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Star trek online is really slow and the combat feels clunky. Will not try again.
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Off-Topic » Could you guys help me with a project?

I just need you guys to watch the video, give it a rating out of 5, and tell me what was done well and how it could be improved. Believe it or not this is for a physics project.

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RPG » Runaway OCC (Tier 4 RP)

@Masako_Hihashi:Two corrections, Jack is in the car and I have Carmilla instead of Sarah.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Asune: I'm not entirely sure why but this song reminded me of Atahilia

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Asune said:

@kashif1:Remember that now you have the control of Guerra besides your character for battle against Atahlia, I planned to do it a big long, but I'll shorten the moves of my character

I'm really sorry for taking so long on this but its done.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - RPG

Battle of Australia

"A simple battle," commented Guerra as the body of Atahilia fell to the floor. "Hardly worthy of my blade." He felt the young girl clinging to him. "Where are you parents?" he asked kindly, his eyes changing back to their usual color. She just clung harder and started crying. Guerra realized that the girl had just become an orphan.

"Swordsman above you!" Jack yelled.

Guerra saw the field of needles forming above him, he drew Susanoo, his third blade. His eyes glowed red, the needles came down and he began moving. Jack saw the two of them become covered in a black cloud, Jack heard the sound of thousands of needles being deflected. Jack didn't know the extent of his ally's power but he hoped that Guerra could handle it. He looked back at the goddess, who was standing up. <Miracle explain.>

<Her minions supposedly represent a different aspect of combat> Miracle answered, she had an encyclopedic knowledge of myths, at least the ones that had existed before her death. <Attack, Defense, and Recovery.>

Atahilia stood up and raised her sword, Jack brought out his own. He was going to take this cautiously, staying on the defensive until Guerra became free to fight. He took a stance, preparing to fight. Suddenly Atahilia made her move, moving so fast that she seemed to fly. Jack brought his sword up to block, the sword cracked. Jack shifted his weight to the side, letting Atahilia slide past him. He jumped back, giving himself as much space as he could. He felt his left shoulder healing, "First blood goes to you then." He said casually, hiding how perturbed he was. He jumped and extended his wings, keeping his distance. Outside of Guerra’s new companion there were very few civilians left in the area. Jack decided to let loose. He shot an arrow at the goddess. It made a rather satisfying explosion.

Guerra had deflected 99.99% of the needles. The last 100 of them pierced him, none of them touched the little girl. He aimed Ebony the Ceriel, he aimed Susanoo at Atahilia. Ebony extended, the worlds hottest blade aimed to pierce the Ceriel’s heart. Susanoo replicated above Atahilia, thousands of times, and the swords rained down upon her.

Battle at Ebisu Headquarters

Somehow Lan Fan didn't find it surprising that she was fighting a vampire, there were just too many in her life. Her reaction to her opponent turning into smoke was resignation, his whispering of " Good going girly, but you're a thousand years too early to be my opponent, but you're just perfect for a quick lunch, I'm thristy..." barely raised a hair on her proverbial neck. The Vampire clawed at her neck, the cloth that covered it was torn apart but the metal only suffered superficial damage.

"Remotely controlled android body, no meal to be found here," Lan Fan pointed out, "Besides you are not the scariest vampire I've met." She took a fighting stance, Alright the most effective way to kill a vampire is to make them loose blood. I need speed more than anything else, lets see what this body can do. She ran at the vampire, her intention was to unleash a flurry of punches, blades popped out of her wrists in response.

Sarah was coming to terms with being shot in two directions. She was in the air, coming very close to stabbing her opponent when her opponent fired. The guns where not aimed at her but somehow both of her lungs were hit. From behind. At completely different angles. She fell forward and hit the ground. She couldn’t breathe. Then her lungs healed and she took a deep breath. “Oh right, I’m immortal now.” She laughed, her normally brown eyes were turning red. “I could get used to that.” She bent her legs and laughed some more. Her sense of smell was enhanced, the bloody puddle that was Panther got her attention. “Ooo cool, how’d that happen, smells good. Now what was I doing? Oh yeah, you up there, you shot me, that hurt.” She jumped up again, but this time it was much faster She stabbed towards her opponent, her spear was disintegrating but at the same time it was repairing itself. “That’s what you get for leaving so much blood around.” Sarah said, she smiled, baring her fangs. “Now this is for shooting me. Stabby time.”

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

Sorry about vanishing for a week, there was a surprise trip to florida... Anyway I'm back now and will post as soon as I'm caught up.

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RPG » Possible Multiverse? Open OOC

@Sonata: I think the only ones still left from back then are you and kuma, we can do the scenario again.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San said:

Seemingly ND is going to leave, but granted me total control over all his character roster, so this is still up, I'll be posting with ND, Nefas, Raseri and Paradox for this thread....

This is going to get interesting...

And I thought I had a lot of characters. This should be fun.

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RPG » Possible Multiverse? Open OOC

@Sonata said:

This idea has been done before it was called the Eciv Universe.

Was that before I was here?

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers OCC

@Kuro_San: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: Posted, sorry for the delay.

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RPG » CMD Part 2: Revenge of the Numbers RP

"Jack somethings coming your way, and fast.” Lan Fan warned in his earpiece.

“Something is already here,” he whispered back. Lan Fan was going to respond but the earpiece shut off suddenly, sound of a school bell explained why. Fairy’s reaction to the armored warrior showed that this newcomer was a member of the numbers. The armored man, whose name was apparently devil, kicked Crow hard enough to make him fly backward. Jack could tell that Crow was unhurt, but he was suddenly very curious about what those revolvers where made of. It could have been enchanted but Jack didn’t see any runes, bronze was the easiest to enchant without runes but Jack doubted that was the case. It was too light to be Katchin, which was the strongest metal Jack could synthesize. So what was it?

<Orcichalcum> Miracle answered, <By the way whats a Kamen Rider?>

<TV show, Lan Fan has been trying to get me to see it, why do you ask?>

<Crow mentioned it.> Miracle explained.

<I tuned out around the part where Crow called himself the main character.> Jack explained, <Its more or less true but it does not give him the moral highground.>

<And this guys ridiculously evil looking design?> Miracle asked.

<Who ever brainwashed him has a sense of humor.>


<He called the numbers good and fair without irony. He’s brainwashed.> Jack concluded. The two were in a stand off, Jack added the dramatic wind.

“Jack this fight is mine the Numbers are after me I won’t let anyone else get hurt because of my war. Take Fairy and get out of here now head towards the town that we were going to I will meet you there after I’m done here.”

“Lets get out of their range,” Fairy didn’t move. “We’ll get out their range, they’ll still be in your range.” Jack whispered. They moved until they couldn’t see the fight anymore. Jack took out a pair of binoculars and Fairy looked into a sniper scope. Devil was as good as dead, Crow was an even match for him and Fairy would make sure that Crow would come out of it alive. Jack used this opportunity to gauge Crow’s abilities, what he saw impressed him.

<Think you could take him?> Miracle inquired.

<Without prep he’d beat me easily.>

<Do you have prep?>


There was a beep in Jack’s ear, it was Lan Fan. “Don’t you have class right now?” he asked.

“Jack there is a sniper in red about a half-mile away from you!”

“Give me the coordinates.” A sniper, much better range than a bow and Jack knew that he couldn’t block a sniper shot, especially with the newer guns which had bullets that out paced the sound of the gun being fired. Lan Fan read off the coordinates. “Fairy, enemy sniper at 3 o’clock.” Jack said calmly. Fairy was above all else a trained fighter, she did not hesitate. She turned and fired, Jack threw down a smoke bomb and grabbed Fairy’s arm, “stay near me.” he ordered.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Asune: Sorry about taking so long on that, my post should be up either today or tommorow

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Masako_Hihashi said:

@kashif1: You attacked Tengu? XD

Can you tell me how powerful is Sarah?

She can jump about 30 feet and is strong enough to shatter rocks. She's inexperienced but she does not die easily.

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RPG » Pet Peeves about your own characters.

Unless there is hacking involved Lan Fan is pretty much just a female Jack, the difference between them is that she has crippling fears related to her cybernetics but they haven't come up outside of the virtuous thread.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: @paladin: posted, sorry that took so long. Tell me if i made any errors.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - RPG

The Element of Surprise

Lan Fan did not want to accept what she was seeing, she'd seen Carmilla be crazy, depressed, manic, tipsy and a whole host of other things but never has she seen Carmilla look so weak. She was pale even by the standards of a vampire and visibly shaking under the weight of the girl on her back. Still she was stubborn, she refused any help with carrying Sarah and she refused to let her injuries slow her and Lan Fan down.

"Carmy how are you doing?"

"Don't worry bout me, I'll be alright," she said, then she fell forward.

The second that Carmilla lost consciousness Sarah regained it. A deep bite mark on Carmilla's neck showed why. Sarah's eyes snapped open, she tried to figure out where she was, the last thing she remembered she had been shot by Atahilla and then here she was, with the taste of blood in her mouth. "Sarah are you alright?" Lan Fan asked, crouching next to her.

"Yeah, I'm sorry who are you?" she asked, starring at the silver android in front of her.

"Oh yeah you've never heard my voice, Lan Fan at your service," she said, holding out her hand. "No I don't usually look like this, its just a robot Jack built."

She shook the hand. "Still its nice to meet you, Miss Carmilla talks about you all the time."

"That worries me, anyway we're about a 3 blocks from the base. Carmilla seems to have given the last of her blood supply to you. We just need to-" Then she went silent.

"Need to what Lan Fan?" Sarah asked, startled at her sudden silence. "Lan Fan what happened?"

A full minute later Lan Fan's android reactivated, "Magnetic Pulse," she explained, "This thing needs a connection to the base, the guy defending it used a railgun. The pulse killed that comes from it killed my connection.” Lan Fan kneeled down next to a wall, Sarah leaned over her to see that she was looking at a mouse hole. Lan Fan made a clicking sound, a mouse poked its head out. They conversed in clicks for a minute before Lan Fan gave the mouse a coin. “We’d better hurry,” she said, standing up. “The fight is still going and from the sound of things Daisuke could use backup.”

“That was not a mouse I take it?”

“Just a gremlin, they’re small but they’re useful.” Lan Fan said, “Now come on.”

“What about Miss Carmilla?”

Lan Fan kicked down a nearby the door, the house was empty as were most houses in the area. “Leave her on that couch there.”

“Won’t the owners mind?” Sarah asked.

“The battle at the head quarters drove pretty much everyone away,” She explained, helping to lift the vampire, “Carmy will be okay in here.” A small capsule fell out of Carmilla’s jacket and rolled on the floor. Lan Fan knew what it was and she doubted that it was an accident that it fell out. “Sarah this is yours.”

“Whats it do?”

“Break it when you need it, now come on.” She said, running towards the base.

Sarah easily caught up with her, “How are you so calm about it?” She asked.

“What choice do I have? We’re in a war, I can’t panic now.” They saw the scene of the fight, Daisuke was on the ground, next to a corpse and an extremely large bloodstain. He appeared to be fighting two men, one in the air and another on one of the few standing buildings. “Sarah take the one in the air, the one on the roof is mine.”

“Lan Fan, I’m not you. I can’t do this.”

“Carmilla thought you could, I trust her judgement, maybe you should to.” With that Lan Fan jumped, a short burst of power from her android body’s back allowed her to reach the Northern Vampire’s perch. She landed behind him. Putting all her weight into the attack, she elbowed the Vampire in the back, a large blade sprung up on her elbow and impaled her opponent.

Sarah shattered the capsule in her hand. A weapon appeared in her hand, she jumped at the Eastern Tengu, aiming to impale him with her spear.

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RPG » How do you picture other characters?

@Kuro_San: Damn, those are amazing, where did you find them?

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@paladin: @Kuro_San: Alright let me just make sure I get the situation before I post. Vampire, Tengu and Golem are all alive and relatively uninjured. Panther and Tai are dead, Daisuke on the ground but he's alive and has an opportunity to be healed and become more powerful.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@Kuro_San: Alright, I dont have time to post tonight anyway.

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RPG » All Hell Breaks Loose - OOC

@paladin: Lan Fan's in the area, would you mind if she came into your fight?

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