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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: You know that in the last wagon are two freaking robots as well right?

Masako changed during All Hell Breaks Loose

Cool Falken will get to you and slug it out

Yup, Carmilla did not think her decision through. Could you link me to his bio, I'm not sure about the details of your new powerset

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@Kuro_San said:

@kashif1: I have two things to ask you

  1. Your characters are in the first wagon, right?
  2. You (player) know that Masako haves a different power set, more close combat oriented powers? I can link the Bio


How many wagons does this train have?

Jack is in the fifth wagon but he'll probably get to the first wagon before anyone else. Medea and Sarah are in the back with you. I am aware that Masako's changed though I'm not entirely sure how, Jack is completely unaware.

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posted, i decided to play with the vampires, atleast for now. If there are any major spelling or grammer errors could you guys let me know? I treid my best to proofread but I might have missed something This goes for all my future posts.

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"You two will be okay without us?"

"Don't worry Jack," Lan Fan replied over the phone. "Sarah and I can take care of ourselves."

"Your supposed to promise that you'll stay out of trouble," Carmilla pointed out.

"You know we can't do that Miss," Sarah said, "Don't worry we'll be alright."

"Enjoy Cairo you two," Jack said before hanging up. "Should I be worried?"

"Nah, they'll be fine. Besides I told Sarah to transform Lan Fan if she died." Carmilla assured. Jack decided to ignore that, he looked at what his companion was wearing. She was dressed for combat with military fatigues patterned after the desert uniforms of the US army Rangers. The practicality of the outfit was lessened somewhat by the dark green camouflage pattern. "What?"

"There are too many vampires in my life." Jack complained. "Anyway our train should be here in a minute." He took out his bow. "You ready?"

Carmilla put on some goggles and raised a bandana over her mouth. "Yeah, but why are you only going for this device now, this trains been running for more than a century."

"The last time there was a fight over the eternal flow everyone involved ended up dead. No one made a move for it after that, no one until now." Jack explained. He checked his phone, it was almost time.

"You think history will repeat itself?"

"You and I both know that it always does." Jack heard the rumble of the train. "Ready?" He noticed that Carmilla was gone. He didn't have time to worry about where she went, the train was right in front of him. He fired his arrow, Jack had intended to hit the front car but the arrow embedded itself into the fifth one. Practice hitting highspeed targets, Jack thought as a note to himself. Then the rope which connected the arrow to his waist carried him away. Jack had done this maneuver with zeppelins and airplanes but this was his first attempt with a train.

Meanwhile Carmilla was trying to stop the train. She stood in front of the multi-ton monster and braced herself. That was when she learned a very important lesson, not even she could stop a 1000 ton train. She disintegrated on impact.

Jack was making decent progress considering the fact that he was being dragged along the sand at 300 miles an hour. He pulled himself forward along the rope, just ten feet of rope left. He reached forward and lost his grip, taking him back to square one. He readied himself to start again when something pulled on the rope. He flew toward the roof of the train where Carmilla caught him. "Next time stick to the plan," he said, shaking sand off his cape. "I see several people a few cars behind us, one of them is Crow."

"He wants to destroy the thingy right?"

"Yeah he'd be the type to do that, lets see if I can beat him too it."

Carmilla stabbed her sword into the roof of the train. An ordinary sword would have never penetrated the roof as easily but Carmilla's jewel encrusted sword was anything but ordinary. "Why do you want to see this thing anyway, isn't that crystal the demigod gave you much more powerful?" she asked while working on making an entrance

"The zeo crystal is powerful but I can't replicate that. I probably can't replicate this either but it can't hurt to have a look." Carmilla finished cutting a square of material, Jack helped her rip it off and they were inside. It turned out that they had found the dining cart, the wooden furniture was in remarkably good shape aside from the layer of dust over everything. That was not however the most striking thing about the room, that honor went to the Greek woman sitting on one of the tables.

Medea and Carmilla both pulled out their weapons at the same time. Medea had a shotgun pointed at her head, Carmilla had a bow aimed at hers. "Hi," Carmilla greeted.

"Hey, I'm not here to fight."

"Then why do you have your sun-bow pointed at my head?"

"Because you have a shotgun pointed at mine. Look I've got a message from his newly risen count, if I put down my bow will you let me say it?" Carmilla nodded, Medea put down her bow, Carmilla fired her gun, Medea blocked it with the golden cape she was wearing, better known as the Golden Fleece.

"See you don't trust me," Carmilla pointed out, "or you wouldn't have been prepared for that shot. Why should we trust you?"

"Look Carmy, I think you'll like this message, it goes as follows," she took out a paper and began reading in an uncanny impression of the count. "'My dearest Carmilla, You have avoided Europe since the day I rose back to life. I know you love the continent, especially the French so I must assume that your doing so out of fear of me. I have no interest in getting revenge upon you, your servant or your lover. You may go as you please, I will not harm you. And remember there is a place in my court should you desire it. Regards -Count Draculat.'"

Medea waited for some sort of reaction, the one she got was not the one she expected, Carmilla hugged her with such violence that she managed to break several ribs. "Thank you," she said over and over, crying in relief.

"Your welcome Carmy now will you let me go," Carmilla let her go with an apology. Medea noticed that somehow her dark green clothing had turned much lighter, "Anyway I can stay with you two for a few days, if that is alright with you."

"It's alright with me," Jack replied, "You know what where after right now?"

"Yeah your after the eternal- okay what is that energy signature. And why is some of it like your energy?"

Jack thought about that for a second, his energy was distinctive so why was there something with simular energy. Then he remembered his loss at the NHK building in Tokyo. "That energy, does it feel like a crowd of people?"

"Yeah, its strange."

"Not good, Masako." Jack brought out a briefcase from magical storage. "I've met him before, his psychic powers are strong enough that they nearly tore me in half, I built this suit to prevent that from hapening."

"It looks like a power-rangers Halloween costume."

"It inflates with highpreseure gas, it'll take me a bit but after i inflate his I should be immune to pressure based attacks." Medea snorted at the idea of an inflatable suit. Then both of them noticed something, Carmilla had vanished, "Crap, she knows that I lost to the guy and she can get really protective."

"That is not good, you want me to help her?" Jack nodded and Medea jumped out the window. On her feet where the winged sandals, she was able to keep up with the train easily. She saw Carmilla reforming, and disturbingly she was wearing a black trenchcoat. In her hand was an AK-47 aimed directly at Masako. Carmillla laughed madly, seemingly unaware of the buffeting winds, she started firing.

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I go off for two days and this relatively quiet thread doubles in size, damn. I'll have my post up today

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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

@Asune: If Lebreus activated his power near Lan Fan she would die. Gerad seems a bit too powerful for her to fight

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RPG » " I wanna fight" Thread

I've wanted to try out a fight with Lan Fan, anyone interested?

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RPG » Ebisu

@Superevil225 said:

@Newdeath: Ebisu's still going to be around. So is Harumi. Harumi is dying a 'comic book' death. :3

Is she going to comic book revive with in that RP or somewhere else?

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RPG » Ebisu

@Newdeath said:

@Superevil225: If I may ask, what'll become of Ebisu now that Harumi's going to die and Emerald isn't really around?


I'd expect Raseri to take over, he is the most powerful and has leadership experience

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@Asune: posted

Is it just me or does the US come out the best out of this war. As far as I can tell DC is the only real battlefield there whereas Asia, Europe, Africa and Austrailia have become a war zone. And NYC is pretty much intact, I thought that was supposed to be the first thing destroyed in a world war.

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Attempted Deicide

Jack liked to take things in stride. When things went wrong Jack calmly adapted, be it the president turning insane, a life eating monster torturing a girl or a being that violated causality. Being teleported to the nearest undestroyed city, probably Brisbane, however was something that Jack's body refused to take in stride. His stomach was especially obstinate in its refusal, he fished through his pockets and found a bottle of what was essentially a synthetic cannabinoid . It worked well for the nausea and the headache but that might have been from the high dosage. That concentration would have killed most normal humans.

<Jack what's with you?> asked a voice in his head.

<Miracle?> Jack asked, referring to the soul that had joined his mind during his time in Caius's dream world.

<Yeah its me,> she replied, <Now why are you using drugs?>

<I needed it, stability issues.> Jack replied defensively, <Your in there, you know why I need them.>

<Fair enough but while you were busy with you 'stability' Atahilia started murdering civilians.> That brought Jack back to reality, he saw several fresh corpses, clearly killed by Atahilia's blade.

"Your battle is not with them!" yelled Guerra, he drew two of his blades.

<Ebony and Morte?> Miracle asked, <Where did he get those?>

<No clue, does it matter?>

<Not really.> Guerra tightened his grip on his swords and went to the left. <Jack time to fight.> A bow appeared in his hand but Miracle noticed that his hand was not as steady as it should have been. <Jack remember, this woman nearly killed Carmilla.> His grip tightened. Now he was ready to fight. Jack went to the right, he wanted his ally out of his line of fire. Guerra switched directions, so did Jack, aiming an arrow at the self-proclaimed goddess's left temple.

Miracle was satisfied that Jack would be able to handle this fight but she had to wonder about his mental state. In the months since she had moved into his head he was slowly growing more and more unstable. Odd, the man she had knows in the 18th century was the image of stability and sanity.

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@Superevil225 said:

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Harumi isn't /exactly/ going to die.

Just... comic book die.

2 rules to comic book death, the death must be badass, the revival must be more badass. Can you promise us that?

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RPG » Runaway OCC (Tier 4 RP)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Is it alright if i join?

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: I meant characters, I'm from the US

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

Writing as Dracula is fun but I should have a post with my other characters some time tomorrow. By the way, is anyone else in eastern europe?

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RPG » Open Forum

Tomorrow I plan to make Dracula's introductory post, his servant, Medea, has a lot of weapons from greek legend. Will that cause any conflicts with other people's bios?

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Negima!? » Readin the manga after watching this is wierd.

I saw the anime on Netflix (great anime, exelent dub) and have read the first few chapters of the manga. The manga seems much more like a traditional harem comedy and negi feels like a completely different character. Does the manga ever geet closer to what the anime's tone?
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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Posted, your okay with me killing strum the way I did, right?

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers RP

England, 1470

"Follow me miss," James said to the blonde noble behind him, "careful, the terrain is rough."

"I can see that James," Annette replied, following him into the gorge. "I am no longer twelve you know."

"Indeed Miss."

"I believe the word for that tone is condescension. Honestly James you may not have aged a day in the last 20 years but I certainly-" she tripped on a slippery rock and nearly fell backward towards the river. James caught her before she hit the ground. After a long moment of awkward silence she said, "You can let go now."

James looked at his charge, "I'm sorry miss but it appears the House of York has found us." Soldiers appeared on the cliffs overlooking the gorge. More were massed at the exits, all were carrying muskets. James heard something rolling, cannons. "50 guns and at least 4 cannons but not a single archer. I feel insulted."

"Now really demon of Lancaster, is this the time to be making jokes?" asked the captain from atop one of the cliffs. "Not even you can escape from this one."

"So I'm your target then? Do I have a right to a last request? Let my companion go. I'd rather not have her death on my conscience."

"You know full well I can't do that." The captain replied, raising his arm, hand open. "She is nearly as dangerous as you are."

"Was, no longer is," James argued, keeping his desperation out of his voice.


"Do I get a last request?" Annette asked.

"I'll allow that," the captain answered, keeping his hand open. "What do you want?"

"Oh just this," she said with a smile before turning around and kissing James. He didn't know how to react. She broke the kiss. "I swear, I waited 20 years to do that and you have to ruin it by being a bad kisser." The captain smiled, then he closed his raised hand into a fist. The were many explosions and a great deal of smoke.


<Jack snap out of it!> Miracle yelled.

<I'm snapped out, stop yelling.> Jack responded, jumping out of Strum's punching range. <It's been more than 500 years since the day she died.>

<Who was she?>

<I'm not talking about it.> Jack replied. <I have to finish this quickly, another flashback could be fatal.>

“Real nice friend you got there he just threw you in front of the War Machine to be shredded to bits! You said that you control wind and air and that my tricks won’t work on you well I got news for you a mere breathes won’t stopping me I am protected with my Indestructible Golden Giant Arm not even a tornado could scratch it!”

The war machine started punching at the air, apparently underneath the assumption that his opponent wouldn't keep his distance.

<He's taunting you.>

<I noticed, should I show him how its really done?>

“How do you like that you bastard!? I told you no light gust of wind can stop me!”

"I'm going to do you a favor Strum, I'm going to explain to you why your about to lose." Jack said with the voice of a teacher.

Strum saw movement to his side, he threw a punch at a Jack shaped billow of smoke. "Where are you bastard?!" he yelled as he hit the empty air.

"Wind powers, remember? You can't rely on your eyes." The smoke started moving, it looked as if several people were running through it at super-speed. "Now where were we, oh yes the reason you about to lose."

"I'm not about to lose you punk, I AM THE WAR MACHINE!"

"You are going to lose because you have no restraint."

"Shut up and die!' yelled Strum, forgoing his fist and instead shooting a machine gun.

Jack gave it a minute, and then when he heard the tell-tale clicks that told of wasted ammunition he began speaking again. "My point exactly, you wasted 100s of rounds firing in the wrong direction. You have no right to call yourself the war machine. True warfare is about precision and restraint, about knowing how much force to use and where to use it."

"What do you know?!" he yelled, flame throwers appeared on his wrists and for a glorious few seconds there were huge tongues of flame. Then the flame found itself with no oxygen to feed on and disappeared.

"You've used up most of your weapons, only to be stopped by a 'little wind'. You have no idea where I am because you can't see thought the smoke you created."

<Jack your having a bit too much fun>

<Fine I'll get to the end.>

The smoke suddenly blew away, Jack stood several feet in front of Strum, his bow aimed at the German's forehead. "Now here is a lesson in restraint, I've figured out how much force I need to kill you. This is a wooden arrow, I'll save the explosive arrows for a problem deserving of it."

"Damn you, don't underestimate me!" yelled Strum "War Machine" Blitzkrieg in what were to be his final words. He took out his massive spear and charges at his opponent, expecting his armor to protect him from the arrow.

"And here is a lesson in precision." Jack shot the arrow directly between Strum's eyes. The golden armored war machine fell to the ground. Jack turned the body over and attempted to salvage his arrow, unfortunately it had snapped in the fall. He looked around, more ghosts and a crushing feeling of guilt, not good.

He jumped back to his companions, he acted normal and said "Alright then, that's done. We should keep moving."

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