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‘I have heard of such a being who wasn’t a knight…I guess I must be the only one left who still remembers this tale now…since it was like a fairy tale passed down among the fallen. The one who wielded every demonic and holy sword there was, Embraced the gigantic snake that will smash the vessel of the world. And tamed the beast that will rip out the gods’ throats.’

‘The one who grasped in his hands every evil fate in the world. The Primeval demon Lord of Yore. I am sure, his name was-‘

I can’t be the only one that thinks A Fairy Tale of the Demon Lord reads more like a medieval fantasy Grimm story, revealing the darker side of all those sunny tales with happy endings, and less like the Asian comic it actually is.

Not that this is a bad thing; in fact it lends a certain strength to this story, a depth of sorts that makes this series one of the oddest yet endearing I have ever come across.

THE CHAPTERS: The Epilogue to this ancient tale begins to unfold; new fates come into being, binding themselves around three lives-Odin, the Princess and the Nameless knight- that have long sought reprieve from their cruel destinies.


It’s been waaaay too long since I last read A Fairy Tale of the Demon Lord; and truth be told I was pretty sure it was over(especially considering the fact that the last chapter included an ‘END’ in its title).

But then again, this season 2 is the Epilogue, coming forth after the end of the tale…which doesn’t even make sense because, rather than closing a few loose ends, these recent chapters only served to continue the primary storyline, whose initial ending by the way was acceptably vague.

Anyway, enough nitpicking, what did I actually think of these recent chapters?

THIS WAS AMAZING!! And why shouldn’t it be? This series has been in my rear view mirror for a long while now; to see it make such a sudden and surprising return is nearly as exciting as learning about the resumption of ZETMAN’s run.

Truth be told I wasn’t even sure where the story intended to progress, though I never did manage to figure out the crux of the A Fairy Tale of the Demon Lord story till the very end, initially certain that the author was wandering about through disparate plotlines in a rather random manner.

[Spoilers Ahead]-Here’s what the Demon lord story was originally about. You have a nameless knight, spending his days in a depressing rote of battle, fighting endless war after endless war, slaying a thousand dragons and an even greater number of enemies.

Said knight puts his mind to freeing the princess from a demon lord that had slaughtered countless knights before him, sent to safeguard the life of his prisoner, a fair princess. With awe striking power, the knight strikes the demon lord down, saving the princess and in the process finding his purpose to live, within the warmth of her light.

The princess proves to be an unattainable object, a doll created by Asgard to safe guard the earth from an oncoming apocalypse; and in seeking her hand, the nameless knight must contend with the mighty power of the Empire and its ruler Odin, within whom the nameless one finds an enemy greater than any he has ever encountered, himself.

Adoration becomes love. Love becomes obsession. Obsession becomes passion. Passion becomes despair in the face of overwhelming power. A nameless knight turns to darker forces and, in his pursuit for the warmth of the princess, becomes a demon lord, eventually stealing the princess and hiding her within his new dark abode.

And how do you think the story finally ended? A new nameless knight rode out of the badlands to challenge the new demon lord, not for the love of a woman, but to safeguard the demon lord and his dark destiny from the curse of a princess that had doomed an endless horde of nameless men to a cyclical fate of victory and eternal despair.

A story not only tragic but intriguing in twisting the nature of the damsel in distress/knight in shining armor concept, sprinkled within the structure of ancient Norse mythology.

Really, the purpose of this epilogue, the final act in the demon lord saga can be summed up with that last line: ‘The one who grasped in his hands every evil fate in the world. The Primeval demon Lord of Yore. I am sure, his name was…’

A story about a nameless knight isn’t much of a story, not without a strong and powerful name, a title even, around which legends may be built; so we find ourselves in a unique position, to finally explore the story behind the story, to understand the purpose behind the order of nameless knights and their various multi purposed swords, the objective behind Odin’s obsession with the demon lord cycle and the true form of the princess’ curse.

All solid considerations that, if properly explored could lend added weigh to a pretty unique story; Oh and did I mention just how EXQUISITE the art was in these previous chapters; each panel an artistic masterpiece in displaying fluid cohesive combat, doing what only a few rare manga and manhwa have achieved, in creating a considerably intense atmosphere within which to play out the drama of this fairy tale.

Not since Noblesse has a colored Manhwa impressed me so, specifically regarding the artistic representation of the various conflicts.

If I haven’t said it before, I will state it now; this series is a must read. If you’re one of those otaku wondering aimlessly around the internet, searching for that most intriguing of manga to dive into, then A Fairy Tail of the Demon Lord is for you.

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