The manga gave us 40 chapters to learn of and come to care about these two people, so that when it killed them, i was left dumbfounded. What is a two minute flash back?

If that doesn't make sense, imagine you one piece fans, that you met Ace in episode 482, then in 483 he died. Or for Naruto fans, you met Neji one chapter before he died (in a bloody flash back for pete's sake) Why would you care? He would that be good story telling?

Basically i now have a new rule; if i start to read a manga, then realize that it has an anime out, i will wait and watch the anime, otherwise if i choose to read the manga, i won't watch the anime. This is what i have chosen to do for monster, which i began reading as an awesome manga, and then got the anime, which i will never watch. Most people that watched the anime but didn't read zetman the manga loved the anime. Those that read the manga hated it.

I digress; manga posses two qualities that make it superior to anime (even if i choose to watch Naruto as an anime rather than read the manga). First of all, manga is in black and white. Anime is all about the beautiful picture and crisp animation. This has a tendency of getting in the way. Think about all those times in Bleach when Ichigo arrives at a scene, and instead of getting to the point, the anime wastes entire minutes showing you just how cool his bankai looks.

Most anime miss the point totally, and focus on the look at the expense of everything else. Manga doesn't have the luxury. All they can do is tell a good story, without which everyone is going to run to anime.

My second point is the exact opposite of Brian's point. He states that manga is slow in pacing. I say that is a good thing. Manga has all the time in the world to get its point across. The way i see it is, if you have a good manga that someone out there reads, you will be given all the space and time to tell your story at your own pace and at your own time. This is why we have series like Naruto and One piece. Sometimes i will read a bleach chapter and by the end of it all, my jaw is dropping in a poignant "Wha-" not because i am blown away, but because i am confused ("Really? It's already over.")

If you don't get, i am talking about those bleach chapters were nothing happens what so ever, and i am left wondering what Kubo was thinking. Then i remember that not only is this a manga, but its bleach's last arc, which means he has all the time in the world to get his story across, no matter how slow the pace is.

Here is what happens with anime; you meet the guy in charge, present your 50 episode script, and then he tells you that he is green lighting your project...except you only have 15 episodes. Now tell that story.

Imagine there was never manga for naruto, one piece, bleach, yuyu hakusho etc. You would have had 50 episode one piece, naruto etc...

This is kind of random.

Considering that point, there is no question about the superiority of manga. If you have to talk about anime's triumphs, the you will find most of them in the original material. I am talking about anime series without manga, that are unique original creations, shows like Blood+, Sacred 7, the (almighty) Karas, and so on. When a producer can come up and create a show only for animation, even with 12 episodes, he can make it shine, whereas a manga adaptation already has its story set; you can't change it, only shorten it.

I will end by saying this; you cannot call yourself a self respecting anime fan if you have not watched karas. Seriously!

This is what you get with Karas: lousy stories, gaping plot holes, nonsensical, oblique pacing...the best animation you will ever see this side of advent children, seriously artistic designs (buildings, mecha, armor, cities...), the sickest fights and the bad ass of bad ass heroes in all of anime... and i know this has nothing to do with the topic

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