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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Newdeath said:

@Asune: I'll need your post to move Guerra


I'm waiting on you before I go

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Sorry about delaying for so long, I should have a post up tonight. Just one question, Does Strum have any armor on his head?

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RPG » What becomes of the Vice on 12/21/12?

@Superevil225 said:

The Borgia crime family TAKES THE WORLD OVER and enslaves ND.

Or we open up space travel.

we should really do the second part at some point. We've destroyed most of the earth, how would you guys feel about colonizing the moon.

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RPG » Annual RPG Vice Awards: 2011

Hero of the Year

Harumi: She gets my vote over the more powerful heroes because despite not being very powerful she has managed to get nearly every hero here to acknowledge her as their leader. I have to admire her for being charismatic enough to get all of us to follow her unquestioningly.

Villain of the Year

Newdeath: He's everything a good villain should be evil, powerful, and competent. He shows any other would be conquerors how its done.

Rookie Of The Year:

Lobos_Del_Rayo: My biggest reason for giving Lobos_Del_Rayo the award is this; I forgot he was new. He is a part of the vice just as much as any of the veterans, his characters are great, his story lines are creative, and hes just fun to rp with

Team of the Year

Ebisu: I don't think we had a team as powerful or as well developed as this one. Ebisu actually feels like a close knit group of heroes and I'm glad to be part of it.

Best Story RPG of the Year

All Hell Breaks Loose: This is a story that is truly deserving of the word epic. Every one seems to be involved in this global war and we've brought some of our best writing to this event.

Best Writer and Most Creative of the Year

Superevil: She is the most technically skilled writer here, she knows how to tell a story and she knows how the language works. On top of that she has made some of the most entertaining characters here. Her evil characters are all deliciously insane and just fun to read, and with Harumi she managed to make a legitimately charismatic character, that is hard to do and yet she did it so well.

Best Moment Of The Year:

Caius kissing Crow: I never expected that that's how the first real romance between characters controlled by two different people would go. And I actually support it, what is wrong with me?

Prettiest of the Year

Harumi: Disqualifying my own female characters because they are literally my fetishes come to life, Harumi is someone I like reading. She's smart and feels like a leader but she also feels like a young woman. I'm not really sure how Superevil managed that but I like it.

Vicer of the Year

Superevil: Great characters and excellent writing, thats what makes her vicer of the year.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - RPG


The moment when Atahlia regenerated all of her wounds was the moment Carmilla realized just how outmatched she was. She had given the fight everything she had, her powers as a vampire, her powers as a witch, and her powers as a warrior. Atahlia had shrugged off all of it. She jumped back to her cocooned chevalier. "Well girl, who woulda thought I'd get both of us killed in only a month, I thought we'd last a century at least." Sh aimed her pistol at her opponent. "Bye Sarah."

She started firing but Atahila seemed unconcerned, the goddess rose into the air and started flying out of the spaceship. Carmilla wondered what she was doing and fired a shot after her. The bullet got caught in midair, trapped within the boundaries of the ship. Carmilla smelled something gasoline, smoke, and burning metal. Carmilla smiled, "So this will be like the Lusitania after all." She dove in to the cocoon that surrounded Sarah and sunk into it. Then all hell broke loose.

Kill Count: too high

Jack was sitting on the broken remains of a tank, wiping his sword. "That's how many?" Lan Fan asked.

"Not telling, its more than I did in world war two." Jack replied, slowly walking out of the makeshift base. He tried to avoid the corpses strewn on the ground.

"How are you still sane?"

"I've got someone to talk to." He jumped into the air. "Anyone else for me to kill?"

"No, they seem to be retreating."

"Guess I'm following them to Africa then." Jack took to the air, flying over the empty desert that was Australia. An alarm rang in his ear. "Whats going on?"

"Carmilla's location moved half way across the world in a single moment." Lan Fan explained.

"To where?"

"... crap."

"Tokyo right? Typical, that goddess she was fighting must have done it. That airship they were fighting on is too big for that pentacle I left there to stop completely." Jack heard Lan Fan do a spit take. "40,000 tons of steel is slowly descending to the ground."

"Not exactly, all I'm seeing from the satellite pictures is a fire ball, and its transparent."

"Then the pentacle is partially working, There is something I need you to do, you need to..."

"This country now belongs to your new lord, the emperor Newdeath, do not resist please to avoid the worst possible situation. If anyone thinks that can oppose to this, then come here, I'll be waiting for you"

"... take direct control of one of the androids at Ebisu HQ, the one designated as android 17. Its the single most powerful one I have, you have two minutes before that airship fully teleports. Get there before then." Jack finished.

"And then what?"

"You'll know." He turned off the comm and flew at top speed toward Atahlia.


Lan Fan found the link to the android, it was then that she realized something; Jack knew more about her tech than she did. It integrated with her own systems perfectly, she was not controlling the android. she was the android. With all the powers that came with it.

She ran across the empty hall of Ebisu, past the long hallways and multiple research labs. She stopped near the door, hearing Daisuke's battle with the Numbers. She was directly connected to the base by a wire, she checked that she was fully charged and then ripped out the wire and launched herself out of the door.

The silver android jumped into the light, vents opened on her back and she flew into air in a flash of blue fire. Ignoring any projectiles from the fight bellow She flew towards the floating fireball, landing on the ground directly bellow it. The burning wreckage was no longer transparent, she had arrived with ten seconds to spare.

Power was the issue now, she searched through the massive amount of data streaming in and found what she needed, a power line running beneath her. Her arm fired itself downward and began drilling into the ground, eventually finding the line. This was not an official line of course, this was a line connected directly to the Ebisu base and the infinite energy crystal stored therein. Jack had installed them just so that he could use his most powerful weapons away from the base. Not exactly legal but Jack had the influence. The other arm aimed upward, palm open and fired a blue laser.

The laser hit the falling wreckage and split it apart into several pieces. Her arm started moving, and with the precision of a machine, destroyed most of the wreckage in one fantastic light show. She lad left one large chunk of wreckage untouched and allowed it to crash into the center of the street. She brought her arm out from under the ground and walked to that piece. She began digging, tearing out large chunks of steel with her hands. She found what she was looking for, a cocoon of blood. She cracked it open and found the two vampires sleeping inside.


"Jack I found them," informed Lan Fan, "They're both really pale."

"They are vampires." Jack pointed out, flying towards the goddess.

"Well I've never met Sarah but Carmilla usually has a bit more color than this."

"They need medical attention, take them to the Ebisu infirmary." Jack ordered

"The base is in defense mode, it will kill them automatically."

"They are marked as Ebisu members." Jack said.

There was a pause. "Does Harumi know about that?"


"What about these power lines, or how powerful this android is, does she know that?"


"She's your leader, do you have other secrets from her?" Lan Fan demanded.



"take Carmilla to the base NOW."

"Emphasis? Emphasis and insubordination? Neither is like you."

Carmilla chose that moment to wake up. "Lan Fan," she said, her voice not betraying how weak she was, "those sound like the things he'd do for me, now get us some help."

"Fine, but Jack you're gonna have to deal with this soon."

"I know that, now pick them up and go to the base."


Jack flew downward, he saw that another warrior, a swordsman, had challenged Atahila. Jack landed behind him, his bow was in his hand. "Your not the type of swordsman who has to do everything one-on-one are you?" he asked. "I'll let you have the fight if you are but I get the feeling you'll need my help." He drew his bow and aimed at Atahila. "Name's Jack."

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

All right i'm all caught up, writing posts now

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo said:

@paladin said:

Well, I just got out from the whole Christmas cheer thing. It took some time to get my RP-ing drive back. Yesterday I was just stuck, with no inspiration flowing in.

Agreed after the holidays my heart had faded a bit for this plus I got Modern Warfare 3 and Arkham City so yeah I am trying to divide my time evenly. :)

I got borderlands so yeah same issue. I'll post as soon as i finish reading whats happened while i was gone

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: turrets, reinforced steel doors, force fields, a few laser cannons and a few android sentries. Its all powered by the infinite energy crystal Raseri gave me. The sentries don't have very good ai but I was planning for LanFan to take them over remotely. She is a terrible shot so that evens out.

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RPG » Jay Dox vs Carmilla OOC

@JayDox: alright I made my final post, its been fun

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RPG » Twilight in Paris(Carmilla vs Jay Dox)

Sarah just stayed quiet and tried to ignore Jay, the easiest way to do that was to just sleep. She couldn't do that, how could she sleep when the guy who killed her was one bed over? She lay down with her eyes wide open, Watching silently as Jay realized just how much attention the fight had caused. He started writing something on the hotel pad, he handed the note to Sarah.

"Give this to your mistress when she awakes. Also, giver her this special card infused with my blood. If she ever needs my help, she can find me by placing it on water. The red arrow will point in my direction."

She took the note and the card, wondering why he would leave before morning.

"You're probably wondering why I am leaving and have not found my target. Well, it would be pointless to look for him now seeing as he probably already knows I am here. By the way, tell Carmilla it's been fun, and I hope we can work together again sometime."

It wasn't fun for me, Sarah thought. She placed the card on the table and stayed silent as the door closed behind Jay.

"He gone then?" Carmilla asked.

"I thought you were asleep." said a startled Sarah,

"I am, I can hold a conversation while asleep," Carmilla explained. "So what do you think of him?"

"I'm a bit biased."

"True, still I get the feeling we're going to meet again one day. Anyway get some sleep, tomorrow we're heading to Japan. You need training and I have a friend there who can help." Carmilla quieted down and Sarah closed her eyes, she had a new life to start tomorrow, for now she would sleep.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

sorry about disappearing for a week, anyway it seems like i've got a lot to catch up on

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Masako_Hihashi:

posted, strum is one of those people who Jack's powers counter perfectly

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers RP

“Jack…what? How? When? Why? How did you get here? What are you doing in my home town? What do you mean 60 million…?” “Jack how long have you been here? We need to get you out of here immediately! The Insanity is still here the longer you are here the more likely you will be affected by it, come on I know a place where we can talk just outside of town. It’s a park that kids you to hang out in and some woods where I use to train.” Jack realized the implications of what Crow was saying, he had been in town five minutes, that was more time exposed to the insanity wavelenth he was comfortable with. He followed Crow out of town, he was surprised that the insanity hadn't affected him yet. <Miracle?> he asked silently, hoping that she was there, It was never a guarantee with her, since leaving the dream world her presence in his mind had a tendency to disappear from time to time. This was not one of those time.

<Hey Jack. Don't go back into that town, weird things are happening in here.>

<Your keeping my mind stable I take it.>

<It's never stable but yeah.>

You are one of the few people who now know what has happen here amigo. Now I have a few questions for you, first off how did you knew about this place? I made sure to erase all history of what happen a long time ago but it seems I didn’t do a great enough job if you and the Numbers know of this place. Also what do you mean 60 million on my head I am a bounty hunter why would I have a bounty?”

Jack was pretty good at keeping his thoughts hidden, even mental conversations. "I'll start with the bounty, its unofficial," that was a euphemism for 'put up by a criminal group,' "but yeah it really is that high. As for this town, I did some digging, Crow you did a good job of erasing it but completely deleting something from history is nearly impossible, especially with this many dead involved."

“So I see it’s a bit ironic the bounty hunter to have a bounty place on him by the villains he fought against.” Crow found the inherent contradiction funny, Jack could appreciate that even if he was never one to laugh. “Well Jack I am glad to have you on our side this time around. Now we know everything but that really doesn’t change things we are kinda left without a plan amigo. Currently the plan is keep moving and take the Numbers on one at a time keeping the fighting away from the civilians as much as possible. The Numbers are the main enemy once we beat them this should be over and seeing as we don’t know where the others are I say we wait for them to attack.”

"Simple, I like it."

“Listen Jack we are heading to a town to resupply and get some new clothes then we are going to continuing moving. I have something I have to do so we are going to be here for a bit. Feel free to walk around just try to stay out of the town if you do need to go there please be careful try to not to stay there for too long because of the Insanity.” Jack waved him off and smiled, hiding the fact that he was seeing ghosts, They were half formed images of dead people out of the corner of his eye.

<Who are they?> Miracle asked.

<People I regret killing, there sure are a lot of them.> Jack answered

<Give me the details later, I'm trying to keep the insanity from getting too pronounced.>

<How does that work anyway.> Jack wondered

<Fighting your insanity? Imagine fighting a Montral hound.> she said, referring to the dogs that belonged to the tribe that killed her. <Now multiply that by about 50.>

<And yet your as talkative as ever.>

<Hey I could handle those mutts easy, taking with you is the hard part.>

Crow and Fairy came back, Jack noticed that Fairy was blushing, he filed that under amusing. Caius's jeep seemed to be their method of transport. Jack decided not to fly and sat next to the seemly sleeping Crow. They stopped at a gas station, Jack got out and stretched his legs, it had been a while since he had sat in a car. Crow had an intense reaction to a broken down bike he had found, Jack didn't see it. Crow went inside to pay. Jack looked at the bike, he took out a file and chipped at the layer of rust, he found it rather deep. "This thing'll cost more to fix than its worth," Jack commented to no one, "Wonder what Crow sees in it."


Jack reacted instinctively, increasing the nitrogen content in the air behind them so that the fireball wouldn't follow. Of course the fire was not the most dangerous part of an explosion, the shockwave which followed an explosion was much more deadly, that had a tendency to make people's lungs bleed. That wave seemed to flow around the party, disturbing the grass and sand. He recognized the source of the disturbance. Strum Blitzkrieg, the war machine. Jack had always found such an arrogant title. He always thought of this man with his gold armor and diamond gloves to be a bit of a joke. "Such a waste of perfectly good gasoline," Jack commented, looking at the ruined gas station.

"Why would you do that anyway? As you said that plan would have never worked on Crow, so you just wasted several pounds of perfectly good explosive on what amounts to a scene from an action movie." Jack didn't bother taking out his bow, he had something more entertaining in mind. "So my only conclusion is that you want to blow up a perfectly good cashier. Why? He'd be more useful to you as a hostage." Jack increased the oxygen content of a very small area, the air around the cigar. Strum must have been surprised when his rather pricey cigar turned into a small fireball. He opened his mouth in shock and the cigar fell to the ground as ash. "I control the air, bombs and big guns are useless. Now make it easy on your self and surrender before one of us shoots you." He hoped the Strum wouldn't do anything too far out of the ordinary, the ghosts in the corner of Jack's eyes were making it to hard to think.

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

post should be up tonight

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RPG » Guitar vs Sword OOC

@Maximus: sure, its fun

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - RPG

Late middle ages

Carmilla felt weak, it was a feeling she was used to. She had gone years without drinking human blood, living instead on pigs and cows. She was as frail as she looked, the man who was tying her hands behind the post was careful not to break her bony wrists. How kind of him.

Rope was coiled around her body, making escape impossible. She looked down at the crowd, all of them refused to meet her in the eye. A final rope was tied loosely around her neck. "Do you confess to the crimes of witchcraft?" the inquisitor asked.

"What the 'ell do ya need a confession for, you burnt my hat didn't ya?" Carmilla replied sardonically, she seemed rather bored with the proceedings.

"I will take that as a yes." He took out a small silver cross from his pocket and held it to her face. "Do you repent?"

"For what, being the only healer in this bloody town, for helping to deliver most of the youngsters in the crowd, for making sure that there is just a little less pain in the world?" She laughed heartily, only stopping because being tied up left her low on air. "I got nothin to repent for."

"Then I here by cleanse this land of your satanic influence, may you god show you mercy." He walked off the pile of wood.

John Tailor handed him a torch, Carmilla had set the bones on that hand years earlier when he had fallen out of a tree. The inquisitor took the torch and threw it at the woodpile, no one stopped him, not Chloe who had been given a painless delivery a month before, not Jeremiah who arm had been healed after an accident with a harvesting scythe had caused a deep wound, not Benjamin, not Macon, not Gabriel, not anyone.

In the end she didn't scream, she didn't cry, she simply waited until she was completely wreathed in flames. And then she vanished and there was no one to heal the town's wounds, to care for their sick, to ease their pain.


Carmilla's eyes turned red. She took a deep breath and her eyes turned back to green, "Miss you have ta realize something, with me there is about a fifty percent chance that I'm over whatever my biggest demon is."

She checked on Sarah, what she saw there was surprising, Sarah appeared to be trying to claw out her own eyes. "Okay Sarah, what the bloody hell have you seen that makes you want to do that?" She took out a pistol, aimed it at Sarah, put her hand in front of the barrel and fired. The bullet flew threw her hand, leaving a rather large hole, and hit Sarah in the heart. Sarah collapsed, sleeping.

"Alright thats done, bit too pragmatic now that I think about it, looks like I'm not completely over the biggest betrayal of my life." She started firing at Atahlia. "That ain't moving fast, your legitimately warping, the hell?"

She jumped back, turning to smoke in midair and appeared right next to Sarah. She looked down at herself. "Okay still witchy, that's good." She took out a small knife and slit her wrist, blood dripped out and then stared flowing, cocooning Sarah. That should keep ya safe. "Now then I can't warp like you can, but..." She turned to smoke, reforming right next to the goddess, she was wearing a biker jacket and black jeans. In her hand was her trusty jeweled sword. "I reckon this should be fast enough!" She yelled in a southern accent.

She didn't even bother to see if she had hit her opponent, she vanished again and reformed wearing the armor of a gladiator, she swung her sword and then vanished. She appeared upside down in the air above her opponent. She wore clothing made of bear fur, she slashed horizontally towards Atahlia's neck. She kept on disappearing and reforming, each time it was a different Carmilla. She attacked at the speed of smoke.

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RPG » Ebisu

@Raseri: @xXZeroXx: @Dahlia_Magenta: "Oh come on Ras," Jack said, flopping onto the couch, "I may be a scientist but I find those documentaries as boring as everyone else." He took out a bag of chocolates and began eating, he had quite a sweet tooth when he bothered to indulge it. "Hello Kurai." He added, greeting his teammate. "Anyway, I like action shows same as most people." What he did not add was that his tastes veered towards superhero shows and children's shows, especially power rangers which he was rather fond of.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Asune: Cool, so I have to deal with phase 3 now?

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