Tokyo Mew Mew.

1. Tokyo Mew Mew

My favourite manga/anime. :)

2. Volume 5

I have read this many times.

3. Tokyo Mew Mew #7 - Volume 7
4. Tokyo Mew Mew

TMM anime series

5. Heicha Fong

She is cute.

6. Ichigo Momomiya

Main character of Tokyo Mew Mew.

7. Kish

Main enemy of story. He falls in love with Ichigo, but she loves Masaya. Kisshu wants to kill him. He saves Ichigo"s life once, when she had fight against Deep Blue.

8. Mint Aizawa

She`s better than Ichigo. I like this birdie :)

9. Momoka

One of favourite characters in anime. She is so adorable.

10. Pie

He is smartest of aliens. That why I like him.

11. Pudding Fong

My favourite Mew Mew. She makes great couple with Tart.

12. Ringo Akai

Ichigo"s cousin.

13. Tart

My favourite character on Tokyo Mew Mew. He makes good couple with Purin. I like that how he hates Ichigo (as I do).

14. Cat Ears
15. Bad Turned Good

Kisshu, Pie and Tart turned good in the end.

16. Aliens
17. Enemy Love Interest

* Kisshu fell in love with Ichigo. * Tart and Purin have crush on each other.

18. Frenemy

*Purin and Tart.

19. Hug
20. Love Confession
21. Magical Girl
22. Rock Paper Scissors (janken)
23. Tokyo
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