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katmic replied to the topic AKATSUKI TEAM BATTLE on the Battles board.
@HungryWorld said:@katmic: First of all Hidan isn't the brightest and if Itachi pulls out his Susanoo and starts sealing the other teams it's more or less already over. Kisame could use his giant water prison to keep the rest too busy trying to get a breath, while in the water prison he's the fastest if merged with Samehada. If we were going for last man standing though, Tobi wins with ...
20 hours, 33 minutes ago
katmic replied to the topic AKATSUKI TEAM BATTLE on the Battles board.
Edit: Adding Konan and Pain
20 hours, 38 minutes ago
katmic replied to the topic AKATSUKI TEAM BATTLE on the Battles board.
@HungryWorld said:Itachi and Kisame both rounds. If Itachi really wanted he would've killed Sasuke and almost half the Akatsuki (he needs to be healthy though) and Kisame needed 7 gates guy.You're underestimating Kakuzu and Hidan; Kakuzu is the most destructive member of the group, and with one drop of blood Hidan could take down Kisame, or everyone in the group, with relative ease.
21 hours, 24 minutes ago
katmic started the topic AKATSUKI TEAM BATTLE on the Battles board.
I think this has been done before, but i couldn't find it so am not so sure.Teams:-Itachi and Kisame-Sasori and Orochimaru-Kakuzu and Hidan-Deidara and Tobi-Black and white zetsu-Team TakaRules:-Obito remains in his Tobi personality; only Tobi is being considered here (feats and all) not Obito-No knowledge for anyone.-Team Taka is as strong as they were the last time they were truly together as team taka and akatsuki members.Location: Empty desert ...
21 hours, 55 minutes ago
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22 hours, 18 minutes ago
@Low: @taichokage: Has anyone considered the possibility of Bluenote leveling the playing field with his gravity; and by that, i mean he should be able to slow them down with his powers, possibly even bring them to a complete halt, leaving both Priscilla and Teresa helpless.@HungryWorld: The gauntlet is from the bottom up
2 days, 13 hours ago
@takashichea said:@katmic:Gauntlet matches- Matches where a character(s) go up against multiple characters in a row. Battle conditions in the opening post should specify the characters that the one running the gauntlet will be up against and if the character(s) running the gauntlet gets fully recovered between matches, limited recovery time or must fight the next opponent(s) in line immediately afterward. Up to ten characters/ teams can be used in a ...
2 days, 13 hours ago
I ranked these bleach characters based on my opinion of strongest to weakest; they can be rearranged where necessary if i got it wrong.1. Yamamoto2. Dangai Ichigo3. Shikai Zaraki Kenpachi4. R1 Ulquiorra5. Kyoraku6. Ukitake7. Unohana8. Stark9. Byakuya10. Hitsugaya11. Grimmjow (awakened form)12. Soifon (bankai)13. Harribel (awakened form)14. Renji (bankai)15. Tosen (bankai)16 Chad and Orihime (fighting as a team, i think there abilities compliment each other)Teresa and Priscilla from Claymore fight their ...
2 days, 17 hours ago
I tried to rank the Fairy Tail team from weakest to strongest (i am about 20 chapters behind so i might be wrong)1. Dragon King2. Acnologia3. Igneel4. Metalicana5. Grandeeney6. Zeref7. Mard Geer8. Mavis9. Hades10. Makarov (Prime)11. Gildartz/Ivan12. Silver13. Bluenote14. Erza15. Natsu16. Gray17. Laxus18. Gajeel19 . Mystogan20. Jellal21. Jura22. ErzaTeresa and Priscilla from Claymore fight their way through these Fairy Tail Characters. How far do they go?Rules:Fight 1: Priscilla and Teresa ...
2 days, 21 hours ago
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2 days, 22 hours ago
I personally do not hate fairy tail, but it has a tendency to infuriate me because i once thought it was a great series, and then it feels like, out of nowhere, it began nosediving. My irritation comes from the fact that i used to enjoy it, i want to continue to enjoy it now but i can't because i don't think it is very good and i can't stand ...
5 days, 16 hours ago
If the recent interview with Nakaba Suzuki is to be believed, then Nanatsu no Taizai has only completed about one third of its journey.The gist of the interview was that, when developing his story, Suzuki, author of the Nanatsu no Taizai manga, had a total of three major arcs in mind, of which the first, The Holy Knights Arc, ended with chapter 100.Which sort puts things into perspective, that everything ...
5 days, 17 hours ago
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5 days, 17 hours ago
@Donwun: Agreed, i also worry that one Piece might stick around for so long that its ending might cease to matter; Oda is going to reveal to us the one piece at a point in time when most people do no longer care.@taichokage: Haikyu maybe, but i don't think Kuroko is going to last long enough to actually threaten One Piece@Destinyheroknight said:Meh, if One Piece is dethroned. I won't care, ...
5 days, 23 hours ago
2014 was somewhat tame in terms of anime; sure, there were some decent releases, but nothing really exploded on screen like in previous years.That isn't a bad thing, but sometimes, as an otaku, it is nice to have that one anime which is so thrilling to watch that you cannot wait to devour every last episode in your possession.Manga never disappoints; every new year has a star or two that ...
6 days, 14 hours ago
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katmic replied to the topic 6-Tails Naruto VS. Ulquiorra on the Battles board.
I have been rewatching Naruto Shipudden episodes and i have realized that even the lower tier characters are so much faster than most people given them credit; so i am not sold on the whole Bleach>> Naruto in speed. But in this case, Ulquiora has to be faster, though speed is equalized so that doesn't matter.Flight gives him the advantage over Naruto, but he will have to go into his ...
1 week ago
Welcome everyone! We had a little poll for you guys and gals to vote. The plus side is that we had an increased voter turnout. The bad news was that not enough votes to pick out the best user. It's okay since it was hard to vote for your favorite reviewer and wiki editor. I know we have a small community. We do with what we can. Just like the ...
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