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With only a few years of experience under me in terms of anime and manga, each new year and each new batch of anime that i experience brings to my attention new aspects about, and new genres or subgenres of anime that i simply cannot stand.

Asura Cryin is, well, i don’t even know how to describe it outside of the generic genre descriptions you find on Wikipedia, and am not sure there is a name for it.


Natsume Tomoharu is a normal high-school student in every way with one exception: he's being followed by the ghost of his best friend, Misao.

After moving into his brother's old house, Tomoharu expects to continue living his normal life when, one day, he receives a mysterious and locked briefcase.

He has all intentions of leaving the case in storage, until his house is invaded by multiple groups of people chasing the briefcase. Unaware of its true purpose, in escaping with the briefcase Tomoharu and Misao are thrust into a world of conspiracies as they try to unravel the strings connecting Misao and the case and why its use has consequences for the whole world.


There’s a sequel? Really? Why? I usually prefer keeping my reviews brief (ish) and somewhat general in describing the overall structure of an anime, this including characters, plots, villains, whatever caught my attention.

I won’t bother doing that Asura Cryin, and not only because i came four episode short of actually finishing the first season. If you haven’t seen it, there are ghosts that can turn into robots, are summoned out of dimensional portions and can do battle with unique abilities.

And as always the primary character is gifted with the most powerful mech of all-well, maybe second most powerful, i will assume that, as per the title, the Asura Cryin is the most powerful.

As always he does his best to stay out of trouble, basically choosing to keep all the chaos of his new life at an arm’s distance, intent on enjoying average life despite the dangers facing him or those around him.

That is until a girl’s thrown into the mix, a girl who, having tried to kill him earlier on, finds herself on the wrong end of a sword. And suddenly he’s the gallant hero, ready to throw his life on the line for this stranger, and as always spouting some nonsense about right and wrong.

I can’t be imagining it, right? That all these male characters suddenly find their righteous spirit when the plot throws a girl into the story; and suddenly they are willing to throw all on the line for sudden and supposed justice.

And why do all these girls fixate so intently on a single male character after only one or two acts of kindness? And they always bloody move in with him. Either that or an important figure in said female’s life entrusts them to the protection of the suddenly important male character, the same male character that can barely protect himself in the best of circumstances.

-Oh, and by the way, that is Tohomaru for you, along with Kanade, Ania, Christina and more; let me just say that i hate dormant male protagonists, the kind that receive mysterious suit cases and choose to lock them away rather than expend energy seeking answers.

I don’t want to bother criticising Asura Cryin, or comment on its fairly acceptable characters, uninspired music, okay voice actors or even the generic artistic designs. Because i know or rather i think i know what this anime was trying to achieve, but i don’t think it had any idea.

VERDICT- I would be curious to find someone who could defend Asura Cryin’s quality to me. The male lead is weak in every way and its because he has no stake in the conflict, no interest in its intricacies that he can go around both fighting and befriending both sides like a buffoon, playing absolutely no role in progressing the plot.

The action hits both extremes, either over the top or underwhelming. The female characters were all TERRIBLE; its like whoever was writing this chose to reserve all the corniest lines of dialogue and plot points just for them, especially Kanade.

And why do they all have to be so pitiful and pathetic, only in existence to search for that hero that will save them. And did i mention how terrible Tomoharu was? Or maybe it was his whiny character that infuriated me.

I have no idea how to describe anime and manga such as this; but i am certain there is word for these sorts of situations.

RATING:>3/10; seriously, how did this anime make it to season 2. Though i might give it a look for curiosity’s sake.

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